Arsenal may regret losing Schneiderlin to Man United

The transfer window, so far, may not have gone according to the script for the Gunners supporters. Most, if not all, of the fans were happy to welcome Petr Cech to the squad early in the window. For a change, everyone thought Arsene Wenger will move quickly and finalize his targets before the pre-season tour kicks in.

Optimism was replaced by frustration as there were no major signings for the window. Of course there were some promising youngsters who were signed but they are not yet ready to compete for the first team. When the teams around you are strengthening, even if you stay with the same strong squad as the previous season, it is as good as stalling.

Yes, we are talking about the moves made by Manchester United and Liverpool, to an extent. United probably made the best first moves by clinching Bastian Schweinsteiger, Morgan Schneiderlin, Memphis Depay and Matteo Darmian. Liverpool picked up a lot of players but they did the same last season too.
The signing which may pinch Arsenal and Wenger is that of Schneiderlin. The French midfielder was a signature away from ending up at the Emirates last season. Southampton and Ronald Koeman were adamant about not losing him at any cost. Schneiderlin even went public with his displeasure and did everything except going on strike.

And unlike what Sterling is doing at Liverpool, Schneiderlin turned his anger to performances and improved his stakes last season. Despite an injury ravaged campaign, the French midfielder improved on all counts – successful tackles, interceptions per game and passing accuracy.

It was widely anticipated that Wenger may press his interest in the midfielder once the transfer window opens. On the contrary, he opted out of the race and United got a free way to sign him. Leaving the other matters like transfer fee and weekly wages, at the outset it looks like Louis Van Gaal has made a fine signing.

Schneiderlin has proved that he is a capable defensive midfielder and is also ambitious going forward. Over the last couple of seasons, he is one of the most impressive players in the entire Premier League. Add to it his experience in England with Southampton in League One, Championship and the Premier League. His injury woes last season aside, there is no denying the fact that Schneiderlin is cut out for a top club.

Wenger may have different opinion and it is not really sure why he did not go for him. The squad is brimming with many creative midfielders but having a proven defensive midfielder is not bad at all. Will this be one signing that Wenger will rue not going for? The early signs say it could well be!


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  1. In 2017 Wenger will say i nearly signed him! Am starting to get worried bcoz our rivals are rili strengthenin, if city get De bruyn,chelsea Pedro and man u Cavani that wil be scary to us but as usual my Arsenal friends wil say dont worry Wenger knows its as if we are the defendin champions!

    1. True talk @ Kotte.
      That’s how Wenger said he nearly signed Messi, Ronaldo, Di Maria, Ibrahimovic…and these are just the ones I know of.

      1. Why can’t we give our players the benefit of the doubt for once and show some belief in them? We are always looking at the neighbors yard rather than count our blessings. If Le Coq played for Man. U and performed like he did last season, would they have bought Schneiderlin? I don’t think you can honestly say that for sure now, can you? For every player we ‘missed out’ on, there 23 bullets we dodged…Soldado? Benteke of last season? Ballotelli? Sandro? Falcao?! Did you see Cavani at the last world cup? Asier Illariemendi was priced at 30 million pounds just a couple of seasons back? would we have been happy if we had signed these players back then especially at the price tags they carried?I’m sure there are a whole host of players we are not talking about no more who were deemed ‘worldie’ by our myopic assessments. If we are saying we missed on Schweinsteiger even at 31, I’d agree with you, I we were complaining about not getting Ibra, I’d agree but most of these other players are not tried and tested at highest levels of the game we’d like to compete at, Cech is quality, Sanchez is quality, Suarez is quality, Aguero is quality, Ozil is quality, Fabregas is quality.

        1. Because we have given them the benefit of the doubt a lot of time. Its ridiculous. Are we trying to win here or trying to pet player feelings? WTF?
          This club isn’t will be 4th for many years to come with all this sentimental nonsense. 3 seasons is enough for a player to show their quality. If they haven’t by then, they will never show it.
          The first season of Giroud I knew we were F*cked and he wasn’t going to turn into a very good player much less world class and I am still right until today. It was two more frustrating seasons culminating in a fantastic performance that led us out of the champions league at home against Monaco.
          Its crazy. You want to give him a chance again? Then you are saying don’t buy a world class striker and lets finish 4th again. This isn’t family, these players don’t stay forever. The club stays. Its only what they achieve for the club that stays with the fans and if they are awesome enough like Henry to be ultra-talented and present something out-of-this-world then they will stay long in our memories.

