Arsenal man edges closer to a return to full training

Mohamed Elneny, a player admired by some Arsenal fans for his commitment and presence in the squad, has been sidelined since earlier this year due to a significant long-term injury. Despite his limited game time, he remains a valued member of the squad.

While there were expectations that Elneny might depart the club at the conclusion of the previous season, Arsenal chose to extend his contract, recognising his significance within the dressing room.

However, his extended absence from action due to injury has hampered his ability to fulfil his role effectively as a backup player for the team. Encouragingly, a report from Football London suggests that Elneny is now on the verge of returning to full fitness.

The club appears optimistic that he will be available for selection by Mikel Arteta in a matter of weeks, potentially allowing him to resume his role within the team and contribute to their campaign.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Elneny may not be a starter at Arsenal, but the Egyptian is an essential member of our dressing room and he will be useful if our other options are not available to play.

This is why we need him to be in top shape for as much as possible so that he can step up and play when needed.

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  1. The most remarkable thing about El Neny is his ability to deliver a consistent reliable output no matter how long he has been on the bench.
    He never let’s himself get match rusty, unlike some more talented players who go off color after a few weeks on te bench.

  2. I take issue with the articles word” reliable”.

    I suggest that if you want a player who is “reliable” as not being good enough, then in that case ONLY, he is “reliable”.

    1. 😂@Jon Fox you are so predictable.i checked the article/comments earlier and was expecting you to be the first to post a comment(a negative one,that is). on reflection,at least you are consistent on your view of Mo.

      1. I agree that I am predictable and would tell you that truth IS not only predictable, but ought to be predictable too, from a truthful person.

        I disagree with your view that wanting a lesser player out of our club, as I do in Elnenys case, is being “negative”. I regard that as a positive attempt to improve our squad, as all the other lesser players having left( so far) has also INDISPUTABLY improved us.

        Of course you MAY believe that keeping lesser players here helps us. IF that IS the case, then I pity you.

        1. @Jin Fox:Actually like that”that truth IS not only predictable, but ought to be predictable too”.
          I do not disagree with the fact that we need to improve our squad’s depth/ are also entitled not to like/respect/value a player but there is a way to go about it and say things Jon.the way you speak of Mo,yiu could be forgiven for thinking that he’s been a disruptive character, bringing nothing…which I think is not true and very harsh.

  3. I like Big Mo. He always puts in a shift when called on, never complains when on the bench for long periods, does what he’s supposed to without fuss, never lets us down, and although an unsung hero has contributed to more goals than given credit for.
    Has great hair too.

  4. If MA sees enough in him to warrant a new contract, then that’s OK with me.
    The realists amongst us know there has to be a reason for the boss to have faith in him… just as he did with Xhaka, when certain fans were saying HE wasn’t good enough!

    If he’s at the club, then support him 100%.

  5. Not a first pick by any stretch but an excellent squad player who hasn’t to my knowledge been anything other than professional

  6. Elneny appears to have Arsenal running through his blood and has performed better for us than he has been given credit for by some fans.
    Just watching him around the squad whilst he has been injured you can see he is respected and a big encouragement to the players,
    I look forward to his return from injury.

  7. He’s our fourth choice CDM as fourth choices go I don’t think many teams will have a better one than Elneny. I doubt we’ll see much of him this season and IMO if Timber was fit he’d probably be a better option yet again -possibly making him a fifth-choice option

  8. What is being overlooked here, and not just by myself, is that now that Holding has gone, Mo is the last survivor of Wenger’s reign (not including academy players) and our most senior player.

    1. That was pointed out previously Jax, so we can safely say that the example of “deadwood” and “dross” holding MA back is now null and void…. especially as he gave MO a new contract as well.

      1. Ha! I must’ve missed that article Ken, although I said as much on another blog this week.
        He was worth the contract, and isn’t on that much wages comparatively with some of the squad. Apparently he loves living in London also, would you believe.

  9. Kinda bizzare but i think i have more confidence in Mo to be our DM than jorginho if Thomas and/or Decs are not selected or available, more solid defensively and can’t be worse than jorginho in passing the ball and he’s even dangerous shooting from range.

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