Arsenal man takes a pop at Emery with Arteta praise

Dani Ceballos has hailed Mikel Arteta for reviving an “almost dead” Arsenal when he was made the club’s manager.

The Spanish midfielder was signed by Unai Emery for the Gunners last season, and he was part of the struggling Arsenal side under the former PSG boss.

When Arteta became the club’s manager around this time last year, Ceballos struggled to get into the team. He finally made his breakthrough and he was instrumental as the Gunners won the FA Cup.

He returned to the club on loan this season because of his fine form under Arteta towards the end of the last campaign.

He was speaking to Sun Sport recently, and he appeared to throw a dig at Emery when he said that Arsenal was “almost dead” before Arteta became their manager.

He praised the former midfielder for how he has transformed Arsenal in the short time that he has been the club’s manager.

“The team was almost dead – but after Arteta’s arrival we won the FA Cup and the Community Shield,” Ceballos told The Sun.

“It’s not even a year since he arrived and he has given a radical change to the club. He’s the soul of the club and he’s lucky that the players trust him 100 per cent.

“Arsenal need him, in part because he takes the initiative most of the time.”

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  1. He tend to be a boot licker. Just praising Arteta in order to squeeze him in the starting line-up. The team ended where Emery left it, in mid-table. I dont really see anything spectacular that Arteta has really accomplished

    1. Mediocrity filters through from Directors down to the playing field. Hiring an apprentice coach was the final nail.

  2. non sense, he gets to play more than our young talents, this is called ass kissing to play more games as Willian did 2 weeks ago. Arteta has a group of players he advantages as Luiz to get support in locker room. No assists, no goals, just running lall over our half, useless, hype as Luiz & Willian

  3. Emery did not ask for him but offered by Real and imposed to him as Luiz. He asked for Partey and Maguire or Koulibaly…

    Reality Emery is a good coach who won and finished 5th and in EL final with a team with a huge hole wothput a DM and reliable CB to pair!

    Losing Kos over Luiz made it worst not reinforcing team to reach targets we missed closely..

    To criticize Emery is showing how much lost or not football specialist, he took a smaller team who usually plays Europa and lands to CL fourth o’ce a while, Villareal.

    Strangely it is the great surprise in Liga, rated as exciting football and in 3 first positions since season started.

    Action speaks, BS talks…Ceballos is not wanted at Real…

    1. its true….

      Emery is a good manager, he was winning games early in the season and gained the praise of the media tooo

      however the player went through a bad patch and the club kept losing….fans and media pressure make things worst….

    2. I think Mogunna that by not finishing in the top 4 a few of our targets went to CL clubs and also Arsenal – now without CL revenue – could no longer afford them. Emery, unfortunately didn’t secure that CL spot to keep the big money rolling in

      I often think when reading your posts you have decided that Arteta will never be good enough, but opposite to you I will carry on supporting Arteta in rebuilding the team. If at some point in the future he can’t show enough progress with his aims then he will lose his job. I hope he gets at least as long as Emery to work through the pigs ear of a mess that was left for him to deal with. There has been much more wrong at Arsenal than just the playing side and the problems will take a while to work through

    3. Mogunna a question to you if I may! How many Arsenal manager have you been a fan uinder? I suspect jusy thelast few Wenger years u]onwards . Am I right! You are clearly young, so it cannot be before Wengers time!

      You need to remember that what AW achieved in his first decade is never likely to be equalled ever again. He inherited a far better squad from Bruce Rioch than MA inherited from both AW and UE, though I realise with some sadness that you simply can’t accept that fact. It colours your thinking and you need to think far deeper about the task MA inherited.

      AW inherited Bergkamp, Platt, Wright, Bould, Adams, Seaman,Dixon, Winterburn, Parlour and many other good players.

      MA inherited Mustafi, Xhaka, Bellerin, Sokratis and many other duds. No comparison at all! Unless you are being unfair or have a personal agenda against MA, as I suspect!

      As you have a far rosier conception of that huge task than more realistic fans , you are not seeing the true picture or the many problems he came into. Such a shame!

          1. HH, jon fox is totally correct in his assessment of the quality of the squads inherited, by Wenger and Emery/Arteta.

  4. What else can Dani do apart from talking as if he is a blogger. No accurate passes, no dribbles, no assist no goal. Whoever brought u back to arsenal is number one enemy of the club

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