If only Arsenal had a manager like Klopp…..

Arsenal have a ton to learn from missing out on Klopp.‏ by KM

Well it’s impossible to pass by what happened in the Europa League! Forget league titles, forget the table, go on to the point as to why you watch football? The passion, the desire, the atmosphere, the masses of people sharing the same idea as you do.

When was the last time you saw Arsenal make a such a comeback? Give the fans such an atmosphere? The 2-1 win against Barcelona was the last time I remember and that was something like 5 years ago.

On the other hand we have Arsene and I’ve said enough about him, but just look at the difference in the desire! Incredible, it really has hard not to pick up on the vibe. You could just smell in the air that Liverpool would score and win. And the inspiration Klopp gave at half time to come back against a strong side.

Is this Liverpool side better than Arsenal quality wise? Not in a million years, but as I said neither was Atletico against Barcelona, but they outdid them. This is something we’ll never have with Arsene. And it’s not about money or players or titles. It’s about being a strong character.

The only other person with the same desire I can possibly think of is Simeone. But we’ll hardly go for him. Arsene no longer has the magic. Was Klopp gonna chose Liverpool if we had an offer for him? We would’ve given him a better squad, stadium, city, money, everything he wanted. But we decided to stick with Arsene?

Make your own decisions, but don’t be like Arsene. Look around, see what other teams are doing in Europe with other managers. See the atmosphere and ask yourself when was the last time the Emirates was like that?

It’s a huge disappointment that we’re sticking with the past. I just hope that the fans at the Emirates would do something to change that. With Arsenal though, you can only hope…



  1. By your very own logic if Arsenal had a manager like Klopp we would be 8th in the league. But hey, don’t let your hate get in the way. Luckily enough you can vent it here. Be careful though, hate is not really healthy. Not sure how it is in Bulgaria but in other places is better to enjoy life. Like a lot better. And btw, Wenger still has one year contract. How will that change the situation?

    1. You are just been intentionally argumentative, Klopp inherited a squad that he had to work with, if the Wenger we have now fund himself in the same position that team will be looking at a relegation scrap, if you fail to recognise the impact the Klop appointment is having on Liverpoo l based purely on their league standing them I have to admit i have been giving you more credit sense wise than you deserve when you make comments.!

      1. Yeah but just heard you the other day how Wenger inherited his team from Graham. So which is it then?

    2. We need to finish beneath spuds, yes behind spuds for some fans to wake up, its getting late already. Wenger past it and its not coming back. Klopp was always my preferable choice but I like this simone too. Can you imagine wenger inviting the fans to raise their voices like simone do?? Change we need.

      1. Heard you the first time, no need to repeat yourself. But you are wrong. If we finish behind spuds but stil in UCL then no worries, our benefactor would be more than happy.

        1. Are you that benefactor Budd? You seem to care of his/her happiness more than the happiness of the majority, us the fans. We will be gutted to lose the title and even more when Spurs finish above us, but for you, you seem to crush every comment here just to remind us that the owners are to be made happy no matter what happens to us

          1. Nope, but Stan is. And guess what, he’s more than happy with absolutely ANY place in EPL as long as it brings UCL football to fatten the pockets. This guy doesn’t even know what proper football is, fans? What fans? Trophies? To do what with them? Look at them? The sooner you admit where the REAL problem is in the club the better our club will be. But hey, keep going against Wenger (I am not saying he’s not culpable, btw) you going exactly where it doesn’t even matter. Kroenke and Gazidis have the attention deflected from them to Wenger. Why? Because Arsenla identifies with Wenger. People know ONLY Wenger at Arsenal. Many never heard about Stan or Ivan. Many are stupid. Don’t be those people. I don’t care if Wenger stays or leaves but what pi$$e$ me off is to see him hammered for doing exactly what he is asked for.

            1. @Budd
              Respect Gooner. I admire your tenacity for attempting to engage the logically-challenged…

              1. Can’t wait for Wenger to leave. Seriously. There won’t be anyone to blame but then we will win UCL for sure. And EPL back to back. Just because Wenger will leave.

        2. I dont know why people down voted this… actually i do know why, logic is missed by the ignorant and we all know the ignorant flock together under KM.

          Some people can’t get it through their thick heads that the owner is the guy who makes the choices, he is happy with profit so fin behind the spuds doens’t matter to him like it matters to us Arsenal fans.

  2. What’s the story with Collymore absolutely ripping Arsenal to shreds. Couldn’t believe how passionate he got concerning our club and our supporters. Wouldn’t mind only didn’t he play for a bottling liverpool team who had nothing but one match against newc to brag about. Liverpool at that time didn’t have nearly the same amount of obstacles or difficulties throughout their years. I read from Bergkamp yesterday, I read from Keown. I read Vieira, Pires, Parlour and Ljungberg all over the last couple of weeks. Then I read Collymore, a player who done nothing telling everyone how worthless they are. Isn’t always the same, the ones with zero experience of being a winner somehow are the most outraged, me thinks there’s a link.

