Arsenal man’s World Cup call-up causes disagreement in his native country

Gabriel Martinelli was a surprise inclusion in the Brazil squad for Qatar 2022 World Cup and it is causing some problems back in his country.

The attacker has grown from a little-known player in the lower divisions of Brazilian football to become one of the key men for Arsenal.

As they sit atop the EPL table, his performance is one of the reasons they are considered serious title challengers now.

The attacker will hope to play a part in the competition, which kicks off in a matter of weeks.

However, back home some fans and pundits do not believe he should have been taken ahead of other attackers.

“This is a shame, a joke! I feel ashamed! Not because of Dani Alves’ story. What is Martinelli’s story? 33 career goals. This is a shame, a lack of respect for football. It shows how dirty football is, it’s dishonourable. It’s happened to me and you (Velloso) because we didn’t go to the World Cup because we didn’t play in Rio de Janeiro,” said a local journalist named Neto via ESPN Brasil.

“Doing this with football shows that you don’t deserve the position you are in. Calling up Martinelli and not calling up Gabigol is heresy, a lack of respect.”

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The Brazilian national team managers know every player in their pool and what role they could play in the team.

If they find Martinelli better-suited for a role in it, that decision should be respected.

The Arsenal man now has to perform during the competition to justify his inclusion in the squad.

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  1. I don’t blame them, they are spoiled with avalanche of talents to choose from, no wonder they are crying like spoilt kids

  2. So according to that journalist Brasil should call upon Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario, Pele etc etc who have much more career goal. Seems like headless chicken.

  3. Fails to take into account the level of competition they will face in the World Cup. Martinelli has faced teams this year from the best league in the world, the PL with some of the very same players that will also play in the world cup.

    Compare that to a minor tier Brazilian league, where the goal scorer isn’t playing against the level of competition others chosen ahead of him are.

    I can understand cheering the home team, but the pundit’s comments are detached from reality.

  4. The cry baby of a pundit doesn’t know we arsenal fans were angry that Martinelli will be going to the scorching desert that is Qatar.
    By the way who the hell is gabigol?
    Never heard of him, Reminds me of one Brazilian player that played so well in the 2002 world cup that Alex Ferguson decided to purchase him, He turned out to be a flop for ManUtd.

  5. IMO he’s our best player along with Saliba and the best Brazilian plying his trade in the PL ,which is regarded as the best in world football ,so I’m not sure why pundits disagree with his call up ,he probably won’t play much anyway knowing the Brazilian coach .
    But his confidence will be at an all time high knowing he’s earned the call up and he belongs among the best they have.

  6. The pundits dosen’t really understand what is at play here, it’s not that Brazilian on a whole is unimpressed by his selection.

    Its Tite connection or armchair managers from the old guard that would rather see a more accomplished player or a player that knows this will be their last chance.
    It’s as simple as that.

    More pragmatic coaches like Veiga and Ferreira would leave half that entire present squad at home and fill the team with youth

  7. I can’t wait for us to start playing in champion league. Many of our players are still underrated because they are not playing there. I hope they realise this and continue to work harder.

  8. this journalist is a sucker who talks a lot of crap. Gabigol is a failure that only works in Brazil because Flamengo’s squad is incredibly above standard. German cano do Fluminense would score twice as many goals with the creators that Gabigol has in his favor, and for half his salary.

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