Arsenal may tempt Celtic with player in Kieran Tierney offer – bad idea

It is now widely reported that Arsenal is interested in signing Celtic defender Kieran Tierney but is handicapped with a low transfer budget.

So, the latest news is now claiming that the club is considering offering one of four players to the Hoops to sweeten the deal.

The four players are said to be, Carl Jenkinson, Jordi Osei-Tutu, Emile Smith Rowe or Eddie Nketiah.

Now, I have made it clear in previous articles that I like Tierney and believe he can do a job for us but it is a bad idea to start offering up some of our talented youngsters.

Sure, a player like Carl Jenkinson can be included but why is Jordi Osei-Tutu, Emile Smith Rowe or Eddie Nketiah included because if I was the Celtic manager and offered this deal it would not be Jenkinson I would want that is for certain.

We have yet to see the true development of Osei-Tutu, Smith Rowe or Nketiah, if they are not ready for the senior team then loan them out and see how they progress but not start including them in swap deals.

If Arsenal wants to do a swap deal do it with senior players that have flopped, give them Shkodran Mustafi instead.

Look at Tottenham, how many times was Harry Kane loaned out? in fact, they have a habit of loaning their players out on multiple occasions and at the right time, they are promoted to the senior team or sold.

If they are no good and will never make it then what makes the board think that Celtic will say, yeah, go on then, give us one of your underperforming kids.

For some reason, Arsenal seems to have no coherent plan on how to develop the talented youth players we have.

What I do know is that, while I like Tierney I do not want to sacrifice some of our own prospects in order to make a deal work because we are broke.

You do not compound previous transfer mistakes by making new ones.


  1. How can Arsenal offer Jenkinson to other club, if Jenkinson’s contract will end on the 30th? This news doesn’t make any sense

    If Tierney is too expensive, why not get Grimaldo instead? I think he would be cheaper and better in attacking

    1. Absolutely spot on and am kicking myself for not remembering that. That said, the focus of the article was really about putting in three of the youngsters as options, but that was a glaring miss by me. My apologies.

      1. Admin, you may need to kick yourself. I read somewhere that his contract is ending next year and this year because he signed a five years contract in 2015. This I believe is right otherwise he would have been among the players that were released recently if we are not planning to extend his contract.

        1. You know what, I cannot seem to find reliable information on this, In July 2015 he signed a long term contract, that is on the Arsenal official site but does not say how long, most sources do say it was five years but transfermarkt says expires end of this month, Sportsrac says next year, sounds like it could be next year but till now cannot find anything official.

  2. Its being reported that Celtic are interested in Jenkinson so i would definietely offer him as a makeweight. We would still have to cough up a bit of cash though surely. I suggest we could ofer Monreal too. Its no secret that Monreal is past his best but i think the SPL would be a great league for him. Less competetive but he would still get the chance to play Champions League and win a few trophies before he retires. Some people would say we lose 2 players and gain one but with our budget so small its a good way to lower our wage bill whilst strenghening our LB position without spending a penny. Now im no expert in how transfers work and swap deals seem quite rare really but if there is any chance this could happen i would be happy for that to happen. What do you guys think? As for the article i definietely would nott add any of our young guys unless it was on loan.

  3. I hope he comes, offers more than Kola and Monreal. Tierney can defend, cross, and has huge engine. Good business and with Bellerin, would set our fullbacks for next 5-7 years.

    1. I feel Kolasinac could create more assists if he plays in a 4-3-3 formation

      If Kolasinac stays, I highly doubt Tierney would come and a young LB might get promoted from the academy instead

      1. Kolasinac probably would up his assists, but he’s not a good defender, and that’s hurting the team.

        Tierney can provide assists as well, but he’s a better defender than Kolasinac.

        Tierney can also play other positions, and Emery seems to like versatility.

        With Tierney, Bellerin, Holding, and Leno we have makings of good defense for years to come.

          1. You got that right! Still think they should hire Lee Dixon for a week to show him how it all works.

        1. Durand – apart from not being a good defender Kolasinac is our ‘pass the ball backwards’ specialist. He is the master at slowing down our attack as whenever he is confronted by a defender he immediately stops, turns away and passes the ball either back or sideways. The thought of actually trying to go past a defender (or even a training cone) scares him to death. If he could be included in any swap deal it would make my day. I really hope I never see him in an Arsenal shirt again.

      2. I used to like Kolasinac, but I now deem him to be completely useless. Is primary objective is to defend, which he cannot do, so he cannot play at LB. His only position would the be LWB, which he gets into some fantastic positions, but then he cannot cross a ball to save his life at times. No good at either end, and he doesn’t even have the stamina to get up and down like all good LB/LWB’s need.

  4. It is in the best interest for Celtic and him if he goes on to a better league. Premier league can offer that, and arsenal can be a root. Only other team would be spurs who might want to replace Rose who could offer him a better option.
    But if we sold them Jenkinson and loaned them ESR and Nketiah then they might enjoy some talent together for a season. Maybe Nketiah could come with a buy option for them and a buy back option for us. We will need to give them somewhere near £20-£25m. ideally £20m.

    Its all though, very what ifs.
    Papers reports of unia’s request and putting it back on the board and Kroenke is interesting.

    I don’t know when the window opens but there is reports we have signed a young Brazilian kid, agreed contracts (but not fees) with a young player from the French leagues. If Tierney was to come, and then Edu (a very latino feeling set up) – it could mean a few good things.

    A fully fit Bellerin, Holding and Tierney and Leno, our backline is starting to look interesting. Add this French kid, Mavro and sokratis and it is better.

    All whats ifs

  5. Kieran Tierney is the best left back in the u.k FACT. Everybody in Scotland knows that and just because Robertson plays with Liverpool, people are saying he could be better than Tierney absolute nonsense, if yous get KT he will be the best left back in the world and your poty without a doubt , mark these words.

    1. Pat, Robertson had 11 EPL assists, and part of a UCL winning team. He is easily the best LB in the U.K. and it’s not even close. Tierney has been injured for decent stretches of the season, and you can’t compare Scottish league to EPL.

  6. Hi. Scottish gunner here. I probably seen more of tierney than most. In my humble opinion he is a great modern full back. Solid defender and good going forward. Opinion up here is he had more potential than Andy Robertson, who has blossomed with Liverpool. Remember arsene looked at VVD when he was at Celtic, but balked at 10M price tag. It’s a poorer league, no doubt. But a few diamonds waiting to be found!

  7. Well said Pat.Tierney is in fact a better defender than Andrew Robertson who probably has the edge going forward.They are both vastly superior to Kolasinac and sadly the aging Monreal who has been a good servant to Arsenal.

  8. The cost of buying Tierney is roughly the same as the fee Arsenal would expect Kolasinac would sell for with Barcelona and Schalke interested.
    By including players such as Elneny or Jenkinson in exchange and allowing a youth player like Osei-tutu (if Jenkinson doesn’t go there) or Nketiah on season loan could bring the fee down.

  9. Why not send them some of of top youth players on loan in return?

    That would add huge value to any offer. Rangers have shown that U23 EPL players can have an impact in Scotland

    Competitive and Champions League football for the youngsters too

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