Arsenal may have the best philosophy, but Chelsea get RESULTS

The Question of Monsieur Wenger By D.E. Nwatarali

They win because the players know what their manager wants them to do on the field. Our manager just tells our players, go out and enjoy your game, that’s the difference.

This quote sums up the difference between many modern managers and Wenger’s approach to important games. Today I watched a Chelsea side, whom were focused, motivated and intent on proving a point against their title rivals, not play to their best and still win a high-tension game comfortably. Although I have my reservations about Chelsea’s football style, and I believe Mourinho will never have the class, the patience and the mental fortitude to build a club from the stadium, to the training facilities to the philosophy of the club, his managerial tactical nous was the foundation for that victory.

Mourinho’s players look frighteningly confident when they step on the football pitch. They are assured that even if they don’t play to their best, the manager has prepared them to not lose the game. This approach to big games and the three characteristics aforementioned (focus, motivation, ruthless intent) is something that every Arsenal fan envies when we watch our title contenders. In contrast, Arsenal players step onto a football pitch looking to dominate their opponents with superior technical skills and nothing more to back that. When it goes slightly wrong, panic and insecurity sets in, more than often, against the big teams, soon follows mental collapse. There has to be a plan of action for every game, from the first whistle how do we play or press? If we go a goal down how do we reorganize, and what style do we then adopt? There has to be a more focused style of approaching games instead of merely looking at the eye-catching talent and skills on display at our football club. What are players’ strengths and how do we get the best out of them both tactically in regards to the team and individually? Most importantly, how will the opponents try to nullify our threats and how do we counteract that?

Arsenal Football club has fully benefitted from Wenger’s time at the club: new stadium, outstanding business philosophy, well run academy, etc. That being said, as football fans, the only palatable rewards we get from supporting our respective football clubs, is the results of our team in the weekend: that’s what you talk about all week at work, between family and friends, that’s what you remember years from now, that’s what gives you confidence and pride in your football club, RESULTS. That is where Wenger has failed the fans in recent years.

Wenger undoubtedly has the desire to win trophies however there is no clear strategy to turn that desire, those dreams and ambitions he has for Arsenal Football club, into realities or results. Why could this be? We read many theories about Wenger: he isn’t firm enough with his players, he doesn’t have ambition in the transfer window, he is stubborn and a dictator. It’s mind-boggling that a manager receives so much criticism after all his experience in the game and his accomplishments unrivalled by many.

If I were to be asked, I would put it on one thing; Wenger just isn’t the man to push the philosophy which he instilled into the club decades ago, into the new age of football. I would compare it to a music producer, producing the greatest studio rock album of all time, without touching an instrument and merely bringing together a group of individuals who can make that album. Let me put this in context: Sir Alex Ferguson was a manager also from Wenger’s era of football. The difference between how Sir Ferguson adapted to the changes in modern football lies not only in the players he acquired or developed but also the backroom staff. Sir Ferguson had 7 different assistant managers during his reign at Manchester United. Each coinciding with the rebuilding of a new team of players and as such was able to continually adapt to the changes in football through help of fresh ideas from younger assistants who understood the modern game as it was being played during that time period.

This is something that has not happened at Arsenal Football Club. Whether this is due to Wenger’s stubbornness, arrogance or loyalty, is up to debate. Wenger has been attempting to, at his own pace, adapt his extensive knowledge into practice on the football pitch and while he is ahead of the majority of the league, as is evident that we finish above 16-17 clubs every season, he is not yet at the level to compete with the other managers who are able to draw on new ideas from their coaching staff, or their travelling experiences through coaching for other clubs in other leagues. What we have is a visionary manager who can see the big picture and collect all the right paints and paintbrushes, but isn’t necessarily the best artist to paint the portrait. With his re-signing of a three-year deal at the end of last season, I do sincerely see us having at least one more trophy success before his contract is over, after which I believe, and I hope he agrees, he will step down and allow new faces, new ideas to reinvigorate the wonderful club and philosophy he has built.

What do the Gooners worldwide think?

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  1. Im still upset and sadden by our display yesterday, we lacked fight and finish, dont know why and im always confused why we always seem to want to walk the ball into the net, than rather shoot from outside the box! We need to rethink our game plan and tactics mr wenger! Coyg!

  2. Excellent article. AW is very good manager and has done excellent job. But the new era has arrived and new blood managers are out witting him.

    1. Regardless of the players who are in the squad, Arsene Wenger’s teams play their football in a similar way, beautifully technical & characteristic of Arsenal. You can watch a football game and say, “Oh yeah, that’s Arsenal-like football!” However, I believe that, along with that brand of football, there are also certain weaknesses that have come packaged with the way we play. That’s why Wenger’s teams may have changed players over the years, but they play in a similar way and exhibit similar weaknesses.

  3. I for one think it is too early to judge the season. I do hope pundits wrote us off from winning the EPL title because we will not get so much attention (which is hard to do when you are called Arsenal FC). They left alone LvG and they put two wins back to back. Besides, I don’t think we will play our best football with half a team injured. This break is a send from the gods.