    1. Because Arsenal sells. That’s why. If you run a tabloid and want quick sales then you write about crime, sex and Arsenal in it and then you cash in. Guaranteed!

  3. Iv been complaining about our atmosphere for much of the season, plenty of people have. But whenever I said Arsenal would have won more trophies with the liverpool support behind them people like the author and others from the Wenger out lot would take that as personal insult.

    That Liverpool game against Dortmund had Arsenal written all over it, tora tora tora!!, but what about the defending. Klopp is similar to Wenger, guess people wanted a younger Wenger.

    1. Stockholm syndrome. Of course they will deny it, that’s why is a syndrome. Now, Simeone is different but he can’t win much with the current squad. This team is made for attack and very little defense.

        1. Ivan Gazidis, Silent Stans yes man.
          You asked who was responsible…

          We all would like a better CF, why did Gazidis go behind Wengers back and spend £16mil on Welbeck?
          When the transfer happened Wenger actually spoke out about it, he said it wouldn’t have happened if he stayed at home.

          When we bought Gab, Wenger had wanted a CB in the summer window that went by but we “missed our targets”…

          Who missed out on getting Wengers targets?

          We all know that Wenger doesn’t have final say on transfers, Welbz has shown that Gazidis will buy without Wengers permission to add to the team and we know that Gazidis will sell any player if he feels it is best for Silent Stan to do so, like Nasri was sold for Silent Stan after Wenger promised him he would stay.

          Wenger can not do transfers, he needs someone to do them for him and Dein was that man until he was forced out for profit…

          Seems to be a theme here doesn’t there? Things happen due to profit reasons rather than football.

  4. We need to finish beneath spuds, yes behind spuds for some fans to wake up, its getting late already. Wenger past it and its not coming back. Klopp was always my preferable choice but I like this simone too. Can you imagine wenger inviting the fans to raise their voices like simone do?? Change we need.

    1. Where Arsenal finish will not wave a magic wand and stop the stupid from thinking all would be fine if we just swap our manager without tackling the real issue.

      Real issue is that Silent Stan will not replace Wenger with Simone or Klopp or Pep… because he (Silent Stan) doesn’t care for championships.

      Sooner the fans wake up and realize this then we can all unite against the very top and work together for the benefit of our beloved club.

  5. You’ve got to admirer what Liverpool achieved yesterday, its why we love football, for such moments.

    As much as Kloop is a genius, I don’t think he would have achieved what he did yesterday if he had our current squad. Most of our players have no fight in them and the desire to win or perform for the coach or the badge is less. You could tell that Lpool players were playing for their coach and the club, they left everything on the pitch despite being 1 to 1 inferior to BVB.

    We need that sought of Manager, Wenger is good at attracting players and nurturing young talent, but motivating them and keeping them hungry is one thing he lacks most. Cant blame the man too much, he seems like a shy character and that’s reflected on his team. The warriors he, Dein and Pat built in TH14, Viera, Dennis, Lauren, Gilberto, etc are no more and that clears shows.

    The new era of successful football managers are hungry, more aggressive, passionate and want to make a name, mangers like Pep, Kloop, Conte, Simeone, Enrique and dare I say it Mou builds squads that ensure the player bleeds for him and can go all out to win whether the players like it or not. That’s the kind of Manager we need in order to go forward. Question is who and more importantly WHEN???

    1. “The warriors he, Dein and Pat built in TH14, Viera, Dennis, Lauren, Gilberto, etc are no more and that clears shows.”

      they are no more and it isn’t Wengers fault, you named the missing man but failed to list the knock on results.

      We lost Dein.
      Wenger lost a share holder who would support him in getting players that was good enough, the squad that Dein and Wenger built was due to the support Wenger had from Dein, the share holder.

      Without that backing Wenger was ending up with bargin basement versions of the types of players we used to get, no more Dein, no more share holder backing and guess what… The team gets more and more players that are just not good enough but Wenger has to make do.

      Wenger could speak out and complain like a little child but he is a gentleman and he doesn’t expose Arsenals issues in public, good or bad… it is what Wenger is like.

      That is the biggest issue.

  6. “If only Arsenal had a manager Like kLopp”

    Over the years, we’ve had to Live with so many conditional cLauses

    Like “IF”


  7. The funny thing is, klopp doesn’t spend millions to make a good team,just like Leicester this season…
    In that regard,he would have been very good for our model..
    I understand the article well, now,it is no longer about the money or the quality of your players, but the hunger and commitment plus the belief of your players which in all honesty we don’t have with Wenger and Arsenal..
    Apart from lack of pressure from the board,Wenger himself now lacks the drive and passion,maybe its due to age or arrogance I don’t know…
    God help the fans….

