Arsenal manager names surprise candidate as future manager

Arsene Wenger has named Jack Wilshere as a likely future Arsenal manager, and claimed he will spend his life within football.

The England international has joined Bournemouth for the season in hope of getting his career back on track, having suffered with a number of injury setbacks in previous years.

Jack has been the subject of much speculation due to the move, with many believing this is a sign his Arsenal career is over, but manager Arsene Wenger disagrees.

The Frenchman even claims that Wilshere will not only return to the club to play, but he will take over the captain’s armband, and even fill in his role as manager in the coming years.

When asked if Jack would captain the side, he responded: “Yes,” before he added: “Certainly, one day, he will be in my seat. He has a real football brain and understands football. It’s in his genes.”

Wenger was asked to clarify his comment about Wilshere sitting in the Arsenal manager’s seat. “I see him in the future at this club, of course,” he replied. “He will spend his life in football, he is a football man. He has an eye on everybody – it’s in him. You have that or you haven’t got it, but he is a real football man.”

Many Gunners were unhappy with the departure of Wilshere this summer, but will now be able to get over that with the excitement that he is still a big part of Wenger’s plans, whether it be on the pitch or not.

I would not have personally thought about the midfielder as a manager, especially given his unprofessional antics off of the pitch, but there is still much time to mature before that time will come.

The 24 year-old is set for his debut today with the Cherries against West Brom, and it will be good to see him getting some much needed first-team action, and we will of course be monitoring his fitness as the season goes on.

Will the loan move help Jack to find some peace with his injuries? Can you see Jack as a future manager?

Pat J

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  1. Jack wilshire is the only English player since gazza that excites m because they look anything but English the way they play the game..
    I also believe he have what it takes to be a top class manager as well. The build-up that lead to that goal he scored against Norwich few years ago couldn’t be pulled off by ramsey because he doesn’t possess the football iq to do so.

  2. Twig says:

    Well Wenger works with him daily. So there’s obviously something he sees. Should Wilshire quit football, and begin to earn his coaching badges? I don’t know.

    1. Admin says:

      Maybe Wenger doesn’t really expect Jack to stay fit for long and is just giving him options?
      Perhaps Jack should go for a physio’s job as he must be an expert by now….

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I’m glad that there’s an article about this now. lol ?
    And like I said 12 hours ago!… Wtf is wenger smoking? ?
    Jack wouldn’t even make the floor managers position at McDonald’s, let alone becoming the future Arsenal manager! ? For starters, Jack’s social skills are non-existent and you would need to borrow the Hubble telescope to spot his IQ.?
    Wenger also claimed that Jack is a World class player, Yeah Right! Of course he is and it is perfectly normal to send World class player’s out on loan to get game time at the likes of Bournemouth. ?
    The storm around Wenger and Arsenal fc have cleared for now, since Fan’s are now happy with his transfer business and of course I am at ease too ? and i can’t wait to see Perez ripping our opponents apart, but why does Wenger find the need to chat ? 24/7 … Surely this town ain’t bigger enough for the both of us? ??

  4. Peter12 says:

    Do I see Jack as Arsenal manager/coach sometime? Unlikely I would say, but hey who knows. I think Wenger is just creating a diversion and trying to placate the fans – he (Wilshere) is our best loved player, we all wish him well and hope he will discover his promised potential, but ‘having an excellent football brain’? Hold on a minute!

    I do believe that anybody can become the manager of a club in EPL. You may think this is an ignorant statement to make but look around: you see people who have been below average players who have become the managers of top, top EPL teams. Take for example Mourinho, Wenger, Klopp, Howe etc, etc. In fact hardly any (may be only two in EPL) who will ever be remembered for their footballing talents. They need to be streetwise and pushy to force themselves into the circuit and get noticed. Hey presto, they can’t loose. They don’t need footballing brains (whatever that means). It is a win-win situation. The latest example is Roberto Martinez: he was handsomely rewarded when he was successful at Wigan, then at Everton. But when the results didn’t go his way and he was recently sacked he received £10m golden goodbye from Everton. Let me repeat, £10m! Within weeks he became the manager of Belgian national team (one of the most talented collection of footballers in Europe). I must say that Martinez indeed has exceptional footballing brain. But his financial rewards rested not on footballing knowledge but on how well the results went. Contradictorily, managers make more money usually when they are UNsuccessful (rewards of getting sacked) than when they are being successful. Returning to the subject of Wilshere, will there be a happy ending? As a player I certainly hope so. As a manager? Nothing would surprise me, but he will certainly make plenty of money having made such a household name for himself. But no you don’t need a footballing brain. You don’t even need to have been a memorable player, Mr Wenger, do you?

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