    1. Ahahaha i do hope they write us off. Mate they do this year after year without the likes of you hoping them to do.

      1. Actually you are full of $hit. Beginning every season we hear Arsenal in race. Last year even more after the start and after couple of ugly wins they were almost certain. They said we had grit and learnt how to win ugly Is good like that. Is not like we have won the EPL lately. Not like we will if we won’t show some back bone

        1. Lol, in your dreams, in your wildest dreams. Just to let you know, its no good to be all deluded.

  4. Our philosophy is out dated now and our players are not good enough to carry it out effectively enough. We need to strengthen in the same positions we have needed to for the past few years.

    DM, CB, ST to challenge to big boys. Tika raka football won’t win us the premier league. I accept when we do play well it is very easy watching, but when we are sloppy in passing there is no real players with any grit to outmuscle midfielders.

  5. Arsenal has nothing. Back, some years ago, Arsenal was known for playing the beatifull game, attacking football ( with the cost of conceding goals, still very efective as we could take even big teams one).

    Nowdays we are nothing. Not an Attacking orientated team, neither one who can actually defend.

    Arsenal has become another Spurs. London has 2two Spurs in the City now.

  6. Chelsea will lose games this season, and we will win games this season.

    The question is, how we find some consistency and aggression needed to win. They have it in spades at the moment, and we don’t. We show flashes of brilliance, but lack the cutting edge.

    I’m not at all convinced we will be in the hunt for the title, and see us battling for 3rd/4th as usual.

    Anything better would be a bonus, anything worse a travesty.

  7. Fans like to blame Jack or Ozil but our defense is in a bad form. We let almost every team who played against us to score.
    BFG, Koscielny r not at their best. Gibbs is never reliable defensively. Chambers is 19 yr old kid who is bound make mistakes. We are not comfortable defensively.

    1. Yestrerday the attack let us down. The second goal they scored only came because at that point in the game everybody in our team pushed up the pitch way too much, should have pushed up defense at 85 minutes not 70 minutes. We didn’t get 1 shot on target that is how you can tell our attack wasn’t good yesterday.

  8. I think yesterday we had the best opportunity to get a result against Chelsea. Even Mourinho admitted that we changed our usual approach and the game was difficult for them. The 2-0 scoreline really didn’t reflect how the game went. There was a point in the 2nd half (when the game was still 1-0) where we virtually had Chelsea on the ropes – we just couldn’t find the right combination to knock them out. The discomfort among the Chelsea spectators was obvious.

    I think the game was lost in the substitutions – no doubt about that. Mourinho brought Mikel to tighten things up. Wenger, for an inexplicable reason, decided to haul off Cazorla who was our best player before his substitution (remember Arshavin/OX?), and left on Ozil who was having a very bad day. Why did he do that? Is it down to their transfer fee or what? Okay, lets even agree for the sake of argument that Ozil is a better player than Cazorla, but does that justify always preferring Ozil over Cazorla even when Cazorla is having a better game? Cazorla came closest to scoring in that game. He also nearly set up Welbeck through on goal. Ozil was weak throughout. In one instance, all Fabregas had to do was to give him a strong shoulder to dispossess him of the ball. We had everything to win yesterday’s game – or at least get a 1-1 draw but the manager failed big time in the substitutions.

    1. The game was decided When Hazard stepped foot in the pitch. How many shoots did we had the Chelsea Goal?

  9. I think a lot of arsenal fan just don’t get it for arsenal to be a real top team we have to get rid of some of our young player they are not physically strong enough for the for the Premier League Wilshire Ramsey these are the player that is holding us back right now Wenger will not get the right players because of them

  10. I was just thinking about Why Fabregas was not bought.I thought that Diaby gets 80k per week for doing nothing.Fabregas used to get 110k & could’ve signed him with that salary,also the club would have benefited by shirt sales of fabregas return.Which lead me to thinking that Wenger must have a tumor in his useless head.

    Oh & speaking of Philosophies,Wenger will be remembered for Henry,Viera,Invicibles but not his philosophy.Barca & Pep Guardiola are remembered because they won so many trophies using his philosophy.Wenger is sad,stubborn but expensive(Top 5 highest earning managers in the world) old Far*.

  11. Next season:
    Ospina Debuchy Hummels Koscielny Gibbs S.bender Ramsey Walcott Ozil Reus Sanchez…
    Subs: shesny chambers per monreal wilshere welbeck giroud
    Manager: Jurgen klopp… COYG!!

  12. #FACK AW ur 1960’s formation iz not working which other teams u see use that dumb a*s formation wake to fack up #aw

    1. arsenal fans across the world are so frustrated, including me!… i am grateful for what Mr Wenger has done for this club but the longer he stays, the more his great legacy diminishes. i’d like a new manager to come in with new ideas but everytime of this of ManUre and the Moyes saga, i get nervous! i think the owners are happy paying him 7M or wateva per year coz he makes money for them. next thing they get us Alana Fcuken Pardew to carry on his legacy LMAO!!!!!

  13. no world class no 10 can thrive without a solid defensive midfielder.even zidane himself complained and even struggled when GREAT MAKELELE WAS SOLD.FABREGAS HAS MATIC.THE SUCCESS OF A WORLD CLASS 10 IS DEPENDENT ON THE SOLIDITY OF THE DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER BEHIND HIM.OTHER EXAMPLES—-SILVA–YAYA TOURE,FERNANDINHO,DENNIS BERGKAMP—PATRICK VIERIA,ZIDANE–MAKELELE,.great 10s thrive better with a solid defensive midfield.lets get a ruthless DM AND SEE HOW IT GOES.

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