Arsenal man named worst player for his nation

Leandro Trossard has been in superb form for Arsenal since he moved to the club in January and we expect him to continue performing very well for the club.

His performances over the last three months make him one of the favourites to replace Eden Hazard in the Belgium national team.

They have a new manager and Trossard was chosen to start their latest match against Sweden, which they won 3-0.

However, the attacker was not in good form and a report via The Sun claims a Belgian media outlet branded him the worst player on the pitch for the Red Devils.

In the 61 minutes he spent on the pitch, Trossard hardly inspired any confidence and did not do well.

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Trossard has been in terrific form in the last few weeks and it is surprising that he has struggled to play well for Belgium.

However, we can easily see that as a one-off and we expect him to learn from the game and do better when he steps on the pitch again.

Everything is different at club level, so even if he has a bad international window, we still expect him to do well on his return to club football.

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  1. So, according to some nonentity, he had a bad game. So bl..dy what!

    Not in an Arsenal shirt he has not, quite the reverse. And THAT is all that matters.

    International football is about as interesting as watching paint dry, more often than not, IMO!

  2. As a matter of interest, are footballers paid for international duties? That may impact their their performance 🙁

    1. Of course they are paid. But don’t expect anything close to what a club pays because countries (unlike clubs) have much more important things to do with money than giving it all to players the way clubs do

  3. Class is permanent, has it ever occurs to the media out let he could be just managing his self nicely

  4. Leandro Trossard, he’s very much dedicated to his current club, I don’t imply that he’s not fully involved in his country’s football squad. He is more focused on winning the league with Arsenal.

  5. What bad performance you pple, Team won 3 nill, so what now. Give the man space and he enjoy his vacation awaiting to resume his performance at the Gunners Arsenal wow wow, Trossard the King

  6. Trossard is currently good with the club, and seeing him not doing well in the country club it does not mean he is bad. He must be appreciated for winning 3-0. We the gunners, we are waiting for him to resume with the club and he will do his best as usual.

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