Arsenal man reveals former Gunner called him after he lost his place in the team

Bernd Leno says he has a good relationship with Arsenal legend Jens Lehmann, and his fellow German has called to check up on him recently.

He has lost his place in Arsenal’s first team to summer signing Aaron Ramsdale, so he is not in an ideal situation as a footballer now.

As the Englishman continues to shine, it seems the former Bayer Leverkusen goalie might ask to leave the club in the summer to save his career.

In a recent message in Arsenal’s programme notes, Leno touched on the importance of checking on people while discussing his relationship with Lehmann.

Leno recalled, as quoted by The Daily Mail: ‘I will never forget what I learned from Jens.

‘I am still in touch with him. In fact he called me the other day to ask if everything is OK.

‘It’s always great to speak with him because he has experienced so much in football and always has good advice.

‘It’s important to stay in touch with people because the football world is very small and the goalkeeping world is even smaller.’

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It is great that Lehmann has kept in touch with Leno because Arsenal’s second choice is going through a tough time as a footballer and needs support.

He is simply no longer good enough to be our first choice, but he can thrive at another club, maybe back in the Bundesliga.

Unless Ramsdale is unavoidably absent, Leno may have played his last Premier League game for the club.


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  1. Leno is still a top keeper and we will need him in our cup runs and in case Ramsdale is injured. If we make Europe next season I hope he stays.

  2. Westham draw at Burnley shows how all games are critical. The Westham game is huge and will shine a light on where we are at

  3. Leno shouldn’t leave..
    His presence will bring out more from Ramsdale, and I think they could both learn from one another

  4. From someone who as watched F1 for 30 Odd years and has been to countless weekends in 5 different country’s to watch it live ,your post wants to make me spew up
    In my throat ,how Pat let’s you continue to post when it’s obvious to any normal
    Person on here with an IQ of
    Less than 60 that your nothing more than a Troll is beyond me .
    Get back in your mums
    Basement and put the lotion in the basket …Weirdo.

  5. Even a 52 year old Jens Lehman would be more agile, mobile and vocal in the box than Leno.Good gesture by Jens, but Leno is good enough for a relegation team where picking the ball from the net is the easiest and busiest job to do. No wonder we won “Zero” trophies with him. For all the negetive flak Emi got on this site, he still is a Copa winner with his national team and an FA with us. Leno has won nothing unless the under 17 UEFA Championship is anything relevent today for a 29 year old GK. We need Onana or Johnson to be of some sort of competition to Ramsdale. Leno may be good competitions for Karl Heinz or Arthur Okonkwo.

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