Arsenal MAY now need to remain UNBEATEN! Can we?

One more league defeat could ruin Arsenal by DN

After the fall-out of Arsenal losing to the spuds on Saturday, I think we can all agree that our hopes of the Premier League are gone and that the remaining Premier League games are all about getting the Gunners into the top four and staying there.

But that is not looking like an easy task by any means and will probably require the sort of late run we had two seasons ago rather than a repeat of last season when Arsenal took a pathetic 22 points from the last 14 matches in the league. That would leave us on the same 64 points that United got last season. Worried yet?

That disaster can be avoided. In the 2012-13 season Arsenal took 35 points from our final 14 league games. They included just one defeat, coincidentally to the spuds at White Hart Lane.

But we may have to do the same or even better this time around, with strong competition from a number of clubs like Southampton, Man United and Liverpool. Those 35 points would give us a total of 77 points st the end of the campaign and that should be more than enough. But two years ago we had a good run of fixtures with only Tottenham away and Man United and Everton at home to really give us problems.

When you look at the remaining fixtures this time, we have Liverpool and Chelsea at home and Man United away and I think we may have to avoid defeat in all of them. We also have home games with Leicester, Everton, West Ham, Sunderland, Swansea and West Brom while facing trips to Crystal Palace, QPR, Newcastle, Burnley and Hull.

Although Arsenal have the power to win all those games, it is much more likely that we will be held to a draw in at least a couple of them, say Newcastle away and West Ham at home. That would give us 71 points not counting any from our three big games. Could we really afford to lose any of them? Will we be able to avoid it? I really do not know!

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  1. Chin up! A realistic target for the rest of the season is hitting the low 70s. This has consistently been good enough for a top 4 finish. We have a much easier run in then Spurs with Southampton as our closest rivals in terms of fixtures. If we go about our business properly then we’ll get our points on the board and be fine. Hell, we win tonight and results go our way we could already be sitting in the top 4 with everything back in our hands.

    Little belief mixed with skepticism. That’s all we need at the moment.

  2. plus, with return-on-investment finances on the line, expect wenger to take things really seriously. maybe he could’ve gotten a CDM or two in the summer ?? please, AW: get us a WC striker this summer. w/o one u cannot win the league.

    1. oh goodyyyy is Wenger going to take things really seriously now? Brill.

      Here’s how it will likely go, we’ll finish top 4 and that will placate the majority of zombies that follow the club. Then all those Zombies will talk about Reus and Schneiderlin for 3 months, big up the expectation, and think a couple of new faces will change the fact our tactics suck……but this time next season we will most likely be out the running for the league and simply counting down the days until Wengers contract runs out hoping he gets a cup for a ‘fitting send off’, then we’ll speculate about who’ll replace him.

      The remainder of the season the focus will shift to articles like “Top 4 finish would be a good way to end consistent success for Wenger”, “Who next to take over from Arsene?”. Basically a rinse and repeat since 2007, only difference being there will finally be a change on the horizon that the club so desperately needs. Sad part is nobody in charge has the balls (or ambition) to make the change, and instead we will just let things run their course.

      Forgive the pessimism, but let’s be real. Been there done that, another year of it to go. Give me Klopp this summer and i’ll be full of excitement.

  3. Go unbeaten with this squad, your having a laugh.
    Home and away games in the Pl require different tactics against different teams.our management haven’t a clue. Still,we’ll have to rely on other teams to drop points as usual. COYG.

  4. A question for you:
    A spud fan on the radio last night said if we finish 4th and they finish 5th but win the Europa league we would lose out as they would take our place. Anyone know if this is true? If it is all the talk of finishing 4th is a waste of time.

    1. It’s true the Europa League winner automatically qualifies for champions league so we need to finish 3rd rather than 4th to avoid such a situation happening to us

    2. Are you sure?mickey mouse cup!
      If they or any other team won it , it would bag them a prize bigger than any at AFC have seen since 1994 when we won the European Cup Winners Cup.

      Wouldn’t mind seeing the current crop achieve that myself.

      As for going unbeaten I direct you to my first sentence above!

      1. Then we would be a bigger fish in a smaller pond with the feasible possibility we might win it! Unlike our yearly ‘make up the numbers’ foray into the UCL.

  5. Arsenal has 8 homes and
    only 6 aways left.
    Arsenal has 12 soft games left.
    Leicester Palace Everton QPR Westham
    Newcastle Liverpool (H) Burnley Sunderland
    Hull Swansea WBA
    2 hard games Chelsea (H) and Utd (A)
    Arsenal will get 2nd.

    1. theres no easy and hard in the EPL….shouldn’t take any 1 lightly…esp with teams fighting for relegation.

  6. We can do it, if we put our minds into it. With a decently healthy squad, it’s really all about the mental battle from here on out.

    1. Yeh…

      Let’s hope their 6 figure salaries a week motivates them enough because as sure as shit their manager or the club they have the luck to play for don’t seem to be doing the trick.

  7. My team for Leicester

    Bellerin Chambers/Paulista Mertesacker Gibbs
    Coquelin Cazorla
    Walcott/Welbeck Ozil Sanchez

    Why Mertesacker ?? As they are very good at crossing. Adding Paulista would be great to complement him.
    Gibbs as they are a counter attacking team, so the transition from attack to defence and vice versa should be very quick.
    And I would like to have Cazorla in B2B role because of his in-form perfromances and improved defending. In attack he would be instrumental as well.

    Front line of Sanchez Ozil and Walcott can provide either cut-in passes or crosses to Giroud.
    Giroud because they like to sit deep so open play would be difficult. Providing crosses would be better.

    Swap Rosicky for Cazorla @ 55-60 min. And Welbeck or Walcott dependin on first team choice.

  8. The Gunners are difficult to trust if we go by the way they played and lose all the 3 points at the Lane last Sunday. The Gunners are not hungry to win the Premeir tile. They usually take winning the title for granted as they allowed winning the 2014 Premeir League title to slipped out of their hands when the title was being put into their hands to hold it properly. But they were careless and allowed it to slipped away to Man City who grabbed it with two hands and held it tightly and became Champions on a platter of gold. Let me warn the Gunners not take getting a 4th place finishing for granted this season. Because the competition for the 4th place finishing is appearing to be more competitive than ever. And the Gunners who are usually not serious may not get it, save if they become serious. they should jettison what they like doing best, which is rather than to be winning consistently, they would preferred to praise worship themselves and lamented over a lose. Arsenal have a possible total 84 points they can get now. But the big 2 questions are: can the 84 points win us the title? Nothing is impossible. 86 points did it and won it for Man City last season. And can the Gunners win their remaining 14 games to get a further 42 points to miraculously win the title? To at least come 2nd or 3rd in the table. And avoid playing any CL qualifier game. I know this qualifier gives an added revenue to Arsenal FC.

    1. mixed news is we will win the ucl 🙂 🙂 …then wenger wil get a 5yr contract extension 🙁 🙁 🙁

  9. mixed news is we will win the ucl 🙂 🙂 …then wenger will get a 5yr contract extension 🙁 🙁 🙁

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