Arsenal man frustrating their efforts to offload him

Arsenal is keen to sell Hector Bellerin in this transfer window and they have set an asking price of 10m euros.

Although he has a season left on his current deal, his successful loan spell at Real Betis in the last campaign means the club can make some money from his sale.

He has interest from AS Roma and Fiorentina and both of these clubs will negotiate a good deal with the Gunners for his signature.

But Estadio Deportivo reports that the only club he wants to join is Betis, and this has put the Gunners in a tight spot.

That is the case because the Seville club doesn’t have the money to pursue their interest in the Arsenal man and the Gunners want to sell him to the highest bidder.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Bellerin had fun and success at Betis last season and it is understandable that he wants to return there.

But as a club, what we care more about is selling our players to the team willing to offer the most money.

Bellerin joined us for a small fee as a youngster from Barcelona, but we have invested huge sums of money in him and we should benefit from our investment by making a nice transfer fee.

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  1. Juventus want him also.

    This Jesus deal is not a good deal.
    £45m + add ons & £220k a week.

    Just got rid of the massive wage bill to then blow it on ManCitys SuperSub and he is suppose to be the new saviour.

    Same as last season with Ben White for £50m when he is nowhere near that valuation and we needed Bissouma but now he is away to Spurs.

    Then we will let Bellerin, Lucas, Leno, Pepe (already Dino & Matteo for buttons and Laca/Auba for free) & whoever else go for pennies while we pay over the top for players we don’t really need when a Top Striker and Midfielder is required.

    Vieria isn’t that beast we need In the middle as Partey is unreliable so far here at The Emirates. He may come good but another AM like Øde& SR.

    I really am lost in what we are doing this summer considering we did nothing in January which basically costs us Top4 as we ran out of steam and failed miserbale come last 8games bar 2 positive wins v Chelsea & Utd.

    I think if we sign Jesus that will be us near finished and I don’t see us being anywhere near top4 with this squad. Hope I’m wrong but I don’t see it, Spurs are miles ahead of us & they showed that when the pipped us to top4 with a spanking. Yes we lost to Newcastle but the Spurs demolition ruined all hopes.

    Very worried about this window

    1. I understand your concerns mate
      but the only chance AFC have in
      in the GJ sweepstakes is by
      providing the most comprehensive
      financial package available. Yes he
      will be the main man leading the
      front line @ the Emirates, and has
      seemingly a good relationship with
      MA but at the end of the day
      MONEY triumphs ever other factor
      that the Brazilian might be
      considering. Do you honestly
      think that the likes of Osimen,
      Martinez, Abraham etc wouldn’t
      ask for the same wages?

      As far as the transfer window I’m
      not sure any Arsenal fans have a
      clue what is actually happening
      behind close doors @ the Emirates.
      Not even the ITK gooners could of
      predicted the Viera deal as well
      as the seemingly serious interest
      in both Raphina and Martinez.

      I do agree that Edu and MA should
      be prioritizing a DM or dynamic
      B2B but unless both Xhaka and
      AMN leave unfortunately there
      just isn’t room @ the Arsenal inn

      WTS would anybody be surprised
      if the likes of Neves, R Sanchez or
      Fabian Ruiz are Arsenal players
      by the end of week?

      Hang in there man, I anticipate
      this window to be a roller coaster

      1. I agree with you… But Neves, Ruiz etc… Non homegrown. We can go up to 17 non Homegrown. Currently (Turner, runarsson, cedric, tomiyasu, Gabriel, trusty, tierney, tavares, xhaka, partey, lokonga, elneny, vieira, ode, pepe, jesus ?). That makes 16 and i am not counting Bellerin, Mari… Only one more spot. Maybe 3 if we get rid of runarsson and pepe. We have not a huge problem here, but i would hope we find a homegrown long term midfield solution like Ward Prose.

