Arsenal man must listen to Keane and prove him wrong

I was just watching the Champions League highlights again and while a lot of Arsenal fans, the players, the manager and most of the pundits on BT sport and in the papers yesterday were encouraged by the way the Gunners beat Dinamo Zagreb, our chances of making it into the next stage were given short shrift by Roy Keane on ITV.

The former Manchester United and Ireland midfielder cast doubt on the character within the Arsenal dressing room once again and he gave another specific reason for his belief that Arsenal will come up short against Olympiacos in Athens. When pushed on whether Mathieu Flamini would be able to capably replace the injured Francis Coquelin he was pretty unequivocal.

Keane all but dismissed the ability of Flamini and he suggested that the reason was that the Frenchman does not have the heart for the fight, especially away from home. Now I know that Flamini is not the best player in the Arsenal squad but he is one of the most committed and I imagine he would be fuming to hear this criticism.

To be honest I would love for Arsene Wenger to make sure that Flamini knows exactly what Keane has said about him to spur him on all the more to prove the Irishman wrong. That goes for the whole team of course but doubly so for the man who bore the brunt of Keane’s cutting comments.

Arsenal have produced some great away performances in Europe when our backs were to the wall. Can we do it again and make it count this time?

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    1. EI obviously offended someone’s sensitivities, but can I remind you the Flamse’s venom was directed at someone who had repeatedly had a go at Jack’s weakened ankle. If we had had his gritty steel running through our team on other occasions then we may have been a little better at coping with the more brutal tactics some teams used against us in the past 10 years or so.

  1. We all know how Keane likes to talk from his cavASS.

    Flamini does have his limitations but it’s with discipline and concentration not at all effort.

  2. What was his comment about Man U after yesterday’s match? Didn’t Flame play against him in those days? Anyway, back home, but Flame is no equivalent of Le Coq. If not, he would have been starting ahead of him and we will be disturbed much with the present situation. But trust him, he will come up with something in Athens just as he did at white sh*t lane and we’ll be through.

  3. where are all the haters??they,ve been really quiet since our last game i guess we will have to wait for arsenal,s next loss to hear from them!!!COYG!!!

    1. What haters are you on about? I guess anyone who does not share your blinkered views comes under that tag…..lolllll…..need I remind you w should have qualified by now?….we beat a very average Zagreb team and you want a parade lollll……with fans like you lot no wonder the board and Wenger are happy with the perennial 4th place

  4. If criticisms of any Kind, be it constructive or petty or even personal jibes cam spur a team on to better things its certainly don’t work with Arsenal, otherwise we would have won at least 2 league titles and maybe a CL title in the last 10 years…..unfortunately Wenger and the players have developed a thick skin and live in a bu ble where nothing touches them….anyone remember Wenger’s 1000th game in charge, a day after Moronio called him a specialist in failure..there I was thinking the team talk has taken care of itself, the momentous occasion coupled with that low blow is just what is needed and what did we so, lost by 6 goals….i despise Keane with a passion, likewise all these ex pros turned armchair pundit, always ready to have a go at Wenger and the club at every given opportunity but am also realistic enough to know that more often than not they talk a lot of sense, even if it hurts a lot….the constantly point out weaknesses and shortcomings in our club and unless you are delusional you can see them.proven right time after time after time…..there is nothing I will love more than to see them all eat their words by us winning the title but will I even stake a rusted penny on it happening, HELL NO….and am no less of a supporter,just a true 100% Gooner with his eyes wide open!!!

  5. Its 1-2 all 85th min on the clock… we need dat 3rd goal v olympiacos and BOOM…. Flamini pops up with another cracker (spuds like) and sends us through!!?

    Think that would shut keane up!! ??

  6. Why bother taking any notice of what Keane says!
    If he knew anything about football, he would have been a successful manager by now, instead of talking pundit ?

    Okay, Flamini is no spring chicken, but for his age he has great Stamina and the one thing that he doesn’t lack is the fighting spirit and the voice to will his team mates on.

  7. I just love how manure ex players love to talk manure about our club. Goes to show which club is class and which club never will.

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