Arsenal man decides to run down his contract despite efforts to keep him

Alexandre Lacazette has rejected a contract offer from Arsenal and has told the Gunners he is leaving as a free agent in the summer.

Todofichajes claims the Gunners had wanted to keep the French striker at the Emirates as he becomes a prominent member of Mikel Arteta’s team following Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s absence from the squad.

However, he has his eyes on becoming a free agent in the summer and joining another club of his choice.

The Frenchman would not lack takers as he has had suitors for much of his time at the Emirates.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Since he moved to Arsenal, Lacazette has not been a prolific frontman.

He has lived most of his time in London under the shadows of Aubameyang, and Arsenal needs a better striker.

At 30, Lacazette is simply too old to perform better than he has done for us so far, and he should leave.

Because he has been a loyal servant, all we can do is wish him the best at his next club.

Auba could follow him through the exit door if a suitable offer arrives, but it would not be a surprise if Arteta continues to ignore him as the Spaniard did with Mesut Ozil.

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  1. I won’t blame him.. club was never loyal enough to him.. if it wasn’t for the Auba shenanigans no one would be offering him Jack.. I will always be a fan of Big Lac!!!

  2. never loyal??? what nonsense, this player has never lived up to the hype or the wages he’s been receiving since arriving in North London, then all of a sudden he realizes that he needs to raise his game if he hopes to get one more juicy contract and we should be applauded/rewarding him for his Johnny come lately epiphany…bullocks

      1. Laca has never justified his previous deal, so the very notion of giving him a new deal at an even higher wage is utterly ridiculous…now if he would take a 1 year deal on a reduced wage, with an team-held option for a second year at a variable rate based on performance metrics, then that might make a little sense, but I highly doubt that would be an acceptable arrangement for him…just another case of recency bias, which is understandable considering what has transpired here in recent years…just keep in mind, if the Laca we’ve seen in more recent times was the Laca who’s been on display since arriving here, chances are he would have been re-upped long before now…what we should be contemplating is securing the services of a younger, more clinical version, so that we can take this project to the next logical level…in my opinion, if Laca is the answer, you’re asking the wrong questions

  3. I believe Lacazette has suffered from MA’s preference for Aubameyang…. and the fact that he kept selecting him after giving that ludicrous contract.

    Now, with Aubameyang in limbo, MA calls on Lacazette to lead the line, captain the team and help the younger players…. and he has done it superbly.

    That’s why we are seeing a different player, one that has suddenly been given responsibility and a role that suits his style.

    Bearing in mind all the above, I would like to see him offered a rolling yearly contract, with an increase in salary based on his current role.

  4. I think the Laca ship has sailed….He’s gone for sure and for free! His only motivation to play well for us and tow the line is no impress his next boss.

    In hindsight, it was a mistake to sign him in the first place. If I recall correctly, he was on his way to Atletico but the deal fell through.

    Lacazette was simply an impulsive, luxury purchase we didn’t really need at the time. Another Ben White deal? Time will tell.

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