          1. Fair enough, so who do you have in mind? We need upgrades, proven at the highest levels of the game, not potential world beaters, ready made champions who will change a game with one moment of brilliance, the kind we should EXPECT of Cech, the kind of player we can hold accountable because we know what they are capable of doing, ones that would drag us over the line but realistic upgrades because we all know Suarez and Aguero are not on the market. I want Ibra if he is available. Lacazette might do a job for us but can we expect him to take a game by the scruff of it’s neck and say we were playing Chelsea? Yes, highest goalscorer in France (wasn’t Giroud also?), if you have realistic targets in mind, please put their names forward, I’m sure Wenger would be interested, if not, I think we have more than enough potential in the team already.

    1. I am so proud like you davidnz. To hell with trying to win the EPL and CL titles. We are where we are supposed to be.

  2. Like an essay of a paltry 500 words.
    It only leaves one wanting more…
    As if it’s really a bait to click on words
    How would Arsene manage the both in four?

  3. As much as Arsenal fans will hate to hear this, we have missed a chance of a quality signing with Schneiderlin.
    And if we are being honest, he’ll add lots of quality to their midfield.
    The only way we can counter this effect is by making quality signings of our own.
    This is like war. If your opponents who were better than you…or you were slightly better than are making immense improvements to their army, it is only wisdom that you improve yours too.
    Cech is an improvement I must say. But he only won’t give us the required results.

    1. You say Arsenal have missed a quality signing in Schneiderlin but……

      1. That means every other club in the world has also missed out.
      2. Despite the media hype and repetition of big names, there are in fact many very good DMs in the world. I remember several years ago we heard the same thing about Wanyama – that HE was the only DM in the world and Arsenal had “missed out.”

      I don’t know what Wenger will do. But not getting one specific named player is NOT the end of the world and is NOT that important. The world is filled with great players – most fans just don’t yet know their names – but I bet professional scouts do. I am more worried that Wenger is done shopping.

      1. I’m not talking about every team in the world. ..I am talking about Arsenal. And yes , I say again that we missed out on Schneiderlin.
        Southampton is average compared to Arsenal. ..but if you’re being honest, you’ll agree that Wanyama OWNED Arsenal in the Capital One cup and on new years day in the BPL. So did Schneiderlin.
        I’m not saying Schneiderlin is the best we could get…but he’s one he’ll of a good player.

        1. Schneiderlin can’t add absolutely anything to the current team. Yes, I agree, it will give squad depth but if you buy a player for squad depth for 25 million then clearly you have too much money and you have no clue what to do with them.

          1. You’re clueless. Chelsea spend 25M easy on squad depth. Man Utd does it. Man City does it. This is why they have alternated EPL since 2010. It why they are called title contenders every season and we are just outsiders and will finish 4th like most pundits predict every season. Heck even Liverpool spends for squad depth. Its called AMBITION.
            I really hope we don’t buy any more players. I have not seen a set of fans that don’t want improvements to their squad as much as some Arsenal fans here. No wonder we have been stagnant for 11 years.
            When we finish 4th again and eliminated at the R16 of the CL, I will be here to welcome you with a reality check at the end of May 2016.
            To say Schneiderlin can’t impove Arsenal might be an indication that you aren’t geting any. You’re uptight. Get some to clear your mind.

            1. Well, I am not the only one. Looks like Wenger thinks the same. Easily add depth, just depth not really improvement, for 25 mils is indeed clueless if you can buy and strengthen in areas you really need. Like a striker for example.
              And the example with Liverpool totally fu cks up your argument. Yep, why don’t you come here on May 2016?

              1. @K-ool, it’s a pity that many Arsenal fans don’t see the reason we haven’t won the BPL in 11 years.
                Pundits have ruled us out of the title from the beginning of each season
                For 11 years (and it ended being true)…and fans still it the pundits just don’t like Arsenal.
                Hell…even the great Henry has said it openly that Arsenal CANNOT win the BPL with Giroud leading the pack.
                As long as we are being mediocre with our squad depth and ambition, we will continue relinquishing the title to Man U, Man City and Chelsea.