    2. Spurs are miles ahead / pipped us to top4 – doesn’t make sense. They are not miles ahead. 2 points the difference.

    3. shut up and wait!, no one pays you to think, stay red by always or switch, leave everything to the coach and staff, they are the professionals

    4. What do you mean by “miles ahead” of us ? Are we talking about the same spurs that changed managers are invested just to finish a point ahead of us ? Only a spurs fan would say something so idiotic

      1. There is the points. But also the way we got the results. we were lucky many times this season. Spurs came from behind us, and they really impressed on the end. They finished +29, we finished +13. What do you say about that ?! So yes, i would also admit they were/are quite ahead of us. Not that much, but they are.

        1. And spurs weren’t lucky themselves ? Bro you are not convincing ANYBODY with that at all

          1. Bro some are already convinced it seems that spurs are better/ahead than us. +29/+13. It tells something. They had two managerial changes since end of last year, maybe explaining some back and forth and more irregularity than us. Ok we beat chelsea when they had no defence, but won some games when dominated because we were tough and ruthless (west ham, wolves). I dont say we dont deserve to be 5th, back in the UEL or say our results are not promising. But look at that too : we were trashed 4-0 and twice 2-0 by LUFC, beaten twice by Man City. The two best teams of the year.what did spurs against them ?! Beat twice City, held liverpool to a draw twice in the league. Spurs were more irregular during the whole season, but on their day, they can elevate largely the level and beat/dominate any team. Gor me they are ahead still. That does not mean i am happy with that, but it is just trying to be objective even if we talk about spurs. They have kust been ahead of us for half decade almost now, thanks to good players development (walker, kane, alli etc…) And smarter though cheaper signings (son, eriksen) I hope we will close the gap soon though.

  2. Spurs are miles ahead of us and they pipped us to fourth place…. Does that statement make any sense to you?? It wasn’t 20points, it was 30points, just 2points! If you had mentioned Liverpool or Man city, I would have agreed with you. And last I checked, they still haven’t won any trophy, not even a spoon; in the last 7yrs. So, hw are they ahead of us??? Don’t you ever compare my dear Arsenal with a team with no trophy, pls😫…

  3. The only trophies that really matter in the modern game are the league and the champions league. The domestic trophies change nothing and the Europa’s only real importance is it gives you a champions league place. So this crap that it doesn’t matter if Spurs keep finishing above Arsenal, It doesn’t matter if they are in the champions league and Arsenal aren’t because “they haven’t won any trophies” is just delusional.

  4. Too many players have been treating Arsenal as a soft touch for years now.

    Bellerin would be a relatively cheap way to show them that the candy store is closed.

    For now, at the very least, leave him stewing until the end of the window and see where that ends up. The worst that can happen is that he ends up as an Arsenal player not in any of the squads – and then start fining him every time he’s late, or for not turning up to practice, being abroad etc so that he costs nothing. See how in-demand he is in a year.

    1. Of ours, he could decide to see out his legitimate contract and play hardball just as Arsenal are doing.
      Until we do what the club promised and offer a player a revised contract two years before his current one runs out – and put him up for sale if he refuses to sign it, these situations will keep happening.

      1. The problem with that approach is that nothing is forcing a player to sign for another club – that’s pretty much where they are now, he’s refusing to go anywhere unless it’s the club he chooses.

        This is where the transfer system doesn’t work. They looked at it a few years ago and there was a fudge to create these “windows” but it’s still not right.

        If a player is surplus to requirements a club should be able to release them.

        The only reason they don’t do that is because of transer value and the only reason top clubs want transfers to remain is because some clubs have enormous transfer values on their books that they already paid out for players.

        Basically, if you were starting this over again, you’d ban transfer fees so there would be no downside to releasing players when they’re not wanted.

        1. That might be true, but we are discussing the here and now.

          I believe that Bellerin has said he would forego the remainder of his contract in order to get the transfer he wants – it seems Mikel doesn’t see him as part of the future – the club has allowed the contract to run down, without addressing the issue – that’s where we are at this moment in time.

          Hector has been a model professional for the club, he has been well renumerated by the club…. what a shame that this situation is spoiling such a good relationship.

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