Arsenal man is set to run down his contract and leave for free

Alexandre Lacazette will remain at Arsenal after the current transfer deadline day.

The Frenchman has been linked with a move away from the club all summer as he has just a season left on his current deal.

The Gunners haven’t offered him a contract extension yet, in a clear sign that they are prepared for his departure.

He hasn’t started a match for them in this campaign after coming down with a covid-19 infection just before the campaign started.

He remains one of the most senior players in the squad, but his experience isn’t enough to earn him a new deal with the Gunners looking to cut down on the average age of their squad.

Football London reports that he isn’t leaving the club in this transfer window and he claims the striker is also not interested in signing an extension to his current terms with them.

Arsenal has at least four strikers in their squad at the moment and Lacazette alongside Eddie Nketiah have contracts that are running down.

They were both expected to find new clubs in this transfer window, but the Gunners look set to miss out on any transfer fee, because they are both likely to remain at the club for this campaign and to leave for free at the end of it.

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  1. We are experts at letting players go for free, or even paying them to leave. It’s getting worse.

    Rather sell for 10-20 mil and save a large wage but no….we ask too much for average players and one of 2 things happen:

    -player runs down contract
    -loan player out until value drops to almost nothing

  2. Too late to do anything about it now. The club must now stick to the 2 year rule, if you don’t sign before entering the last two years of your contract, you should be sold and the money used for a replacement. I also feel that transparency with the fans will help to make the fans understand why decisions are taken but Arsenal are always so secretive.

    1. That’s great if that player is saleable. You have to have a good set up a good strategy and a good team ethic to get good money for “saleable assetts” that attract actual buyers. Because a lot of our players are badly managed we lose money on them. It isnt going to change at the moment.

      1. I agree, it all depends on Arteta, Edu and his team. They have to improve on asset management, i don’t think they will anyways as i don’t trust their decisions. Leaving the results out, Arteta’s decision alone are enough reasons to sack him because it shows he doesn’t know what he’s doing. How could he have planned to build the squad around willian as his agent said, its just bad decisions upon bad decisions.

      1. Then they probably aren’t good enough to be playing for our club in all fairness.

        Lower the price until you get a bid. The offers will only get lower as the contract runs down.

      2. why are some of my posts not making the cut? can I not use WTF in my posts…on a side note, did you send DanKit to the sin bin as part of this new JA world order initiative?

      3. Unfortunately Arsenal may have to suffer short term pain to overcome the “sins of the past” in poor financial and player asset management.
        Not taking the hard medicine, taking what the Club can get, enforcing the re-sign at 2 year rule, annual contracts over age 30 and not rebuilding with only perpetuate mediocrity.
        Being without European income is hurting in the short term, let alone long term with advertising etc

  3. So the writer things we have enough strikers and Alex and Nketia are extra to needs. Some of your writers do not write objectively. Which team can say have Auba and Bolo alone. What happens if they are injured or sick as its so common now? There is also the Africa continental cup in Jan.

  4. This window has been a complete disappointment… we are no stronger and spent £150m & let players leave who should be in the squad like Saliba, Dino, Matteo & lucas instead of Chambers, Mari, Elneny & Xhaka are still here.

    Luiz would’ve been better for another season than £50m Ben White when we had the 3rd best defensive unit since xmas.

    We are a mess!

  5. I dont understand, Edu and MA were not supposed to fix the team and their predecessors mistakes ?! 🤔 (Like allowing players deeing the end of thzir contract). It is easy to say you know huge reasons behind our decline (“but cant say which they are” like arteta said) but exactly keep doing the same ones

  6. It’s all well and good saying that the club should sell this guy and that guy but what if nobody is prepared to pay the transfer fee or his wages.
    And don’t say just give them away because that still costs you and then you end up paying part of their wages whilst they play elsewhere (Kolasinac) and then you’d complain about how useless we are at selling players, but just ask Lyon, they can’t sell Aaour despite slashing his transfer fee.

    You can’t force a footballer to leave or to extend his contract if he doesn’t want to.

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