Arsenal man to reject Italian club and wait for La Liga move

Hector Bellerin wants out of Arsenal before this transfer window closes after falling down the pecking order at the Emirates.

The Spaniard spent the last campaign on loan at Real Betis and he did well, which attracted the attention of some clubs.

He wants to return to the Seville side and Barcelona is also interested in a move for him.

One thing both clubs have in common is that they are struggling financially, at least on paper.

He has no preference among them, but their inability to make their move soon has opened the door for other clubs to look to add him to their squad.

Udinese has emerged as his latest suitor and they are keen to get the transfer sorted soon.

However, a report on Sport claims the full-back has zero interest in joining them.

Instead, he prefers to move to Spain and he will wait for either Barcelona or Betis to move for him.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Bellerin wants to move back to Spain, and that means we face the risk of not making any money from his departure.

Because his preferred suitors are struggling financially, we run a real chance of having to allow him to leave as a free agent one year before his deal expires.

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    1. @Goonster
      We’ve already made ourselves look like mugs on too many occasions. So, that’s what we’re seen as…Just sayin.

      1. You say just saying alot whilst never saying anything. Are you pointing to Mustafi or Sokratis or Ozil would you prefer any of those way over 30 year olds to still be here? Those are the players we released originally. Technically Auba too would you prefer Auba to Jesus? Auba wages would add up to Jesus transfer fee. Just saying.

        1. @Angus
          I, unlike you, need very few words to get my point across. You got it, that’s all that matters…IJS

  1. Somebody @ the club needs to
    explain to dear Hector that he’s
    going to be playing for a club
    .NOT named Bettis this season
    or be banished to the u23’s.
    I could give a flying you know
    what that he’s been a good
    servant to the club, an Arsenal
    ambassador off the pitch. AFC
    has paid him handsomely for
    his rather pedestrian career
    and under no circumstances
    should acquiesce to his
    romantic love affair with Bettis.

    Act like a big club Arsenal.

    1. Bellerin has a contract with AFC which he is honouring. He can not be forced to move when and where AFC want him to go. He is perfectly entitled to remain at AFC until his contract expires or a mutually agreed solution is reached. If AFC want to put him on the bench or play in the U23s it makes no difference as AFC would still have to pay his wages. Why would Bellerin buy out his contract with only one year left and is entirely up to him to do so or not. If this develops into another OZIL situation it will once again reflect badly on the club and is in no ones interest.

      1. Equally we can not be forced to allow him to leave free until his contract runs out. Unlike Ozil he retains sale value so he either gets sold or he stays and waits until next year. Contracted to London where he clearly would rather not be.

    2. You’re right the club he will play for won’t be called Bettis but Betis!!
      Some of you haven’t realised that Bellerin has the upper hand in those negotiations.if he refused to go anywhere not only would we lose him for nothing in the summer,but we will pay him just for training.

  2. Bellerin can buy out his contract or move to a club that will pay a fee. Arsenal need to stop canceling contracts, and players can buy out the remainder if they wish to leave.

    Bellerin and Betis can buy out his last year’s wages at least, but absolutely not cancel and leave for free.

    Why should Arsenal suffer so both Bellerin and Betis get what they want?
    Pay or stay, and play in cup games or U-23’s. He served the club and was paid millions for his service, Arsenal owe him nothing beyond the agreed contract.

    1. Do you realise than just in wages as 100k/week, Bellerin would cost 5.2M and is on more than 100K.also ,if he sees his contract out, he’ll get bonuses.Hector is only 26 years old so I don’t think he would mind another year in London knowing that in the summer he’ll get paid millions for signing on as a free looks like Hector will get his wish..whatever or wherever that is.

      1. What if Betis don’t wait and signs another player this season in same position.
        Not necessarily he will have openings with 2 mentioned clubs next year. He may get even better option than what he has presently or an unwanted outcome.

        Problem is players think only arsenal has something to loose and they don’t. We don’t even know what terms are being pushed by player’s side to terminate contract to get free of salary and possible bonus commitment.

        Players should know that not playing for team is a likely option they may have to end up with while they decide their future and force club into a decision.

        At some point Arsenal has to change their approach and players needs to be shown by example that clearance sale is over. It’s just 4-5 players that we have to worry now, not the entire squad.

  3. Plenty of clubs interested, no reason to terminate. Unless as other say Bellerin want to pay his own transfer fee not buy out his contract. If not we swallow the loss.

  4. questionable if this guy cares about football. Arsenal should 100% not let him go for free. Let him rot. Bellerin comes off as entitled.

  5. You understand the business side but also the human side. Bellerin was always destined to go back to Spain. We knew that back when he was dubbed a must have talent. At 26, and a possible last chance to make a World Cup… why would you want to stay behind ? I would want to go home , where I know my mind would be at its best and focus on regaining form.

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