Arsenal man offers himself to European giants in desperate bid to leave London

Mundo Deportivo claims Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has offered himself to Barcelona as he seeks to leave the Emirates this month.

The Gabon striker risks being sidelined at Arsenal for the rest of this season after being stripped of the captain’s armband late last year.

The former Borussia Dortmund man has also been left at home while the rest of the squad travelled to Dubai for a short training camp.

This is the clearest sign that Mikel Arteta is preparing for life without him and his best option might be to leave the Emirates this month.

The report, however, says he might not get his desired move to the Spanish club, which also wants Alvaro Morata.

They are struggling financially and will hardly offer Auba a deal that is close to what he makes now.

Morata also appears higher on their wishlist than the former Arsenal captain.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Auba has himself to blame for his present predicament, considering that he has breached the club’s rules at different times and previously been forgiven.

The current Arsenal team is being rebuilt to become a powerful unit together and we don’t need a negative influence around.

Hopefully, he would find a new club this month so that the club can save some money from paying him outrageously well while he sits on the sidelines.

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  1. Auba is still a very good player. he is misused. it’s better to leave EPL, otherwise, more critics against Arteta.

  2. Discipline is everything in a person’s life.
    Have all the talent in the world, without discipline you’re nothing. Auba is still one of the best strikers to ever play for us. But he’s way too indisciplined and he has shown that time and time again.
    Too bad.

  3. To get rid of this “negative influence” Arsenal will simply have to cough up, again. This time the cost will be close to 40M for the striker to leave – a lot less than we paid to Ozil, Willian and others.

    And what will be their excuse for not signing a midfielder or striker this window? You guessed it…we had to pay our golden boot winner to leave.

    Just another day in the chaotic reign of Arteta.

    1. But the excuse will be that we’re getting rid of the “deadwood and dross”, while forgetting who gave him the three year contract!!!

      RFrancis, you just can’t believe some fans!!!

      1. We need to scout a fortune teller, a palm reader or a tarot card reader before we sign a new player or extend contracts. As per his/her recommendations we can award contracts, leave aside the stats and the present achievements. AFC fans problems resolved, Mikel’s problems reduced.

        1. Well, as you said, he brought all this negativity to himself. Definitely, we learn the hard way sometimes.

    2. @RFrancis
      It just goes to show how gullible some people are. All these “deadwood” and “negative influence” tag on Aubameyang now is because he has experienced a dip in form which might as well be caused by manager’s tactics and game approach. Kane, Vardy and co all experience dips in form but their managers supports them and brings out the best in them. Auba would have left when MA came but MA asked him to trust in the process. Question is; now that Arsenal is gonna finish 8th – 10th, is this the process?
      I pray Auba finds a club that will help rediscover his form. When he comes n scores against arsenal, he will be labelled a traitor and greedy as we do to others. #BULLSHIT#

  4. We is that only the biggest earners are punished for discipline. It seems like Arteta has orders from the hierarchy to lower the wage bill.

  5. It is shocking just how little Arsenal’s management has learned about player management after recent fiascos with Mesut Ozil, William Saliba, Aaron Ramsey, and Mateo Guendouzi.

    Given the reactions of fans however, who seem happy to watch the club’s best forward walk away there is no accountability for stupidity in football management.

    Picking a fight like this with your best forward is stupid, regardless of what he did or did not do; unless you have a replacement in hand. Clearly Arsenal have no replacement in hand, which makes sidelining Aubameyang idiotic. This is especially true given that Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah are out of contract in the summer. Who in their right mind would sign for Arsenal after what they just did to their biggest star? Answer; not Dusan Vlahovic!

    Like Mesut Ozil, Arsenal management have completely undercut Auba’s value in the transfer market and made it infinitely harder for him to find a new club. That might satisfy the managers fragile ego and win some kind of petty PR battle, and it might satisfy management, who want to make sure Auba does not come back to haunt the team; but publicly humiliating their own player, with no replacement forthcoming is beyond stupid.

    Arsenal could have accomplished the same thing without any of this baloney with a short suspension and a cut-price sale in the January window. Again, Mikel Arteta shows himself to be a petty, narrow-minded tyrant; a Sir Alex wannabe without the guts or the glory to back it up.

    If Auba was really vengeful, he could just sit on his backside and do nothing but cash Arsenal’s big, fat checks for the next two years. He will be 34 at the end of the deal and 34 is a good age for a striker to retire. It is entirely likely that he, like Mesut Ozil, will outlast the manager that started the fight to get rid of him. Unai Emery was gone before Ozil and Arteta could easily be gone before Auba.

    Arteta won’t last another season; the team just cannot advance beyond the ‘second six’ with him charge.

    1. 👍

      have you ever witnessed a club who cuts off their nose to spite their face more often?!?

    2. paul ,”A petty narrow minded tyrant”! What a lot of complete nonsense!! You have let your biased imagination run away with your words but the opposite is actually true.

      Why not try doing what REAL supporters do and support the club above any individual player.

      Esp one who is lazy, ill disciplined and who scores no goals, nor makes assists any more, but misses sitter after sitter!

      His time with us is done! Accept that truth and stop being a fantasist!

      1. Jon, when you say REAL FA S, do you include the way you “supported” AW during his time from 2008, or am I mistaken about your daily rants?

      2. Well, it’s not everybody that will support the club blindly @Jon Fox. Club remains club but humans will always be humans. Humanity over anything.

    3. In MA we indeed have a puerile coach with very poor man management skills.
      He is more of a liability to Arsenal than an asset.
      He could be gone soon if he doesn’t manage his ego.

    4. @Paul35mm
      Exactly my point. Now that no descent player wants to sign for arsenal, I wonder who they’re gonna blame for that. I don’t have anything against MA but truth is, he has broken our all time poor record.

  6. With all due respect, Arteta is the worst thing to happen to Arsenal. The same way Ozil, who was our chance creator in chief, was forced out is what is happening to Aubameyang. Result : he finished unprecedented 8th in 2 consecutive seasons and after being the highest spender in the Summer, could only manage to get just one draw from 7 encounters with top 5 finishers last season!

    1. Did you just say Ozil “our chance creator in chief”? Bro, as at when Ozil left he was finished!

  7. There is a tin line between dictatorship and enforcement of discipline. Arteta has crossed that. He forced Ozil out, nobody again to provide defence splitting passes to speedy Martinelli and Aubameyang. Now he has descended on Aubameyang. No wonder he finished unprecedented 8th in two consecutive seasons! This season is even worst: 7 encounters with top 4 finishers, only one draw!! Its time for him to leave Emirate stadium.

    1. “He forced Ozil out, nobody again to provide defence splitting passes”

      lay off the whiskey man..

      1. Well Jon, he has finished 8th, he was the highest spender and he did force Ozil (amongst others) out and you welcomed it… so what’s utter rot about amose’s opinion?

  8. Well, as you said, he brought all this negativity to himself. Definitely, we learn the hard way sometimes.

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