Arsenal may have led the way as more teams are tipped to ask players to take pay cuts

Arsenal asked their players to take wage cuts when the coronavirus pandemic started and the club may have led the way for what might become normal in football next season, according to a new report.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses around the world with countries being shut down, and businesses being forced to close up because of the government lockdown orders.

This has also affected football teams around the world as well with teams across Europe either asking their players to take pay cuts or wage deferrals.

Arsenal did ask their players to take wage cuts while most other English teams didn’t ask for such a gesture from their players.

However, with teams facing the prospect of losing more money next season because of the lack of fans in the stands, which would affect their season ticket sales, it is expected that more teams will follow Arsenal’s lead and ask for pay cuts.

A source told Sun Sports: “Many players had every right to object to pay cuts so soon after games stopped because many clubs were probably not affected as badly as they made out.

“Next season will be completely different. Cuts will happen and players have to accept they will now earn less money.”

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  1. I’m not surprised at all. The salary levels became more and more absurd every year, as did transfer fees. Please let there be a concerted effort to reward the top players but also make what they earn RESPECT the men and women who work hard but don’t get the same rewards

    1. Fine sentiments Sue P but in the REAL and greedy world that almost all top players live in, mere asking is laughed at. As these last few weeks have shown across the board. Only enforced action, like this virus has given us all a chance of doing, is what will work.

      I do believe this coming vast lack of money in the world and football economy will prove to be the single best news we had had since the Prem began nearly 30 years ago to enforce some new and much needed morality back into players wages. No more ludicrous Ozil type contracts to impoverish clubs! When football is forced to cut its cloth according to its means(as it will be forced) OR go under, it will choose the former!

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