Arsenal may ALREADY have made £16m DM transfer bid

There have already been some Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that Arsene Wenger was ready to make an offer for the Sporting Lisbon and Portugal star William Carvalho, but today the Metro is reporting that is a different central midfielder, Ilkay Gundogan, that is top of the Gunners’ transfer wish list.

In fact, the report claims that Arsenal may have already made an offer to the Bundesliga club for their German international midfielder, of around £16 million. We have heard plenty from the German media about the Gundogan situation and about how Dortmund have apparently given the 24-year old an ultimatum and a final offer to sign a contract extension.

The report goes on to suggest that the ultimatum has not been met, as it claims that the German club are seriously considering taking our offer and there are due to be talks between them and Arsenal over the next few days. If this is true, then the rumours about young Carvalho from Sporting must be wide of the mark, because no matter how much Arsenal and Wenger may have changed in recent transfer windows, they have not changed that much.

It could spell the end of our chase for Morgan Schneiderlin as well and I have to say that I think we will have missed out on a great player if so. But I certainly won’t be complaining if Gundogan becomes a Gunner this month. How about you guys?

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  1. How long does Wenger take to decide which player he wants to sign?Looks to me like another typical Arsene transfer window, probably we will only sign one player on deadline day,17 yr old Bielik,and the excuse will be the usual.. “We tried to sign bla bla bla but their club refused to sell” OR “we couldn’t find anyone better than what we have here” OR “There wasn’t much activity,look at the other top clubs, none have done significant business ”

    #WENGER OUT!!!!

    1. why all theses thumps down? the truth might hurt sometimes … 17 yr old Bielik is not counted for me … it is reserved team/academy signing

      1. No surprise, typical amateur arsenal fans, getting their hopes up thinking wenger will finally spend some money, only to realise once the transfer window shuts that we were never in for anyone, just rumours created by the wenger team to keep fans’ emotions in check and prevent unrest.When will people learn,Fool me once, you are the fool,fool me twice and am the fool

        1. yeah, mate. typical bloody wenger lovers who think that wenger would sign top players like alexis sanches and mesut ozil is two subsequent summer windows. oh, but wait, those were panic buys. so of course, you must be right that wenger and the club are without aspiration and are completely clueless. now i get it. can’t believe it took me so long.

          1. ozil was a panic buy after the opening day defeat to aston villa, credit to wenger for signing sanchez..But what’s the point of getting a good goal scorer if you’re gonna leave your defence short and exposed?? he scores,they concede,he scores again,they concede,why not complete the entire puzzle once and for all??? it won’t kill anyone

              1. rools I can assure you that if we had beaten villa on that day,mesut ozil wouldn’t be an Arsenal player.Same case with Mertesacker, arteta and santos,they were only signed as a result of the 8-2 loss to utd

                1. well, i’m glad you’re not in charge. how about you bet me all you’ve got that we would not have signed ozil had we beaten villa that day. and i’ll add that the villa loss was circumspect, in other words, the 3-1 loss looked far worse on paper than how the game played itself out. i was disappointed in the loss, but i knew very well that they got lucky. and sure enough, we didn’t lose at home for the rest of the season. your view of that transfer is extremely warped, to put it mildly. as mentioned above, a player of his caliber and for $42M doesn’t go anywhere on the basis of a “panic” buy.

        2. Yes, like the fans are amateurs or seasoned. I suppose you are seasoned Arsenal fan and the rest of us amateurs. You’re kind of a god. Can we touch you? To see if supporters like you do really exist? The core!

    2. Or somehow we beat City and he comes out and says ” See, i told you guys that we are good enough and that buying solves nothing. They have bought many players but in the end they still managed to lose.” Checkmate bi%tches

      1. LOL! @KS. But if we get both Sneidilin and Gundogan and no CB comes in, eh… I won’t complain. Things is I don’t see Flamini or Arteta or both playing for us next season.

    3. Oh yes, because it’s as simple as just walking into the supermarket and buying whatever groceries you need right off the shelf.

