Arsenal may need him! So why let Debuchy go?

I can understand the feelings of the Arsenal and France international star Matthieu Debuchy, who has declared once again that he is keen to call time on his ill fated spell in north London and is hoping that the January transfer window which is about to open will see him join another club at which he will get more time on the pitch.

Debuchy is clearly not happy with the way his career as a Gunner has gone, with just one solitary Premier League appearance to his name this season after just two in the whole of the last campaign, but that is not all the fault of the club or Arsene Wenger.

The right back has been very unlucky, as he joined us around two-and-a-half years ago from Newcastle with the expectation that he would be our new first choice and that he would be able to cement his position as the first choice for France and get the Champions League football which was one of the big reasons for signing on at the Emirates.

A string of injury problems and some awful timing has ruined that chance but it is hardly Arsenal’s fault that in his absence the young Spaniard Hector Bellerin has turned out to be one of the best in the business. That is why Debuchy told the French media recently that he wants to leave us, probably on loan, and why he was not happy that Wenger blocked a loan move to Manchester United a year ago.

Well I am sorry Mattieu and I do have some sympathy with your situation, as I say, but it is Arsenal that pays your wages and Wenger who decides what is best for the club. Unfortunately I do not see that including a move for Debuchy. We have already seen how much we need Bellerin when the Spaniard was injured recently, so why on earth would we let the second best right back at the club leave, and for no money at that?



  1. Dennis10Bergkamp says:

    Hell no!!!
    He takes up way too much wage space, I would rather have Gabriel at RB or Chambers back.
    Heck I would play Coquelin at RB before Debuchy. He is shite and old.
    Even piss poor Jenkinson would be a better option.

  2. Mehrzad says:

    actually Debuchy was quite ok in those 14 minutes he played
    keep him and sell Jenkinson

    1. RSH says:

      wow, a full 14 minutes :/. Sell both, get a proper backup. Debuchy got the Arsenal injury curse, it’s been nothing but a nightmare for him here.

  3. psytripps says:

    Like any management decision, if the players does not commit himself to the team let him go….

  4. Jansen says:

    Didn’t Wenger prefer Gabriel on the right when Bellerin was out?

  5. stubill says:

    Why would you want to keep a player who has made it very,very clear he doesn’t want to be at the club? All he would do is bring the atmosphere down with his negativity.

    He is our second best right back, but you can’t keep him if he doesn’t want to be there, just don’t sell him to a direct rival.

  6. legend Henry says:

    Wenger should sell himself
    8 million a year without major trophies and good tactics.
    He is a fraud!!!

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I totally agree with you that Wenger should go but personally I consider the FA Cup to be a major trophy.

    But yes Wenger should sell himself lol or resign as he has no idea how to win the PL and so arrogant about how he spends money and sticking to his terrible philosophy of how to build a team. eg his refusal to sign Top DM after Vieira has been pure foolishness

  8. ozildatrequartista says:

    Debuchy is not a gooner. He just plays for arsenal sometimes and has absolutely no loyalties to the fans or the club. I hope he gets abducted by aliens and ends his misery. @arsenalgirl Wenger’s terrible philosophy has built a pretty decent team.

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