                1. @Arsenal007,
                  Exactly my friend. Exactly.
                  I will not succumb to any form of delusion that spreads on this site.
                  We are here to cure that sickness with the injection of a dosage of reality.

              2. Both of you are clueless, delusional and that is why we will not win the EPL this coming season again and have never and will not win the CL again. This is a different era. It’s not 1998, Wenger is now a mere mortal because he cannot adapt. Teams now quake in their boots when they hear Man City and know they have a chance when they hear Arsenal. Its F*cking sad.
                I bet you I will be here. We will not win the EPL and will be out by the R16 in the CL. Save this comment. I told you last season when you were saying we will win the EPL and we didn’t. I was also going on and on around this time last season about signing a world class ST. That player isn’t here yet. It is just a vicious cycle that will continue.

                1. I suggest you apply for his position. You look very knowledgeable. Mourinho or LvG won’t stand a chance against you. Let alone Wenger.

                2. Hang on, the reason we won’t win the PL is because Budd is allegedly “clueless and delusional”? No wonder you get so angry mate – you appear to have a genuine belief that it is the fan’s fault that we are not winning PL/UCL. Now, trust me, that IS delusional.

            2. Name the £25M players providing depth to Chelsea’s squad. Actually, while you are at it name the £25M City and United players hanging around in the squad adding depth and waiting to play. Maybe Jovetic, Mangala and Cuadrado but bit of a laughable list really if you are talking depth and quality.

        2. We didn’t miss out on anything, he’s a B2B player and there are plenty of better B2B midfielders out there, heck even Ramsey is better than him in every aspect, I can’t believe the amount of fans who forget about his quality.

  4. What’s done is done, he is a united player now and I refuse to mope over players who play for our rivals, what Wenger needs to do now is prove everybody wrong and sign some world class additions to our squad. I would absolutely love it if its a shock move for two world class players in a double deal which nobody in the media or Arsenal fans saw coming.

    I feel he needs to do this to restore our faith in him so that in years to come we don’t panic if we see little or no activity in the transfer window, because with everybody around us significantly improving their squad, Wenger has been quoted talking about the cohesion of the squad is more important than having one absolutely amazing player who wins everything for the club.
    I agree with him to a certain point. I love the fact that Arsenal is a family orientated club where no matter what happens everyone will get a fair chance to prove themselves, be it because of a loss of form or recovery from long term injury or even when trying to break into the 1st team from the youth setup
    However I feel that new high profile signings such as Cech, Reus, (you add who you like) would lift the moral of the entire team and give many players the confidence in their teammates that is needed when going into big games.

    We have all seen what major signing like Ozil and Sanchez has done for the confidence of the team and Wenger must be commended for making those signings because he is well respected and has that “pull factor” to attract big players to our club.

    I just want us to go into a season with a full strength squad that is ready to
    challenge for every trophy available and not say “if only we signed a DM or striker” by the time it comes to December.

    On that note I would like to say I love this club with all me heart and I cannot wait to see them in action today.

    1. Personally I’m more interested to see two things happen this season which will put us on a better course to challenge for the title: tactical variation and less injuries. There is no coincidence that even though chelsea have been through an outrageous amount of managers the past ten years that they have still been able to win trophies on a consistent basis while different tactics and style’s of play have been introduced.

      I can barely remember John Terry being out for a substantial amount of time since watching the pl. Having your strongest players available at all times is key and we have only addressed fitness staff in the past two years which is beyond comprehendable considering how long it’s affected us. This for me is a classic case of wenger’s loyalty overruling the needs of the squad.

      Secondly, we need to be able to vary our lineup and formations to exploit better the weaknesses of other teams. Atletico Madrid did not go out into the transfer market looking to eclipse barca or real because although they had/have decent players there is no way man for man they were better than either of those teams. Instead they knew that their biggest strength was tactical discipline and counter attacking play would help them gain points from real/barca which is where the title is essentially lost or won.

      1. Or maybe he waited until our stadium debt was settled for us to hire a better medical staff that would require a better salary.

  5. OT. There’s this rumour that Arsenal are going for Ghoulam of Napoli (left-back). If this is true, then so is the rumour that Monreal is leaving for Bilbao.
    But as I said earlier. ..RUMOURS.

    1. The key word…………. rumor.

      According to the rumor media Arsenal have signed about 35 players already this summer. Nearly every player rumor is connected with the headline, “Done Deal.”

