Arsenal show their class with message to Liverpool after Watford end their unbeaten run

Arsenal’s unique record is intact for another year!

Arsenal fans haven’t had a huge amount to celebrate this season, so forgive us for feeling a small thrill and a big sense of pride that Watford were able to prevent Liverpool replicating our famous 2003/04 Invincibles side yesterday.

The Hornets won 3-0 against the runaway Premier League leaders at Vicarage Road, giving Jurgen Klopp’s side their first league defeat of the season, and ensuring their unbeaten run ended at 44 games, making it the second longest ever in English football to our 49.

Arsenal’s official account tweeted to sum up what pretty much every Gooner was feeling after the final whistle…

But they didn’t rub it in Liverpool’s noses, instead sending the Reds this classy message in response to their impressive run finally coming to an end…

There’s no Premier League football for Arsenal this weekend, but we’re in action on Monday night as we take on Portsmouth away in the FA Cup fifth round.


  1. Now that “the Invincible” record stands another year, Jurgen Klopp now needs to win or draw the remaining games to equal George Graham’s record of only losing one game in the 1990-91 season.

    1. Let’s hope Liverpool lose or draw a few more then!
      Now that they’ve lost it will now spur on other teams knowing that they are not all conquering

    2. Which they are now unlilely to do, IMO. They still have City away to come. If Steve Bould had not been injured in the second half at Chelsea in 1991, George Graham would have beaten Wenger to that record,. Graham has been shamefully underrated by history, probably because of how his time ended, with a bung. But if only Wenger had a fraction of Grahams respect for the vital need of a proper defence and his ability to judge great defenders and bring them here for relative peanuts, then we might well have 20 titles ourself now, instead of just 13. This woeful and final decade long incompetence in defence will always stain WENGERS LEGACY, FOR MY MONEY. Not ruin it mind, just stain or tarnish it. I can never forget that the ONLY indisputable world class CB Wenger ever brought to Arsenal in 22 years was a free transfer in CAMPBELL, though he brought in a long string of duffers, starting with Senderos and ending with Mustafi. Such things matter when speaking of legacy!

      1. Koscielny & Toure were pretty good finds, in fairness. Credited with prolonging the careers of some of ol’ George’s boys n all when he came in & switched things up.

    1. Back passes, we have always got lucky with them this self inflicted dangerous play, this time round it the blow was fatal for 2020 Europa campaign. I hope we have learned our lesson.

  2. Talk about brief but brilliant. “Phew” sums up the classiest tweet ever. It implies respect for what Liverpol have achieved and relief that is did NOT equal our achievement and without a put down. Less is certainly more. Now, if only I could self apply that quality !

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