Arsenal may struggle to get a world class manager because of finances

Arsenal finances may be the biggest stumbling block in their search for a world-class manager.

Arsenal is searching for a new manager after they fired Unai Emery following a series of disappointing results.

Freddie Ljungberg has been offered the position temporarily but he is unlikely to be a long term hire. In the meantime, the club is said to be searching for a permanent manager.

Reports from the Express claims that Arsenal is struggling to get a top manager as their next appointee because they have set aside a low budget.

The report claims that Arsenal hasn’t been making as much money as their rivals due to the poor value of their players as well as their absence from the Champions League.

Emery earned £6 Million per season, but the likes of Max Allegri, Mauricio Pochettino and Carlo Ancelotti whom the Gunners have targeted could command at least double that.

OK, I have to be honest, I am not sure of the veracity of this report.

In the summer Arsenal was supposed to have only a budget of £45 Million and we saw how accurate that was.

I have little confidence in the Arsenal board but even they must know that spending ten, twelve, fifteen million per year on a world-class manager is serious value for money.

Managers make a world of difference, we have seen that at Man Utd and penny pinching when it comes to employing a top-quality manager is ridiculous.

If this report turns out to be true then the board deserve to be condemned without reservation.


  1. If they skimp and go for inexperienced they will regret it even more. If this club is progressive it will pay for top notch. Or they will pay in the long run with arteta or Freddie. Its their call.

  2. Wenger’s salary was around nine millions per annum. Surely the likes of Allegri, Pochettino and Ancelotti should earn less than more senior manager like Wenger?

    Arsenal would also most likely be able to sell some players in the summer. The sale would increase the transfer budget and I believe we would get at least one marquee signing due to our contract with Adidas

    So there shouldn’t be financial problem for the new manager, especially if we manage to sell Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mustafi, Pepe or Xhaka

    1. You do realize if they sell Auba, Laca and Pepe, they need at least Minimum of $300 Mil to replace them and also getting better CB and DM. They need to renew Laca’s contract and may be sell Auba but not all three attacking players you mentioned. They should hold a garage sell for Sokratis, Holding, Mustafi, Xhaka, AMN, Ozil and Mikhi. getting them off the wage bill should be a priority

      1. True about keeping at least 2 out of 3 forwards and also Pepe’s value is probably not high right now.

        Of the players you say we should sell Ozil cannot be sold due to his wages and paying another club is useless as he still offers something. Instead of Holding I would sell Chambers. Holding can at least be a 3rd choice CB in the long run, but Chambers is weaker as CB and even worse as a RB despite starting there his first 3 seasons as a pro. As DM – it’s clear none of our managers see him there, and frankly if it’s not Torreira, I would rather play Luiz there – similarly average defensively, but at least much better long passes…

  3. There is no such thing as a world class manager.
    Clubs buy the title. 97% of the time the richest clubs win.
    Managers get the sack because they don’t meet unrealistic expectations.
    To prove this as an experiment I have set the new Arsenal manager the same
    unrealistic expectation set Emery
    Top 4 or the sack.
    With Liverpool Leicester, Man City and Chelsea nailed on top 4 the
    new Arsenal manager can only “fail” by not making top 4.

  4. All this “Arsenal doesn’t have money” talk from the media just really angers me. We’re a multimillion pound brand, in fact last time I heard we were valued at what? 2 billion? We have a self sustaining model, next to zero debt, pay some of the highest wages in the world and a world renowned stadium that’s been paid off. Must they always make it sound like we’re a poor club?? Geez… I’m tired of this

  5. The Arsenal will get the manager/coach that kronkie’s budget determines they can go out and attract.

    It will also be determined by the transfer kitty that kronkie will allocate under the new manager/coach.

    AlexLaca9, what you are forgetting is that, whatever The Arsenal are valued at, it is KRONKIES money…and therein lies the problem.

    By the way,the last time I looked (last season) we will be paying £15,000,000 a year until 2030 on interest charged for the Emirates, I don’t call that zero debts.

    1. Good article Admin Martin, you may have hit the nail on the head. I feel that penny pinching may the order of the the day, but I hope I’m proved wrong.

      By the way on the same subject of Emery’s successor, a survey for Arsenal’s prospective new manager on a rival site had ONE fan voting for Alan Pardew!!!

    2. I stand corrected, thank you for that Ken. But still they make it sound as if we have to beg every player or manager to sign for us, just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and makes us look so bad. It’s so sad what The Arsenal has become

  6. I think we should stick with Freddie at least till the season ends and see how to go from there. Surely Freddie will not do any bad or worse than Emery. Give Freddie the millions to buy a proper CB and DM in the January transfer window and I am sure he will succeed. Give him the backing from the Board, the players and the fans and I am sure he will take Arsenal to the next level because remember he is an Invincible and has the Arsenal DNA in him.

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