  6. I can’t believe Sterling is worth 50 mil. Is he better than Ozil? Better than Sanchez? No. He is nowhere their quality. He does have potential, but so does Joel Campbell. And he does meet the home-grown criteria.

    Also……… so tired of hearing about Schneiderlin. He is not the only DM in the world. He is just the darling of this season’s transfer rumor media.

    1. Who cares? You will have to deal with it. City have strengthened and made their team more exciting. Sterling has been playing great for the past 3 seasons now. He has class, potential and consistency. You can sit here and whine but aren’t you one of those who don’t want additions to our team?
      Liverpool said they want 50M…they got 50M. Arsenal couldn’t even sell Fabregas for 40M if I can remember he went for easy 30M. Liverpool sell very well but they are also prone to overpaying sometimes like with Andy Carroll.
      And Schneiderlin was the best defensive midfielder in the league last season. Definitely better than Francis Coquelin in tackling, distribution, key passes and has shown his quality since he went to Southampton. So 2 or 3 years now. So we missed out on him. GET OVER IT.

      1. City have strengthened ? Their first team players are all ageing with no long term replacements besides Sterling. Yaya Toure ? Ramsey kept him in his pocket if I recall. Aguero ? Nope, keeps getting injured. Kompany ? Sanchez runs rings around him. Fernandinho ? Nope, Cazorla is untouchable, Ozil is unstoppable. I don’t see how City is considered a threat when their players are on the decline and ours are on the rise with new additions.

        1. They just added Raheem didn’t they? They needed an exciting, fast player to add to their ageing squad like you say. Didn’t they do it? Isn’t that what you call strengthening?
          You can play it down all you want but they have strengthened and I bet they are not done strengthening either. They’ve tried and failed for Pogba. They will try and they will get other targets like they do every transfer window. Where is the world class striker at Arsenal? Where is the world class DM or a player of notable quality that will play there when we play european giants like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, Chelsea etc.
          You don’t hear Man City and Chelsea saying the squad that they have from last season can win the EPL like Wenger has been mumbling all week. And these are the two teams that have won the last 2 EPL’s.
          Wenger is just good at talking big like we he does every single season. He has said for the past 4 to 5 seasons now that we can win the title at the start of every season when for each of those campaigns we never had a squad capable of winning the EPL and we still don’t. You have to be naive to believe this squad can challenge for the EPL and CL.

          1. I reckon you need to look up the word “stagnation” and take those light-blue tinted specs off. How can you be in awe of a side that has spent £800M since 2008-09 or even begin to imagine we should be competing, or want to compete, with their spending. Yes they realised their dreams in winning their 3rd and 4th league titles in 2012 and 2014 – one with the last kick of the season and the other almost by default. And they have flopped big time in Europe. Of the 55 permanent deals they have done since 08/09 barely a dozen remain. Forget the rest, just look at their striker record, overpaid on nearly everyone, most under performed in return and some were bought but couldn’t be accommodated so sold on, anyone for Jo (£18M), Robinho (£32M), Santa Cruz (£19M), Adebayor (£25M), Balotelli (£25M), Negredo (£21M), Jovetic (£26M), Navas (£23M). 73 league goals in total from these guys across a total of 15 seasons between them – or £180M for less than 5 league goals a season per player.

            The only things of value they have left from their £800M spree with Kompany broken and Toure fading are Aguero and Silva. We went out and bought our own equivalents in Alexis and Ozil – no fuss.

            And you think Fernandinho is a world class CDM and Fernando his able understudy?? £45M worth of tut.

            Got time for Chelsea and United in their transfer dealings but don’t bring these jokers or Liverpool anywhere near a discussion on how clubs should conduct themselves in the transfer market. And Sterling – a new world superstar or City’s next Shaun Wright-Phillips – only time will tell.