      If there is no buyout clause, the club does not have to sell. It doesn’t matter how much we offer, or how badly the player wants the transfer. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO SELL. Add to that the fact that Dortmund are looking at relegation, and it makes matters worse. If I were in Dortmunds shoes, I wouldn’t sell him either. He’s contracted for another 18 months. It’s not like he’s leaving on a free in the summer. If they sell him now, they have an even greater risk of relegation, which will cost MUCH more than the transfer fee gained from his sale.

      What reason do Dortmund have to sell him? What reason is there for Southampton to sell us Schneiderlin or Wanyama, or Celtic to sell us Van Djik? None of them have buyout clauses, and none of them are in the final year of their contract. The club is under no pressure to sell, we are under pressure to buy. If we do not meet their asking price, which is generally VERY inflated during the January window, then they aren’t going to sell. It’s as simple as that.

      1. Seetsuma amd this rule only applies to Arsenal??? coz it seems other clubs simply bid reasonable money and get the player

        1. you call the bids out there reasonable? seriously? or maybe we can agree that they’ve become the new inflated market standard. in any event, why don’t we break down the sales of players that were made for “reasonable” bids and see what position those players were in with those clubs, i.e., how long was left on their contract? were they playing much? was the club in relegation mode? and, how much did the player go for? and while we’re at it, why don’t we look at players for the cdm and cb positions, so that we can have a relevant discussion based on our current needs? and, of course, we have to keep the conversation to january transfers of those players for “reasonable” prices? lastly, do you really think we’re not trying? in all honesty. frustrating as it may be.

          1. mike,let’s be honest we have also sold players for unreasonable
            prices,adebayor,toure,vermaelen….so why is it that when it comes
            to signing players we have to penny pinch?we got £15m for
            TV5,why are we looking for less than £5m defenders when we
            could easily get a quality defender with the £15m??and yes we are
            not trying hard enough,considering the rough time we had during
            the first half of the season due to injuries and a shortage of
            defenders, wenger should have already identified a defender
            earlier an signed him by now.Just what exactly are we waiting
            for???another injury to koscielny?????

            1. to find the right fit, mate. we’re waiting to find the right player. not slap it together any old how and hope that it’ll work. and there’s no proof that we’re only looking to spend 5M on a defender. in fact, i’d point at the 16M we spent on an untested chambers to counter that contention.

      2. What reason do Dortmund have to sell? His value will only plummet as he enters his final year of contract, and he’s not a key figure of their team this year since his return from injury. So in fact all signs point to a sensible sale that benefits all parties.

        What reason do Celtic have? Money. Plain and simple a 10mil player to them is gold dust, and if 10mil was offered any club would get Van Dijk. 10mil is hardly “VERY inflated”.

        You can capitalize “THEY DO NOT HAVE TO SELL”, but fact is clubs aren’t stupid or reckless. Players for the most part control their fate and clubs go along with the most acceptable terms they can muster (unless they’re a financial powerhouse). So if a club like Arsenal wants a player at a club with lesser financial capabilities, then Arsenal could get the player. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. We just rarely see it that way from our perspective because we are reaching for Bayern level success on an Everton budget as I’ll highlight below:

        NET spend in the last 7 years:

        Real Madrid – 328m
        Barca – 274m
        Bayern – 162m

        Manchester City – 536m
        Chelsea – 292m
        Manchester United – 267
        Liverpool – 174m
        ARSENAL – 79m

        So talk about inflated prices all you like, but I for one think it’s about time we pay a little above market value, if needs be, to secure the players we absolutely want. There’s being sensible with your money and there’s being cheap. We are most definitely the latter, which is ridiculous when you think of the 5 ‘big teams’ in England we’ve spent the least in the last 7 years but we’re the 2nd biggest earner behind United.

  2. When healthy, Gundogan is a world class midfielder. He and Lewandowski dominated Real Madrid in the Champions league Semifinal @ home a few years back. With that said, he appears to be more of a diminutive, deep lying playmaker like Cesc as opposed to the physical, tough tackling, ballhawk we desperately need.

    Again just my 2 Cents

  3. our defensive frailties didn’t start Jan 1st . why the hell cant we earmark players to go after as soon as its possible? why does it look like we have to wait last minute to scramble around like headless chickens or dogs getting scraps .

