Arsenal may have been too hasty in offering Willian a big contract

Arsenal has just signed Willian for free after he ran down his contract at Chelsea.

The Brazilian is an experienced addition to Mikel Arteta’s side and his transfer to the Emirates has been seen as a major swoop by the Gunners.

He joins the club on a three-year deal that will see him stay at the Emirates until he is 35 years old.

The three-year deal that he gets at Arsenal is one that Chelsea refused to hand to him as several reports have claimed.

However, a new report from Mail Online claims that the Brazilian is angry at the Blues for the way they handled his contract renewal.

They claimed that while it was widely reported that the Blues had offered him a two-year deal, the reality on the ground is that the Blues never really had the desire to keep him.

Arsenal will have offered him the three-year deal because they thought that he would have signed for another team or even renew his deal at Stamford Bridge if we offered him similar or worst terms.

This new revelation now shows that we may have acted in desperation and maybe if we had waited a little we still might have signed him on lower terms and maybe for fewer than three years.

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  1. We need to face reality here. The only reason he came to us was because we offered a big contract. If we’d have tried to lowball with a 2 year contract he would never have come. You really think a player is going to leave a CL team for a EL team unless he’s getting a very good deal? This was a money motivated deal, trying to spin it any other way is just delusion

  2. Totally disagree based on pretty much everything Lampard said leading up to him leaving… sounded like someone who definitely wanted to keep him at the bridge.

    1. He wasn’t offered a deal because it never got to that stage officially. The 3-year part was non-negotiable. Chelsea very obviously wanted him to stay, just on their own conditions.

  3. Waited and we may have lost him.
    Christ we moan when we don’t sign anyone quick enough and moan when we leave it last minute.

  4. The Daily Maily specialises in ****stirring. In its reports people are invariably quoted as being ‘angry’ or ‘furious’. Mild differences of opinion are reported as chasms of conflicting views.
    Whatever they say, I find it safer to either ignore or believe the opposite.

    1. Ingleby – you’ve got the media down to a ‘T!’ Well said.
      Going the other way you could also add that they call ALL footballers ‘Stars’ – giving average players the same high status as true stars like Messi and Ronaldo etc.
      So it would be ‘The Arsenal PLAYER Sokratis has been linked with a move to . . . and not the Arsenal ‘Star’ Sokratis etc.
      Sick to death of the infantile exaggeration which pervades the media these days.

  5. If Arsenal had waited and lost eventually, you would have come here to accuse them of “penny-pinching”.

  6. The problem is if Abu were to move,Arsenal will have no other lethal striker beside Lacazette.E have Nelson and Willock but these are not proven in the big stage.
    Anyway I have faith in Arteta than the fm. The former has plan B which the fm has consistently refused to implement.The Barca coach was sacked after just one humiliating loss.
    Wenger lost heavily in 2010 and in the mid 20s.I doubt Arteta can survive two embarrassing defeats in a single season.
    I beleive the board have learned from their mistake with the fm

    1. Barca manager was sacked because they also did not win League or champions League this season. You can not compare that to Wenger’s era…I don’t understand some Arsenal fans, what sort of delusional comparison they make. Wenger lost with avg player he lost 8-2 with world class players in his team. Plus Arsenal is no where near Barcelona in any way or form, we only became famous out side Europe when Wenger took over.

  7. Arsenal are damned if they do, or damned if they don’t, by the media in particular.
    Willan was available, Arteta and Edu wanted him, they acted and signed him. Whether it was good business, as with any transfer, time will tell.
    I just wish they would move as fast with Thomas Partey, just pay the buy out of €50 million.
    Other interesting transfer rumours are Bellerin to Juventus (not the catwalks of Milan) in exchange for CB Rugani, Kolasinac to Shalke for £20 million (sorry Sue) and Socrates to Napoli and David Luiz to Rennes. All great if they go through although the Bellerin/Rugani swap may undervalue Bellerin; although I would rather the money to buy Max Aarons from Norwich. Then again the Kolasinac money would almost cover Aaron’s likely transfer fee.

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