Arsenal Men v Arsenal Women – What a game that would be

The battle of the Men and Women! by Shenel Osman

Every season we face off against pretty much the same opposition especially in the Premier League, but there comes a time when some sort of change is needed. Maybe not so much a change but an addition to possibly our pre-season fixtures!

Isn’t it time our men and women teams faced off against one another?

I have always wondered who would come out on top if our men’s and women’s team ever went head to head in a game.

We know the talent and depth in strength that both teams have so we know that any matchup between them will produce lots of quality on and off of the ball.

But the question is, would the men want to be upstaged by our women 😉 if that was to happen of course. Because I don’t think they would be able to step out on to the Emirates pitch ever again if they lost!

In all honesty though maybe when the pandemic is over this idea can be pitched to both teams and when their fixture list is less congested or even in an Emirates cup type of event, this can be a game that happens and if successful can be a yearly occurrence.

I have forever wished this would happen and I really hope that one day both teams can come together in a charity match that would see them raise money for a charity of their choice or for the Arsenal foundation in that particular year, and also because I want it to give fans an insight into whether the men’s or women’s team is the best! That would settle any debate there may be I’m sure.

Would you like to see our men and women face off against each other in a friendly/charity match Gooners?


  1. Umm based on biological differences, I think the match would be pretty one-sided. There are some examples where U-15 boys teams have defeated women’s national teams, so a club vs club wouldn’t be that competitive.

  2. Closest I ever came to this was playing our girls school hockey side. They won comfortably, but we were a bit distracted TBH.
    We beat them at cricket though.

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