    Thursday is half the window gone and only rumors….

      1. you call it cheap. the business man who wants to keep the business going calls it shrewd. that applies to all pro sports now, btw. they’re businesses.

      1. How long has Gundogan been out injured?
        If Wenger buys him and he is injured is out for 3 months, you will all scream “Wenger out”

        What do you want?

    1. 1) Schneiderlin(EPL exp and natural position as DM)
      2) Sissoko(EPL exp but different position and not out right DM)
      3) Carvalho(physical strength and natural position as DM)
      4) Gundogan(not out right DM)
      5) Bielik(too young)

    2. In terms of what we need as DM:

      Carvalho is the profile we need at DM IMO. Schneiderlin is too similar to a Rambo although far better than a deeplying playmaker such as Arteta in the role. Then Sissoko has the physical profile we lack. Gundogan has great ability but I think he’s least necessary now, albeit a perfect long term replacement for Arteta. Bielik is just a prospect, I wouldn’t put any weight behind him yet.

      Not so much a best to worst, more a best to least suited to our current needs. Talent alone I think Gundogan is top of the lot.

    1. William Carvalho
      Personal information
      Full name William Silva de Carvalho
      Date of birth 7 April 1992 (age 22)
      Place of birth Luanda, Angola
      Height 1.87 m (6 ft 1 1⁄2 in)
      Playing position Defensive midfielder

      He is a DM.

  4. If Pogba goes to Chelsea or and Shneiderlain ends up at Man.u Wenger must be sacked.Sacked for being inefficient,inept and completely Fginkcu useless. I

      1. It’s because we have to counter the imbecilic, irrational, child-like rantings of serial moaners like you. I bet last year you would have been frothing for Rodgers or Klopp until the arse fell out of their campaigns.

    1. Is Juve selling Pogba? Juve Prez said Pogba is NOT available to anyone.
      Does Southhampton have any intention of selling Schneiderlin until summer? Why would they? To lose that potential 4th spot? Why?
      If you ran Southhampton would you sell?

      Suppose Pogba wants to go to City he may like City? City can offer him 100K more per week.

      Why are you so frothy about rumours?

  5. Wage bills for this season:
    Manchester United: £214.8m
    Manchester City: £205m
    Chelsea: £190.5m
    Arsenal: £166.7m
    Southampton: £47.1m

    1. Very good value for money at Southampton then! Not so much with AFC at present..

      Yes, I know, all things said..Man Utds doesn’t look like a particularly good return either. But I’m focusing on AFC.

  6. It’s the 13th and not a sign of any1 coming to this great club. He knows we are in need bad but still he can’t buy a player. He has the money to get 2 world class DM and. World class CD but still he won’t buy. And on here all the time ppl are saying for AW to go but truth is he will go up stairs and pull the strings from there

  7. It has been a whole decade since Patrick Vieira left,and Wenger is yet to decide which defensive midfielder to sign as a replacement. 10 years and he is yet to make up his mind.We are linked with players untill they grow old and grey.I believe we will be linked with the likes of carvalho and schneiderlin untill they retire from football. Wenger just can’t make up his mind

    1. clearly that’s it. well done. spot on. wenger doesn’t know talent when he see’s it. sod sanchez, who is horrendous. you make these outlandish statements and expect ppl to give your opinion credibility. get with it. that’s not how it works.

      1. dude clearly you lack understanding. Is sanchez supposed to play CF,DMF and CB??Good we signed sanchez and ozil,top top players, then why are we still fighting for 4th place?We were finishing 4th or 3rd b4 they came,now they are here and we are still fighting for 4th,WHY??because wenger ignores the positions that we really need reinforcements every transfer window, hence it is like taking one step forward and two steps backwards. That is my point,you get it??????You cannot always sign attacking players and ignore the defence and expect to challenge seriously for the title.Stop declaring your ignorance dude,read and understand before you make silly comments

