Arsenal man is the best performing Under21 outfield player in Europe

Bukayo Saka has been named as the best under 21 player in Europe as he continues to shine at Arsenal.

The attacker has been the club’s main man over the last two seasons, and the Gunners have benefited from him leading their offensive approach.

Mikel Arteta has continued to trust him, and this is making the Londoner a much better player.

Europe has some of the most talented youngsters on earth, but Saka is the best of the lot in this campaign according to the CIES Football Observatory as reported by The Daily Mail.

They ranked 100 of the best under 21 players in Europe and the Arsenal man came out on top.

His teammate, Gabriel Martinelli, also made the top 20 of the rankings as he is ranked 14th by the report.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saka is one of the best players in England now and everyone can see that he is among the finest in the world at his age.

At 20, he is already earning so much recognition and that means the Euro 2020 star will have a long and successful career if he keeps his head down and focuses on playing football.

Arsenal will be keen to extend his contract soon because the current agreement expires in 2023.

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  1. I’m a big Saka fan but his consistency is beginning to give some concern to be honest. It feels like he always hides in big and important games. The city game is the only game I’ve seen him turn up.

    1. agreed Kstyx…now tactics played a role yesterday, but even so Saka was overshadowed by the far more effective and threatening Zaha, which wasn’t the case when Saka first came up and played on the left as a deeper-lying winger with space to roam

  2. Bukayo Saka will get even better, and like Smith Rowe they all seems to have one thing in common academy graduate with excellent support network.

    Arsenal is in an excellent position with these youngsters, we must add big characters to play with these youngsters in the summer.

    Players of the Caliber of Henry, Ronaldo, or Drogba, big game players who comes alive when the going get rough.

    It’s for this reason we should break the bank and sign Victor Osimhen, Fabian Ruiz,

    Adding quality and big character players should be paramount going forward.

    1. Saka is the pure definition of greatness and talent,
      I still prefer Smith-Rowe to odegaard, if only we had 2 CFs in the mode of Osimhen and Richarlison, Saka, Smith-Rowe and Martinelli would have more room to score.

      I just hope we get 2 CMs, 1 to replace Xhaka and the other Partey,

      We deserve 22 solid players.

  3. If we want to really see him shine, then we need a striker up top to lead the line.

    Saka is the focal point of attacks and creativity, and too often attacks begin on the right giving Saka the ball and expecting him to dribble, pass, create, or shoot his way to a goal.

    Our midfielders’ goal tally is embarrassingly woeful, and aside from Odegaard they create little to nothing.

    I’m sure Saka and Martinelli would benefit from adding a top striker to the team. Defenses would have to mark and account for a striker who scores, freeing up Saka and Martinelli to find space to exploit.

    Too often we see Saka double teamed because Laca is either too far away from the box, or defenses are not too concerned about Laca as a goal threat.

    1. Durand, I do not know your thoughts but to my mind I see little or nothing in Laca that is any real use position, He does not score, he cannot head a ball, not has any pace or dynamism .
      No power , but ONLY a willingness to work as hard as his quickly ageing legs will carry him , until he tires early after half time, To me, and though I admire his work rate, apart from that workrate, he gives us nothing much else at all and is a massive weakness , where we badly need strength.

      Compared to Spuds, who have Kane and Son to score, we lack goals from the so called striker(s). Bottom line is we need to let him leave this summer and replace him with a massively more effective striker . One who actually scores, would be a start!
      I cannot begin to fathom the daft love in so many of our fans have with this non productive, even though willing, player.

      1. I am in agreement with you completely regarding Laca. I appreciate his professionalism and work rate, but that is not enough to keep him with the team going forward.

        We need a striker that scores, or is at least a threat to score; unfortunately neither Laca nor Nketiah meet that need.

        This “build up” nonsense that gets attached to any mention of Laca is purely misdirection as it purposefully avoids any mention of his failures as a striker.

        His “build up” is not out of necessity, we have 3 midfielders, it is out of inability to score goals with his head or feet.

        I question where was the leadership when we needed someone to step up and rally the boys.

        It’s time Laca moved on for me, we can do so much better.

        1. no doubt…we have an everyday Striker who hasn’t scored since mid-December…now that’s some amateur hour sh**…as for the whole “build-up” play banter, that’s nonsensical chatter by those within the apologist crowd who don’t understand how his positional depth has negatively impacted our ability to attack in a more balanced fashion, as he stymies any chance of us playing a more direct brand of football…just look at what Kane did on Sunday when Conte made the perfect halftime adjustments…now that was a masterclass in how your Striker can be the focal point for “building up” play

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