Arsenal man tipped to eventually leave because of Champions League football

Noel Whelan insists it is only a matter of time before Bukayo Saka looks to leave Arsenal because of Champions League football.

The attacker is Arsenal’s main man now, and he is committed to helping the club return to the elite competition.

They haven’t made much progress in that regard after finishing the last campaign outside all the European places.

Mikel Arteta’s side has looked solid this season, but the competition for a Champions League place is fierce.

Because of that, they could still finish this season below the top four spots.

How long will it take them to become a UCL regular again? Former Leeds United man, Whelan believes it could play a role in keeping Saka at the Emirates.

He tells Football Insider: “If they don’t qualify for the Champions League leaving will cross Saka’s mind. Like Jack Grealish at Villa, you can only wait so long to play in those top competitions.”

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Saka has been linked with several top clubs around Europe and that shows that he is a quality player.

The attacker also shone at Euro 2020, a competition that had many people tuning in to watch.

However, the youngster’s mind is settled at the club for now. We should look for ways to help him achieve his goals at the Emirates.

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  1. Unless West Ham make a comeback their top4 chances are more uncertain. Spuds losing at home too.
    Fingers crossed Saka won’t be looking further afield than where he is right now
    Why would he? He plays for the greatest team, the world as ever seen….

        1. I find it odd that you would come on an Arsenal fan site to mock folks for being Arsenal fans

          Each to his or her own I suppose.

          1. IMWO, I find it odd that you would come on an Arsenal site and continually act like you’re some sort of moral compass by which we all should aspire to…be careful when you’re attempting to get down from your exceptionally high horse

            1. I knew exactly what you were doing SueP and had no intention of responding until FF chimed in, as it appeared as if he was unaware of your humorous objective

  2. Wouldn’t blame him, he deserves to be playing against the best.

    Add ESR, Martinelli, Saliba, Gabriel, Ramsdale and possibly Tierney to that list too.

    Fantastic weekend for Arsenal with competitor results, no excuses now.

  3. The way things are going, Harry Kane is more likely to leave Spurs for Champions League football than Bukayo. Why aren’t the media concentrating on that? It’s have a go at Arsenal and try and unttle the club month, and I am getting rather sick of it.

    Message to the press – lay off Saka – he’s going nowhere, except to the very top with the Gooners!!!

  4. Are we that desperate on JA we have to have the drivel from players like Whelan, Owen and other no arsenal related nobodies just to make an article?

    1. For once Reggie, I can easily agree 100% with your post. I have long been saying exactly the same and wondering how and why this site seems to revere non Arsenal related nobodies and what they think!

      Why are these nobodies thoughts any more important to those running JA than any single regular?
      I say they are nowhere near as important as all TRUE GOONERS. Glad we agree !

  5. It’s nothing but speculations from all kind of experts, even some with self made telepathic skills. From my point of view it’s creative story making or amazing clickbait skills.

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