Arsenal may just have got a BIG Community Shield boost

On the one hand it would be better for Arsenal if we take on a full strength Chelsea side in the Community Shield on Sunday, as long as the Gunners end up with the trophy back in north London of course. But the most important thing is for us to win the game and for Arsene Wenger to end his long wait for a win over a side managed by his tormentor in chief Jose Mourinho.

So the news reported by the Daily Star that Chelsea may have to face Arsenal at Wembley without two key members of their team must be seen as a potentially great boost to our hopes.

Their central defender Gary Cahill picked up a possible broken nose in their pre-season game against Barcelona last night, while their Spanish international striker Diego Costa was left with a possible hamstring problem. We do not know for sure whether either player will miss the game but we can only hope, especially on Costa as Chelsea are much weaker without him in the starting line up.

And it would not be an unfair advantage for us either, as we are already weakened on the attacking front, with Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck unavailable to the boss. Looking more long term though, the fact that Costa keeps having problems with his hamstring could be good news for us in the race for the Premier League title, especially if our own injury situation does not go back to the bad old days.

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  1. IMO DW is no loss, but Alexis is.

    And Chelsea will still be able to make a fist of it of that you can be sure.

    1. I wouldn’t consider Costa and Cahill a massive blow for Chelsea, especially the former considering his pre-season form. Zouma has been as solid as you like, so they can’t use the excuse that they are missing key men. We are missing Alexis, but that also shouldn’t be an excuse.

  2. My team to face Chelsea

    Cazorla Ozil OX
    Coq Ramsey
    Monreal Kos Gabriel Hector

    1. I would start with giroud in attack, Theo on the Left, ox on the right,cazorla and ozil in midfield with lecoq providing cover.but I’m sure Wenger would start Ramsey instead of the ox. It would work find either way.moving cazorla to left wing would work too.let’s see what Wenger has in mind. When you look at the team we have a great squad of players to choose from. We even have 3 strikers who could start. Giroud, Theo and Danny although he’s out injured currently. We don’t look that bad in that department. It’s the DM role that scares me. We are one injury away from disaster

      1. On recent form I would start Cazorla, Ramsey and the Ox with Theo up top but that’s only me looking at our inform players. I want us to whip Chelsea’s arse.

        1. @ Andrew AFC. I think you have a great line up. Sean Cali and others do too.. Sort of hit me; most any team we put out is quality.

  3. Welbeck is always dangerous coming on as a sub, his speed and runs are always dangerous. I think Costa is perhaps The biggest lost for Chelsea. I would love to see flopcao start and get raped by the boss. Looking forward to the game already. II think arsenal would miss Sanchez, we could have used him in that game, he would have created lots of problems for Chelsea

  4. Two seasons ago FA Cup
    Last season C Shield and FA Cup
    This season C Shield EPL FA Cup
    Next season C Shield EPL and UCL


    1. That’s way too optimistic. Wow, I would love that to happen but slow down buddy. With the way Wenger is not after a DM and striker it looks unlikely. Winning the UCL in two years with this current squad is not possible. Not without a WC DM and striker.don’t want to be a party pooper but its my honest opinion. We need two new faces asap.

      1. I guess my glass is always half full not half empty as regards to our great club. We win the EPL this season and players will be queuing up to sign for us.

        1. PS don’t discount our team spirt to help us. Cech has already said we have got a great one and that’s coming from an ex Chelsea player.

  5. Don’t even call that a boost……. We all know it ain’t really a boost……Let’s just storm wembley this weekend to clean up our mess and change history!

  6. Lets beat chelsea and show them we mean”business” this season and they wont be running away with any league like they did last season! Coyg!

  7. Sorry I know this is childish.
    The wheels on the bus fall off off off
    The wheels on the bus fall off off off
    All day long

  8. Cech

    1. The only problem with that line up is Ozil doesn’t like playing on the left and Giroud has not scored as may goals as Theo in recent games plus Mertsacker isn’t on form.

          1. So how have you come up with the conclusion that Per is off form? I’m one of his biggest critiques but I’d say he’s shown some pretty good signs this pre season.

            1. Ok you have made me say it he’s to slow and makes to may mistakes to be at the heart of our defence. I want our defence to be a fortress this season and with Cech in goal we might win the EPL.

                1. Oh dear… well, seeing as you asked he played 3 full group stage games, the round of 16, half of the semi’s and managed to make an appearance in the final (albeit 1 min). Koscielny on the other hand managed 1 full group game (and a quarter of another), the round of 16 and 19 mins in the quarter’s… so you can do the math who played more. Need I mention the quality of CB’s Germany possess which is vastly superior to France’s. Internationals are not a guage for how great a player is at club level (i.e Messi), but you couldn’t have picked a worse example in Per seeing as he is one of the most capped players in Germany history, (3rd most capped defender behind Lahm & Kohler). Please remind me the last time Per was at fault for a goal where he was outpaced. I could name you countless times where the likes of Silva, Boateng, Mascherano were made to look like idiots. I’m in no way a Per fanboy, but I only give critique when it is rightly due, and he is not out of form, so please let’s stick to facts.

    1. How great is this we have got a squad of players that can cover for different positions. Wengers master class to the rest of the EPL.

  9. Quiet a bit of noise over Pedro moving from Barca to Man U once Di Maria has moved to PSG.

    Hate to say it but they are gonna be a very different proposition altogether next season with the team LVG is assembling.

    Hope now that we can, we don’t take the opportunity to procure what is needed.

  10. Quiet a bit of noise over Pedro moving from Barca to Man U once Di Maria has moved to PSG.

    Hate to say it but they are gonna be a very different proposition altogether next season with the team LVG is assembling.

    Hope now that we can, we don’t miss the opportunity to procure what is needed.

  11. Well they could simply just park the bus for 90 minutes n win on penalties n Mourinho would be hailed by the English media as a genius

    1. Correction : score goal in first 10 minutes with their one shot on target.
      Giroud misses a sittter with 80+ minutes on the clock

    1. ALL new members are moderated on their first day- Anyone can sign up but I try to make sure they really are Gooners before they can post without moderation. You are now free to post immediately….

  12. If we can beat Chelsea without Alexis that would be quite impressive.

    honestly, I would prefer to play them all fully fit and beat them

    Also, don’t dismiss Remy. He is a very good striker and excellent alternative to Costa if Costa doesn’t play.

    That is why I want another top striker because our alternative to Giroud is Welbeck. If we turn Walcott into a CF then we still need to get a Top winger

    Anyway, lets hope for the best. We beat City last summer. We can beat Chelsea this year.

  13. Its more of a statement if we beat a fully fit chelsea than a chelsea missing their first choice defender and striker.

  14. No fool’s paradise please. Cahill will recover from the broken nose and alternatively they have able backups in Zouma and co. Remy can deputize as well as Falcao who will like to make a statement now. The bottom line? Arsenal should be on top of their game so as to change history sooner.

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