        1. you’re comments aren’t sufficiently specific and are open to my type of attack. you said wenger takes 10 years to sign players. but that’s not a true statement. i’m keeping you honest with your own words. we get linked with players in the press who are looking to get clicks and generate revenue from their stories. but wenger never buys those players who are repeatedly reported on bc he was never interested in them. he doesn’t wait until they’re old and grey and then bids on them. does he? (to further my point, when i read about ceo’s and leaders of big organizations and their take on the media, they reveal that they don’t believe the news portrays the full truth of a situation. that’s how that is oftentimes.)

          look, we agree that we’re undermanned in defense. i don’t think that the leadership thought as much after coming off one of the strongest defensive campaigns arsenal has had in years, and having our goalie win the golden glove. that bode well for arsenal. tv5 was gone, as was sagna. but really, prior to this season starting, my biggest gripe was that we couldn’t nail down a solid cdm. now, after the injuries have hit, i’m also in agreement that we need a back up cb with the potential to replace per. will it happen this winter or in the summer is all i’m wondering.

          and there you have it. my ignorance on full display.

  8. Real Madrid, Barcelona in Spain
    Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga
    Chelsea City Utd in England
    Juve in Italy. These teams dominate their
    leagues, everyone else is 2nd 3rd 4th tier.
    Arsenal is second tier EPL and is not willing
    and or able to do what it takes to bridge the gap.
    Chelsea has 20 top class players. Arsenal has
    3 top class players and a host of 2nd and 3rd
    tier players many of whom are undrperforming
    and/or injury prone. Arsenal is the Valencia the
    Shalke the Fiorentina
    of the EPL.
    One quality defender is not
    going to make much difference and with our luck
    he will get injured in the first month.

  9. When coquelin or flamini start dey are expected to only defend, nd not contribute towards d attack, thus it puts more attacking burden on d team mates. So to get someone like gundogun will surely b a good signing, someone who will both defend and attack. Gundogun along wid ramsey can form a formidable partnership. One of dem can always drop back to help out defence. Its not necesesasry for to stay back permanently.

    1. Depends who you play. If we meet Real Madrid in the Champions League final (coughs, and begins laughing) then it may be very prudent to have a actual DM in the squad who can sweep/protect in front of the back four against the likes of Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema etc etc).

      Otherwise two similar Rambo type players left to themselves to manage when to stick and when to burst forward could leave openings for the opposition.

      1. So what u r basically saying is dat we need one man from midfield to always protect d back 4 , rite? So den it shudnt bother anyone whether its ramsey protecting d defence or if its gundogun. To play an out nd out defensive midfielder cuts short d attacking strength of d team. D players in d middle of d pitch need to hav d understanding dat when one goes up , one stays down. Simple

        1. No not always but that is his MAIN role to protect/cover the back 4 and to stifle opposition attacks , win the ball and distribute.

          Ramsey is B2B so it’s not his role..

  10. I’d be so happy if we got Gundogan, he’s fantastic and would be the perfect fit for Arsenal. Like Arteta, except he’s better in every way.. (Sorry Mikel!)

  11. Why did it had to come to spending a fortune for Wanyama or Sissoko, when 2 year ago at most they have cost their teams not more then 10m.

    You need to be more of a fox, Wenger, and not a sleeping dog who knows only old tricks.

    1. i will say i was disappointed that we let wanyama go to southampton a couple summers ago. that was not shrewd. but i don’t know why the ultimate decision not to take him was made. that’s the $billion question.

  12. Give Le Coq more games and am very certain that everybody gonna change mind coz I see Scheneiderlin in Le coq as far as interception,position discipline are of great I could buy the idea of signing Gundogan as if well settled he is a a pair of experienced Le coq and Gundogan will be formidable trust me.

  13. Debuchy set to be out for Longer than 3months (6months tops) ….. I’m i the only one who thinks CB and DM are nolonger the only thing we need now…… The RB slot just got scanty (oh! Poor bellerin )….. Or is wenger thinking chambers? (wait till he’s skinned by speedsters)

    1. I guess we can assume there is no provision to bring back Jenkinson? That would be the ideal replacement. If not, I hope Bellerin gets a good run as certainly not convinced that Chambers is a RB.

