Arsenal man’s betting investigation could link him to Albania criminal gang

The investigation into Granit Xhaka’s controversial yellow card against Leeds United in December could link him to a criminal gang in Albania.

The Swiss midfielder was booked late in the game for time wasting and authorities had to investigate the booking because there was a suspicious amount of bets placed on it happening.

A report on The Daily Mail claims the investigators are now investigating a possible criminal conspiracy.

It claims Alban Jusufi, a Swedish-Albanian striker given a five-year ban for match-fixing by the Swedish courts in 2017, also placed a huge amount of bets on the midfielder getting booked in the game.

The report also claims huge sums were placed on the outcome in the cryptocurrency markets in Albania, and authorities may have found evidence to link him to a crime syndicate.

Just Arsenal Opinion

This investigation is getting too deep and it might dig up a part of Xhaka’s life that the midfielder doesn’t want to be in the open.

We need him to stay focused for this new season and this investigation could prove to be a distraction.

However, he is an experienced player and should do his job well when he is picked to play.

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  1. It may dig up a part of his life that *he* doesn’t want to be in the open, but if it turns out that all these cards were for this kind of reason, then all Arsenal supporters should certainly want it out in the open.

    This would be just about the worst reason for Arsenal to have been playing with 10 men so often.

    The very existence of betting on this kind of thing leaves a sour taste as well.

    1. Couldn’t agree more but we need to wait to see if he is implicated because initially he wasn’t.

        1. Innocent until proven guilty. If I was a betting man, I do bet that Xhaka to be carded every game due to the way he plays. And for the alleged Partey case, the allegation for June 2021 has been dropped remaining the allegations for April 2021 and June 2022. His bail has also been extended from August to October. Let’s see how each case develops.

          1. Crazygoner, im afraid people are not innocent until proven guilty. It is often said but times and peoples thoughts have also. Im afraid mud sticks until you wash it off.

  2. I could name a few players I can bet on to get a yellow card in a competitive game like premier league games or any other division so I must be running a crime syndicate..

  3. Crazygoner, im afraid people are not innocent until proven guilty. It is often said but times and peoples thoughts have also. Im afraid mud sticks until you wash it off.

    1. Surely you meant to say “not innocent until proven NOT guilty”!

      What you HAVE written makes no grammatical sense at all!

      1. I wouldn’t normally reply to you but the accusation is wrong. In legal terms the presumption of being innocent until proven guilty, is a legal term, i thought you would have known that!!!!!!!
        Get your facts right.

  4. This needs to be sorted as soon as poss. It’s not good for Arsenal nor the player. If he is found to be a part of this he needs jailing and never to play football again. If he hasn’t then just let him get on with his life. I for one think it well dodgy but that’s just my opinion

  5. I have always suspected players like Aubameyang, Mustafi and Chaka for working with a betting syndicate. It doesn’t make sense the way Chaka commits fouls for red cards in matches where the stakes are very high. Auba will miss a tap in and turn around and be amazing for Barcelona in a matter of weeks after changing team. Some of these players were working for betting syndicates and its very good these issues are coming up.

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