Arsenal man rejects Serie A move that would have made for an interesting swap deal

Calciomercato claims that Granit Xhaka has no interest in making a move to Italy after it emerged that Inter Milan wanted the Swiss midfielder.

Xhaka has emerged as a key player for Arsenal this season after he almost left the club in the January transfer window.

He had fallen out with the fans under Unai Emery, but Mikel Arteta convinced him to remain at Arsenal.

He has been touted to become the long-term partner of Thomas Partey at the Emirates after his resurgence.

But the report claims that the Serie A giants wanted to sign him as they look to replace Christian Eriksen in their team.

Eriksen was a star in England, but the Dane has struggled since he moved from Spurs to Inter in the January transfer window, and Inter considered a swap deal with Arsenal.

The report claims that Inter contacted Xhaka’s camp about a move in the summer, but he made it clear to them that he is not looking to move and that he wants to remain at Arsenal, at least for now.

Arteta will be happy to hear that because it seems he considers Xhaka to be one of the key influences in his team.

Xhaka has already played in 7 Premier League games for the Gunners this season.

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    1. Oh yes Sue and at the moment I’m not allowed in or out of Scotland!!!

      As for Xhaka, it simply seems that MA, UE and AW all see him in a positive light – maybe something to do with his ACTUAL performances and not the perceived ones?

      1. Typical, Ken!

        Yes, always one of the first names on the team sheet…it’s funny how we all watch the same game, yet see different things!

      2. Neither in nor out, eh Ken ? Wow, that is tricky, even for the genius that you are. HAVING TO STAY STILL actually on the border then I suppose! But it seems probable that we will soon have either 2000 or more probably 4000 fans allowed in. I am hoping to have the vaccine personally by end of JAN, now I have hit 70, AND THEN RESUME INDOOR BOWLING. I think by very last month of the season we will again have a full or nearly full ground.

        Wish our dafter fans would get off MA ‘s back though! If he decides to walk, not needing this unfair criticism, it will be the backest day for our club, since DD was forced out.

  1. Hi Ken
    Did I misread your sentiments about Xhaka in an earlier article or did I get the wrong end of the stick, as I thought he has repaid Arteta’s faith since being persuaded to stay?

    1. He was the first out of the team when Partey played his first full game with Elnenny. If both were available yesterday i doubt xhaka would have started. It bit like the Ozil situation, people saying Arteta must rate him but then he sees the lack of Conviction and outs him. Xhaka will only be in the team when injuries or suspension decides otherwise. If it were true, i would go if i were him, the prem is too fast and technical for xhaka.

      1. Not wrong Reggie
        But who played when Partey was injured ? I don’t think Xhaka is the best thing since sliced bread but he has at least earned his place through fighting through the abuse. He will end up as the second eleven as you say but is still committed and also has a resale value If he is surplus in the summer

        1. He is second 11 Sue P and you are right he has a sell on value, i would swap him with Eriksen tomorrow. I dont see it being true or happening though.

          1. Don’t know on that front Reggie
            We have a couple of newbies who haven’t set the world on fire.. yet. Willian for starters

  2. Mikel Artetta will soon lose the respect of the players, if he hasn’t so already. He is a coward, blaming the players for his tactical nieveity loss of direction and actually having the team playing worse than than they were under Emery.

    I think his train will reach it’s final stop at or around the Christmas period. The man is lost doesn’t know what he’s doing and throws his players under the bus to save his own skin

    The team is picked not by ability alone but by who are his or Edu’s personal favorites. That is a recipe for disaster

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