Arsenal man has only one club in mind as he pushes to leave

Hector Bellerin is certainly leaving Arsenal this summer and his fine form while on loan at Real Betis gives Arsenal a chance to sell him to the highest bidder.

The right-back is surplus to requirements at the Emirates, and his future will be decided again in the coming days.

Several clubs are interested in him, including Fiorentina and AS Roma. This means Arsenal can make as much as 10m euros from his sale.

However, the Spaniard could spoil that plan because Estadio Deportivo as, reported by Sport Witness, claims Bellerin is only dreaming of returning to Betis.

His season with them was a dream come true and he enjoyed the time so much he wants to go back there.

This could become a problem for Arsenal because the La Liga side is not offering as much money as the Italian clubs.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Bellerin knows he has to play for a club that loves him next and he enjoyed that at Betis.

A move to Italy might be too risky and backfire, but he will certainly get a warm reception when he goes back to Seville to play for Betis.

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  1. I called it!I said that Hector would do everything possible to join Betis and according to some reports he is ready to waiver close to 6M from Arsenal to facilitate the move.

    1. If he wants it that badly he can buy out the remaining year of his contract. 100k x 52 and off with him to virtue signal at his leisure wherever he eants

      1. @Joy
        But, if he were to hug the bench for the remainder of his contract, you’d be calling him a money grabbing whatever…

          1. Sort of – I respect him for wanting to play, but by saying he only wants to play for betis, it means betis can say “we’re not paying” and either we’re stuck paying someone that doesn’t want to be here, or we’re screwed out of a fee. So arsenal are also damned if they do, damned if they don’t.
            We’ve brought it on ourselves, but if bellerin had shut up, he’d probably get a move and we’d probably get something for him.

            1. True the club has brought it on themselves. Contracts have been disastrous going back to Wenger and Alexis Sanchez blunder, then Ozil.

              Continued with Emery and Ramsey, and bled into Arteta’s squad as well.

              Upper management should have remained firm on renewing or selling with 2 years left on a contract.

              Letting Wenger waffle over City’s offer, and loaning rather than selling players.

              Bellerin should have been a sale or loan with obligation, same with Torreira and obligation not option.

              It’s staggering the value and revenue lost by management.

  2. That’s one to sweat until the end of the transfer window then.

    Betis and Bellerin appear to be colluding, so let them stew in it for a few weeks.

    He won’t want to run down his contract and take a chance on still being wanted by one club in 12 months time and if Betis want him that much then they can pay.

    Also, probably need to wait until proper cover at RB is sorted out.

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