Arsenal man named among the worst Premier League signings of last season

Fabio Vieira’s move to Arsenal last season generated high expectations among fans, hoping to see him thrive at the club. The midfielder had impressed during his time at FC Porto and was regarded as one of the top players in his position in Portugal.

However, Vieira’s performances at Arsenal did not live up to the initial anticipation. Despite his £34 million price tag, he struggled to make a significant impact and failed to justify the investment. Competing for playing time with players like Martin Odegaard posed additional challenges for Vieira.

As a result, Vieira has been included in The Daily Mail’s list of the top ten disappointing signings of the previous season, which features several high-profile and expensive transfers. The inclusion in this list reflects the collective perception that Vieira did not fulfil the expectations set upon him during his debut season at Arsenal.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Vieira showed a glimpse of what he can do in some games and is a player with a promising future in the game.

We can understand the criticism from the outside, but as the club’s fans, we ought to show him support and patience while he gets used to playing in the Premier League, which is very hard.

Mikel Arteta has mastered the art of transforming the careers of different players and we are confident that he will make Vieira a top player.

Now the season is over, it’s time for the summer Arsenal quiz from our friends at Dublin Arsenal – It’s always a laugh and helps while away the time while we wait for Arsenal’s first signings to come in!

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      1. Of course vieira has been a flop so far after his first season here as compared to Halaand.

        But let’s be a bit honest. One of them is earning about £600,000 a week and cost about £60 million if not more with the amount paid to his agents etc..
        The other cost about £34 million and making about £45,000 a week. Can’t you see the difference? Lets not be dishonest.

        So if we had added another £20 million on the £30 million we paid for Vieira and offered £45,000 a week to Halaand, you think we would snapped him out of City’s grasp?

        Context comrades, context.

  1. He needs to build more muscles. Let us see what he brings to the table next season

  2. Would be interested to see how he is next season after a proper pre-season. Otherwise he gets loaned out to a premier league club to strengthen and wise up.

  3. He is not that bad,, the way this article wants him to look like, he is just inexperienced in premier league…

  4. Vieira was an awful purchase, and a luxury one at that. Hard to disagree he was the worst performer in the squad, and showed no improvement.

    Desperately needs a loan, 20 pounds of muscle, and some hunger and aggression in his play.

    Far too timid and frail to make any substor consistent impact. Loan next season and maybe even sell after that.

    Oh that 34 million could have been better spent last Summer!

  5. No one has to tell Vieira he needs to bulk up and work hard. Maybe his talent level doesn’t match how highly he was rated, but he’s young and deserves a real chance at Arsenal. I wouldn’t loan him out. He needs to settle in, not bounce around between systems and teams. If he doesn’t improve significantly this season, he may not be Arsenal material. He should get his chance. Besides, it would break Gabi’s heart to lose his mate.

  6. Each time I remember that Southampton game, I just want to hate this guy the more. If it is within my powers, I honestly do not wish to see him in an Arsenal shirt anymore. Plays and behaves like a 2 years old kid in the field of play. 34million wasted.

  7. Technically he is a good player but that is clearly not enough to succeed at Arsenal. His off the ball work stank the place out and doing it a home laid bare his lack of desire to succeed at Arsenal. He got game time and he didn’t deserve it. No homegrown player would have that luxury. If he can’t improve his workrate he should be moved on.

  8. IMO, no ambitious club can afford to keep a player so OBVIOUSLY unsuited to Prem football and for whom we paid a fee ten times his worth to us.

    I would transfer list him today, IF I could!
    An obviously wrong buy. Pointless denying what we can all see!

  9. Does anyone not remember when Pires joined the club.Same build technically good but looked like he was going to be a huge flop.Not saying he is going to reach Bobby levels but give the guy a break.

  10. Vieira needs to gain weight, add muscle. He looks so frail, timid and absolutely scared on the pitch. He seems to not want the ball. The moment he receives that ball it’s all panic stations and want to get rid of it as quickly as possible..
    He reminds me of Lokonga. Always on the peripheral, just blending in not wanting to be noticed.

    I will give him another season and see how does next season. This was his first season in a very competitive physically tough EPL. We will see next season..

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