  8. Id like us to just about throw all of our kitty into signing Aubemeyang. 70m would do it, whats the point on throwing half that on a player which might not enhance our odds all too much. We need a CB but if we had to use all of the kitty well then do it for one of the games most lethal players. Then if we have to we can get by till january before targeting a CB, or else sell some players to get the money in for our CB. Would love to see this been done, I think it’s the way David Dein would have tackled it.

  9. Excluding the blind delusional AKB’s the sad truth for real gooners is that wenger will never leave and kroenke will never sack him. We are still filling the stadium and buying tons of merchandise so we can complain all we want on the forums but it is doing nothing to effect the yanks pocket so he doesnt give a $###.

    1. Wenger will leave when his contact runs out. The board will never sack Wenger because of his achievements for the club. It’s like Sir Alex Ferguson being sacked by Man U. Say what you want but not many managers could have done what he did for us when we had it rough. Wenger should have left after winning the FA cup back back last year but he really thought he could take the EPL this year, we all did. I don’t know about you all but i want to see leave retire on a high and he has one more year to do so..

      1. He had his contract ending and he added 3 more years, how do you know that he won’t extend 3 more years again? he gets paid large amount of money, I think that’s what keeping him, not the desire to win titles, so as long as the salary is there whether he wins titles or not, he is free to add more years with no pressure of success

  10. Liverpool’s qualification for the semi-final of EL shows what a manager can do. That will never happen under Wenger. This is nonsense. After the first leg, Liverpool needed a 0-0 draw at home to proceed. Within 12 minutes they were 2-0 down. Where was Klopp? Is he not responsible for team tactics? Only a week ago Arsenal lost a 2-0 lead to draw 3-3 against West Ham. We never heard about the Bilic effect. All we heard was how rubbish the Arsenal team is. Why are you not saying the same about Dortmund considering how soft the goals they conceded were. This comeback would not have happened under Wenger. Really? Arsenal came back from a goal down to win its two matches against Leicester this season. Arsenal traveled to Olympiacos in December 2015, with one leg out of the champions league, but returned in the round of 16 draw after a convincing 3-0 win. Arsenal came back from 2-1 down against Tottenham to draw 2-2 with a man down. These results are for this season only. In 2011/2012 Arsenal came from 2-0 down to win 5-2 against Tottenham. In the same season the team twice came back to win 5-3 against Chelsea. There are so many games where Arsenal fought to get unlikely results under Wenger.

    By the way where was Klopp when Liverpool threw away a 2-0 lead against Southampton to lose the game 3-2?

  11. Sorry but we are just too classy club to have jumping jack like Klopp as our manager. Its not even correct etiquette to make too much noise in the stadium like those northerners in case it ruins the enjoyment of fellow fans in the stadium and ones watching on TV. The fans must remember at Arsenal its about taking part and not winning that matters.

  12. Much as criticism is thrown at Wenger I feel it’s time our fans also came under scrutiny. Arsenal fans are perhaps to urbane to motivate our team. Fans are referred to as the twelth man simply because of the psychological impact they have on the team. Can anyone tell me how many times Liverpool fans boo their own team? They always stick with their team no matter what. This strong support propels the players forward even when the opponent is stronger. In the case of Arsenal it is a triplet of problems: a manager with little motivational skills, players will little will power and fans with little energy to cheer their team! All these three ingredients put our team at a psychological disadvantage against motivated teams. Rather strangely our fans try to cheer only when the team is on top! Much as this is good it should apply more when the team is down so as to lift it. Cheering a winning team is like preaching to the converted. It may keep the convert from temptation but it will not bring more converts. Let all our segments, namely the Board, manager, players and fans play their respective roles appropriately and the team will deliver. Fortunately, other than for delusional commentators, the issue of money and buying more and more players is being critically examined. people have now realised what is at the core of success: motivation. Look at Mourinho. Much as he used money he also added his own version of psychological games. Alex Ferguson used ruthless management and zero tolerance for non-performers. Wenger’s kid gloves approach is one of the factors that have greatly cost Arsenal titles. Let us reexamine ourselves next season and come back with the determination to succeed. There should be a real purge of the substandard players and zero tolerance for laxity. Any player who is incapable of performing should be put where he rightly deserve, the bench.

  13. Klopp is just `nuts` enough to weld players and supporters together and win. Liverpool is the perfect place for him, all the Scousers are nuts. They (the Kop) are either with you or against you and if they`re with you you can`t lose. Arsenal is too sophisticated for him. PITY!

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