Arsenal man rejects Carragher’s offer after Aston Villa match and that is brilliant

A lot of pundits out there think they walk on water and that certainly applies to Gary Neville and his colleague Jamie Carragher.

It seems that Carragher was desperate to grab an after-match interview with Takehiro Tomiyasu following Arsenal’s impressive win over Aston Villa, however, the Japanese star respectably said no, according to the Mirror.

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After such a brilliant win, every Arsenal player should be more than happy to grant an interview.

However, there are so many reasons he may have turned down the invite, which isn’t personal.

Tomi looks like a very nice guy and he has been a very effective player on the pitch for Arsenal.

As long as he isn’t obligated to grant an interview, he has the right to decline an invitation as he has just done.

I for one am glad that he said no to Carragher, he and Neville think they are some sort of sage of football and they need putting in their place every now and then.

Well done Tomi, love you more than ever now.

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  1. I am not into Jamie but Gary sometimes really get to my nerves. They wear their teams’ colors in their analysis, as a fan would do, not really professional.

  2. Could not agree more with the article . Other than both managers, who are contracted to speak to the broadcasters after the match, I think it is entirely up to each player- assuming he is even asked – to speak or decline as he wishes.

    It is called freedom of choice and is a precious gift we overlook at our peril. IMO all players are contracted to give their utmost effort throughout every game and, beyond that and training properly, their life belongs to them and to no one else.

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