        2. If you don’t consider Man City a threat, then I wonder if you have been watching the EPL for the last 5 years.
          I guarantee you if we don’t add a world class striker and a notable DM, Man City will finish above us like they have done since 2010/2011.
          There is no proof to indicate Man City are declining and we are rising just because they are ageing. Juventus was ageing also and they reached the CL final. Man City have been doing better than us in the league for 5 years and have been better than us in the champions league for the past two years.
          City just weren’t as good last season as they were the previous season when they won the title. I don’t see how a year removed…they are classified as ageing. You will make up any nonsense to justify our stagnation so good for you. City have won the EPL twice in the last 4 years, we haven’t in 11 years. Man City have risen above us in the past 5 years and we have stagnated. If you ask me, I have a strong feeling the title will go back to Manchester next year. Hell, I’ll be bold and say Man City will win it again next season. They will sign top quality players. We know they will, its not some nail-biting hope like we go through here every transfer window.
          Until I see the us sign a world class striker and another DM with a reputation…we are not winning the EPL or CL.

  7. Arsenal was linked with Fellani and Di Maria before they signed for Manure – look how that turned out…With LVG, Man U are never gonna win the EPL.
    Anyway the transfer window is still open, im sure there’s we could still sign a decent enough cover for Le Coq…

    1. I was thinking nearly the exact same thing and was beginning to offer my comment and then I read your post. Spooky.

      I also very distinctly remember the panic on this site when ManU got Falcao. The season is over they claimed. ManU will now crush Arsenal, they cried. They will be unstoppable, they howled.

  8. We honestly don’t know the whole situation. From reports it seems like he picked United over us and we DID have talks with him. Who knows? Wenger certainly wouldn’t say anything. The truth is we missed a good player. If we don’t sign a good player in that position we will still have a gap in the team to some extent. BUT we do not know exactly what has happened with this transfer so I’m loathe to point fingers of blame for us not getting him.

    1. If he really did then it goes to show how good our midfield is, not any midfielder can assume a spot in the first team will be guaranteed 😀

  9. can we not do this please? Forget him and move on,hope for the best please, Wenger ain’t a retard and i’m sure he knows whats best

  10. Again this hysteria from fans and people who write these articles is riddiculous. Schneiderlin is a different player to Le Coq. He cant play that position as he is not so discplined and would need another central midfielder next to him that is discplined, he is in the same mould as Ramsey. He would be competing for the spot next to le coq where the is Ramsey, Jack, the emergence of Carzola and the potential of the ox. Schneiderlin could not play the role Le coq does. Wenger likes to have lots of attacking players and the reason Le coq has been so effective is his discpline, that is also the reason Wenger rightly or wrongly thought arteta can play that role.
    We did not and do not need Schneiderlin, we need someone who is happy to play that discplined midfield role to allow the rest of our attacking talent to do its job.
    Now there are not many of these types in world football. The prime example of this is Sergio Busquestes. Wenger either tries to upgrade on Le coq which would be who? Javi Martinez, Philip Lahm can play that role, Matic, Marco verrati, Xabi Alonso . None of these are for sale. Then lets look at the second tier down Krychwek, Caravllho, Sven Bender etc. Not such a huge upgrade but they woudl provide competition but are they worth the money to provide competition and cover and would they be willing to come?
    Back to my point really we need a discplined dm, not a player that likes to get forward and get involved in the action. If we were to go for a Schneiderlin type of player then the we would have to play with a double pivot or a straight dm next to them which leaves us in the same situation as still needing another discplined dm or more players that are capable of playing thje double pivot, which in my opinion is not greatly effective unless you have two big athletic players who can cover the ground quickly and constantly make the presence known for example petit and viera. We play a more tactical game meaning we need the discpline and we need the tactical awarness.

  11. Arsenal MAY regret losing Schneiderlin, but……..

    I DEFINITELY regret reading this stupid article.

    According to this line of logic, Arsenal have now “missed out” on every good player in the world except Cech. Sure is a lot of “missing out.”

  12. Arsenal about to sign the new cygan . He’s called j. Evans and is slightly better than his French rolemodel.

    Benzema and bender on their way too.
    Reus stated that he likes rozicky so he signs for free.

    And he brings Manuel Neuer who’s a good friend of reus with him.

    Stay tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuned

  13. Schneiderling is a better player then Coquelin and in my books thats all what counts. Quality over dream thinking.

    1. Some Arsenal fans are just either a bitter bunch or a little deluded. They play down every good player we didn’t get and overhype the ones we have. Like how an idiot here said Jack Wilshere and Ramsey are better than Pogba or Giroud is better than Benzema. Logic isn’t very strong amongst some Arsenal fans here.

