Arsenal man is in the top three of players with errors leading to a goal

Gabriel Magalhaes and Ben White have formed a solid defensive partnership at Arsenal, which has helped the club return to form in this campaign.

Both defenders joined under Mikel Arteta and they are a part of the reason it is clear the former midfielder is doing a great job.

Overall, Arsenal has been solid at the back. However, a new stat reveals that Gabriel has been more error-prone than most fans probably realise.

Whoscored revealed, as posted by a thread on Reddit, that the Arsenal man ranks third for the players with the most errors leading to a goal since the 2020/2021 season.

The Brazilian has played in 52 league matches since that time and made 6 errors leading to a goal.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Most Arsenal fans will be surprised by this revelation because Gabriel has been one of the finest defenders in England’s top flight.

However, this also shows that he is not perfect and still has some work to do to become less error-prone.

For a 24-year-old, he has done more than enough good to focus on and he still has time to become an even better player in the future.

If we secure a top-four finish, he would experience playing in the Champions League and that will also aid his development.

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  1. Adams, Bould, Campbell, Per, Kos…. every player makes mistakes.
    It’s their overall performances that determine their value to the team – Gabriel has been an outstanding signing.

    1. I much agree with this KEN.

      So often and unthinkingly , defenders are judged solely on how many errors leading to goals against they make. All defenders make errors and whether they lead to conceding is often, though not always, sheer chance .

      It is far less important than the whole game they give week in week out.


      Nor are we told how many goals against he has prevented. It is easy and lazy to concentrate ONLY on errors and wise fans do not do so.
      Though of course it makes for an easy article, so what is WHY it appears on JA, as cynics like me know only too. well.

  2. There’s always a mistake him. His long passes always get to the opponent. Very predictable with the ball.
    He should improve
    his right foot. Weakness in right foot makes him vulnerable

    Am sure Saliba is due to replace him.

  3. There’s mistakes in virtually every player in every team in the world. Very few players can kick with both feet.

    I doubt Saliba will replace Gabriel as Arteta likes the CB pairing to be a right footer and a left footer.

  4. Statistics don’t see it all. His overall contributions to Arsenal makes him a real deal.

    1. @Adedayo Akinwumi. True because statistically when he plays Ramsdale has failed to stop any of the goals opposition teams have scored against us 🙂

  5. Gabriel is good but not very good. He does have rushes of blood and commits himself a bit rashly sometimes. I like him but he is still raw and should be far more accomplished after the time he has had playing for Arsenal.

  6. yea we can all look at stats and come up with our own version of it based on how we see things, or rather how other peoples opinions sway your own.

    you can read it like this 52 games 6 errors for Gabby

    or you can read it like this 102 games and 3 errors for Mustafi.

    Individual stats for players imo is a BS way to get the whole picture, especially if you just finger pick ones you want to show off.

    You could also argue that based on that Mustafi was the better player, less errors and playing the majority of his career at arsenal with no protection in midfield.

    stats can lie as much as they are facts

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