Arsenal man hailed for his alertness and communication skills against Newcastle

Matt Ryan was in fine form as Arsenal beat Newcastle United 2-0 earlier today.

The Australian joined the Gunners on loan from Brighton in the last transfer window after Alex Runarsson showed that they cannot trust him to be the club’s second-choice goalkeeper.

Ryan was handed the starting role in the game against the Magpies and he delivered a clean sheet.

He didn’t have so much to do in the game, in all fairness, but Football London captured some moments he had on the pitch which showed his alertness and his communication skills.

The report says the Aussie could be heard shouting “watch transition, I said it!” when a Newcastle runner was left untracked in the first half of the game.

The report also praises him for his quick thinking, which helps him to spark new attacks when he gets the ball.

Having previously had a spell on the books of Valencia in Spain, it also revealed that he communicated with the Brazilian defender, Gabriel Magalhaes in Spanish.

Ryan has been in fine form when he plays and he will hope the club makes his transfer permanent at the end of this season.

He has also shown the Gunners how good a backup goalkeeper should be, which means Runarsson will unlikely get a chance to play for them again with Ryan on their books.

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  1. I really enjoyed watching him command his territory.
    Seems a better sweeper than the German Leno. And his decision making is precise.
    Despite not being that tall, he handled hos aerial balls quite well.
    Hopefully he keeps Leno on his toes

  2. Well, that’s the Sun’s football headline sorted for tomorrow’s edition;

    “Arsenal’s Mat Ryan handles his Aerial balls in Newcastle” !

  3. Is he better than Leno? We dont know that but he certainly looks calmer and cleaner than Leno. Comfortable playing the ball out with his feet, his distribution was slick. At the very least an able deputy, he could turn out to be a bargain buy. Leno isn’t good enough for our no1 could Ryan be? Or could Ryan be a better back up to another goalie, if we sell Leno. It will be interesting because Leno does look like a fish out of water playing the Arsenal way.

  4. Get him signed up a solid backup 👌 OT utd fans calling that today a protest! That was a bloody riot, if that was our supporters we’d be disgraced!

    1. Agree with you on both points Kev, Ryan looked very solid today and actually came for crosses and caught them. As for United “fans”, just a bunch of hooligan thugs shaming their club. Police seriously injured and lots of damage done to the pitch and stadium infrastructure. Absolute disgrace!

      1. I think it’s a no brainer Declan, we could out spend millions on another Keeper when we need to carefully spend in other areas. Absolutely disgraceful Declan, I’m all for a peaceful protest but that was anything but peaceful, I agree with everything what Graeme Souness said about it, someone could have been killed and if that happens again someone will.. I think our supporters demonstrated how a peaceful protest should be conducted.

  5. Runarsson was a last minute buy bit not that worse than what could have been expected from a 2nd choice at a club that finished 16/20 in french league. At 40k/week, it is a lot of wasted money. Hopefully arsenal will be able to sell him for the price they paid but that’s way from sure. On the other hand Ryan is a good find.

    1. Ryan’s been around for years, so I’m sure Arsenal knew about him (“find”), particularly after watching some of his performances against the Club. LOL😁

  6. Proven Premiership keeper, Australian No. 1, 2-time World-Cupper and Asian Cup Champion…

    WHAT is not to like? In fact, he SHOULD be told in no uncertain terms that he has every chance of usurping Leno through competition and NOT simply being a back-up. Otherwise he should go to a club where he’ll get the games he deserves.

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