      1. whts is wrong in supporting our own playr than bashing them.
        Look at our mid its like fooking 7-8 players for 3 spots its already a bit much .
        For all those wanted schlin. for 25 mil think about it for once.
        Against the lower table teams Arteta is more than able to handle it he has done it in last 3 seasons so why not now. and those who are calling for ambitions i think no one wants to lose not even a street dog. So pls stay clam.

        1. Then they should have released both or one of Arteta and Flamini. Loan Gnabry, Sanogo, Silva and sell Campbell.
          Its not like they even play that much or they stay fit for long periods. Arteta missed the whole of last season. Wilshere too for most of it. I like Chamberlain and Walcott also but lets be honest at some point next season they will be injured for long periods. We can’t keep doing the same freaking dance every f*cking year. Should we keep relying on that or bring in quality players to keep the squad fresh, competitive and healthy?

          1. Whats the point in being a in Love with some players in the club when other teams have better players then we do. I am voicing my openion here out that we are not good enough and others are getting stronger by getting better players then we do. And some have the nerv to say, Bashing players whatsoever. Am i telling some lies or something?

            Fake pride means facking nothing as long as you keep on losing to 8 or to 6 goals to others. This is what you call bashing and not saying that one player is not good enough.<

            Like the tool Giroud who is asking to meet Henry face to face. Just when must a king explain himself to a donkay. This is what i call bashing now. Well deserved bashing. A player who doest listen to his critisem is a fool.

            I dont listen to critisem. I dont care whatsoever. Well that mofo is a lucky son of a b&tch bec if it wasnt for Wenger he would be long off.

            Sometimes you miss chances, bla bla. Sometimes you fakk hookers before football matches but who cares. Wenger is the man.

            Ferguson and Moro are better then Wenger for are a reason. And we will never win the Epl or ever the Cl if we tolerate incompetence any longer.

          2. Flamini will not see the Arsenal pitch. Gnabry and Sanogo will go on loan. Campbell either loaned or sold. You are worrying over nothing.

      2. There are two sorts of fans; those that prefer playing down the players we never got, or were never in for, and bigging up our own guys or, as you choose, the exact opposite, to big up and hype the opposition and the players that we don’t get and ridicule or comically undersell our own.

        In general, I get by with the idea that the quality gap between what we have and what we desire is never as huge as suggested.

    2. Maybe we should just give up until we have,,,,,,,, Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Ribery, and Neurer because they are all better than some of the current gunners.

      1. Not trying to get players close to them is like Giving up. Like for example when you need good player to push for the title and you bring Kim Kalstrom in return its the same like giving up.

        Or if Think that Giroud can win us the leauge. Or starting the season without a CB backup and so one.

    3. You are comparing the wrong players…Schneiderlin vs Ramsey is the right comparison. Rambo wins hands down

  14. Is Schneiderlin better than Ramsey? Simple answer is NO! Therefore not an upgrade to any position we have. Why would we regret it? Don’t quote squawka stats…Ramsey hardly plays in that role…but that isn’t to say he couldn’t be as effective or better there. I have seen enough and I am convinced his best position is at the base of midfield with Carzola.
    That is a just a “killer” double pivot.

    I don’t believe for a second AW was out in the market for a “DM”…if Coq is injured or out..he would play Ramsey and cazorla together…or Arteta with Santi…depending on the opposition.
    If you think for a second Arsenal wants a big, tackling brute in front of our defense…then you you have no idea how we play.

    If there is one weakness we have…that is the aerial power in the centre of the park. We compete but usually can’t contain the first ball into the middle so we structure to fight/win the second ball. Not a major weakness but it is one. When we had Vieira (192cm)…we commanded the air and ground! Bielik is 189cm and possibly still growing! Diaby is 191cm..a contributing factor to AW’s disposition to the man. Scheinderlin is 180cm…Ramsey is 178cm…The Bender boys are around 184-185cm…ok. carvalho is 187cm…but with a busted leg…forget him. Schweinsteiger is 183cm and the wrong side of 30 (1 year to gel with the team…1 year to be effective..gone the 3rd year to MLS).

    Anyway…my suspicion is AW is looking for a tall complete mid….and there’s none around. He has one of the best complete mids in the world in Ramsey. He has a very good Holding Mid in Coq whom…could very well improve this season. he would love a bit more height in the midfield but won[t break the bank to get it.

    There will be another signing…it will be for a Forward.

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