  14. mike,let’s be honest we have also sold players for unreasonable prices,adebayor,toure,vermaelen….so why is it that when it comes to signing players we have to penny pinch?we got £15m for TV5,why are we looking for less than £5m defenders when we could easily get a quality defender with the £15m??and yes we are not trying hard enough,considering the rough time we had during the first half of the season due to injuries and a shortage of defenders, wenger should have already identified a defender earlier an signed him by now.Just what exactly are we waiting for???another injury to koscielny??

  15. Wenger will only make 1 signing in January and it will be a 17 year old kid Krystian Bielik for 2.5m. Not much to the present squad so is this just an investment for further dividends for the board. WENGER OUT.

  16. Arsenal “MAY” have signed a player. And I “MAY” have succeeded in my attempt to fly to the moon. This means NOTHING.

  17. Having read ALL the comments and arguments here, in my mind DANDYGUNNER has is right the 17 year old polish kid is the ONLY one that we are hearing any concrete information about and even that’s not definite he’s the one that everyone has rated at the bottom of their list.
    Its also clear that many are supportive of the “Business” approach that the club is employing and there are some comments about buying this player or that player at massive prices that we all know are never going to happen. WE need three key players maybe two but this certainly includes a world class DM a competent and experienced CB and in my opinion if Wenger is never going to plat either Sanchez or Wallcott at the tip of the spear then an out and out goal scorer. We have had financial restraints in the past but that has, according to Chips Keswick come to an end so really why is Wenger NOT doing his 8million a year job properly and pinpointing players who will fill these positions and paying the prices, overinflated or not to secure their services??? surely winning trophies and building the brand across the globe again is an excellent and far reaching long term investment that will bring in even greater revenues??
    I mean common chaps we all know that Arteta and Flammini have lost their edge a long time ago and Wenger is always like this in every transfer window regardless of winter or summer, Ozil was a marquee signing but has he really fulfilled his potential? NO so was he really the key signing we needed? Sanchez Yes wasa brilliant bit of business but why not keep the ball rolling and get then men in we need? its rubbish that we can survive or more outrageously as claimed by said Ozil today, win anything without these players coming in Don’t boast of a 100’000 war chest and then quibble over pennies for a player we don’t at this point know anything about and as I’ve stated before may or may not be a great player in the next three or four seasons, (makes you think is beilik an investment for resale to make more money?) Even a stubborn man like wenger can see that if he bought the three key players he needs to need not spend big again for three or four years and would reap the financial rewards from this investment.
    Players DO dictate their own future as was seen with Cesc AND Van Persie to name just two and while we are taking of Cesc WHY DID WE not HAVE HIM BACK? cos we had Ozil?? that’s rubbish as well, Man city would have had both and more to boot as would chelski. We are a budget club now and although the board boast that they are a big European team our brand has slumped and we are mid table mediocrity potentials if we don’t state some ntent and get sharper and more ambitious in the transfer window summer or otherwise.

    1. i liked your comment. i think the following based on it. first, you’re right about arsenal growing their brand and investing long term. and i think that’s precisely why wenger may* (and i’ll repeat, may, because i don’t know) be acting in a very particular manner when it comes to identifying and tracking talent. just because we haven’t signed anyone doesn’t mean he’s not doing his job. do we want him to show that he’s doing his job and sign ppl. of course. but i do think he’s actively working on that. second, ozil was a marquee signing. the evidence of his positive influence comes from the fact that for first time in years we looked like we had a chance to win the league. we remained on top for a long time. unfortunately, we were outdone. i know, same ol’ story. but it’s not, bc we haven’t been that competitive in ages. i think that’s why this season stings so much at the moment, bc we’re coming off a great campaign and looking lack luster. and that’s after improving the squad. third, cesc not coming back was a surprise for many of us. but i wonder if the way we dealt with cesc allowed us the opportunity to get alexis. why else would barca be willing to negotiate someone of his quality. maybe that’s far fetched bc, as i’ve mentioned, football is a business and barca would be looking to make the most no matter what. cesc leaves me a tad baffled. but i do think getting ozil has something to do w it.

      lastly, we’ve been spending in subsequent windows. so we can expect to continue that trend with the most confidence we, as fans, have had in years. hopefully gazidis and wenger identify the quality we need and wrap it up this january. after all, there’s only so much time in a day.

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