Arsenal mid season break to Dubai may not happen

Arsenal warm-weather training camp at risk of being called off after the Coronavirus outbreak in the UAE.

Arsenal could be forced to abandon their plans for a warm-weather training camp in Dubai this month after the recent discovery of the Coronavirus outbreak in the UAE, according to a report in the Telegraph.

A Chinese family who moved to the UAE on the 16th of January have been diagnosed with the deadly disease that is sweeping through China.

The location of the family is presently unknown however, there are fears that they might have infected more people as they entered the country.

Mikel Arteta has been planning to take his players to a warm-weather training camp and Dubai became the final location they chose after they also considered some parts of Europe.

The camp is designed to help Mikel Arteta know more about his team as well as for him to integrate new signings and strategize for the second half of the Premier League season.

It would not be the end of the world if they had to cancel the trip to Dubai, there are other locations and it would surely be better to be safe than sorry.

The Gunners have been in fine form since they made Arteta their new manager, but the ultimate goal this season is for him to help them finish inside the top four.

The Gunners are currently ten points behind Chelsea who are 4th on the league table and they would feel they can gatecrash the top four party with a run of fine results.


  1. I wouldn’t risk it. Just stay in Europe.

    A few articles ago I noticed a lot of fans were happy that Mustafi should be back very soon…how on earth is that good news? Does no one watch him play? He was the most responsible for us dropping 5pts against Chelsea recently with his typical blunders! Not to mention all his other mistakes down the years. Just play one of our reserve/youth players instead. It’s not as if they could be any worse!

    1. @TMJW, on your last point about anyone playing worse than Mustafi, Holding is apparently playing worse at the moment.

      Regarding the article itself, there is really no need to cancel the trip over the fears.
      There will be very low risk on the flight from Europe to Dubai. However, the team should be cautioned on unsupervised outings to chinese restaurants or local eateries in Dubai. They should also be made to wear face masks whenever they are in a public place.

    2. Hey TMJ,

      I honestly believe the board experts
      have reached a consensus that Mustafi
      isnt good enough to be a consistent
      1st choice CB for AFC. SM has without
      question experienced a torid time on
      the pitch in North London to date,
      but to his credit the German has
      embraced the unrelenting criticism
      and rededicated himself to MA and the
      club. Will it result in a dramatic
      transformation in performance? Most
      Arsenal fans would unequivocally say
      NO but what is the point in the AD
      NAUSEAM crucifixion of Mustafi?

      If your content on perpetuating this
      Arsenal player assasination theme
      then honestly ask yourself how many
      sitters have Auba, Laca, and
      Pepe missed this season? Collectively
      do they equal or far surpass the
      number of points dropped that you
      attribute to Mustafi’s Chelsea
      blunders. I would say more but whats
      the point of questioning our supposed
      WC attack when excoriating a much
      maligned player seems much more

      Mustafi has been through everything
      as an Arsenal player, and as long as
      he continues to commit himself to
      the team and fight for the badge I
      will continue to support his time in

      1. @Abel – I agree that Holdings all round game has been very poor since returning from injury, especially his passing out from the back, but I don’t recall him making too many major errors that have led directly to a goal, like Mustafi has. To be fair, I haven’t watched every one of his performances this season.

        @Ace – I do not question Mustafi’s attitude, in fact, I feel he is model professional that has taken criticism very well. Player’s like Ozil could learn from him. I wouldn’t say constant criticism is tantamount to character assassination, I am just speaking the truth, and not only about him. I criticize, and praise all our players when deserving of it, but without losing sight of the bigger picture. E.g. One or two good performances do make up for months/years of bad performances. To mention Auba in the same breathe as Mustafi is ridiculous! He may have missed the odd sitter here and there, but his overall contribution has been absolutely fantastic!

        So it’s not just Mustafi, 95% of the squad needs to go. Leno, Saka, Auba, Martinelli, Torreira, are the only ones I would definitely keep.

          1. @TMJ.Well, you should send your apprehensions(its becoming a bit noxious) directly to Arteta because he is the one to include Mustafi and valued his contributions in the team.In relation to your suggestion to remove more than 50% of players;man,this is not Play Station.Come back to the real world,I thing more than 95%(just to put a number)of Arsenal fans are very happy with the direction that Arteta is taking with the team.

          2. @Georgy

            I am just simply making the point that 95% of our players need replacing. We currently have one of worst squads I have ever seen. The reason I am criticizing players more often than not (especially the likes of Ozil and Mustafi) is because they’re very rarely performing well. Would you like me to lie about their performances from on? Should I only ever comment on positive things, and not the whole picture? I apologize, but I prefer telling the whole story, and the truth.

            Mustafi has been awful for Arsenal FC!

  2. @Georgy

    I am happy with the way we are playing presently. You can see that there’s a plan and the players understand what they need to do.

    I have complete trust in M. Arteta to replace parts of the system for better ones as he sees fit

  3. MA will decide if and when Mustafi goes. Actually, I like his reaction in the Chelsea match. Impeccable. The coach took note as well.

    @TMJW, “Players like Ozil should learn from…” There we go again!

    Can we please leave this man out of everything negative that is written about Arsenal for once?

    1. Will you be having a go at Admin as well for having so many articles on Ozil? Or is just in the comments you want to control free speech? A little facist if you ask me!

      1. @TMJW.I thing that your negativity is blocking your good reasoning.Come on man!You can do better and contribute positively to this forum;I sense that you have the ability to do it.

  4. The virus is deadly but a country like UAE and our club will have taken appropriate measures for the players safety.

    Klopp is disrespecting the shrewsbury manager.
    And all liverpool fans have backed the coach,no matter what the decision he took but we, gooners what do we do?We keep arguing about every decision MA takes(the mustafi situation for example,MA said he can improve him but what do we do?Continue crticising,abusing him.Ma has proved what he can do with the so called ‘average’ players.The best example is Xhaka)

  5. but is it true that this virus doesn’t stand in high temperature environment?? and that can be eradicated easily by medical grade alcohol like chlorine disinfectant???

  6. Spain might be better. That Dubai trip seemed to work against us when we took it. Before the trip we were on course, we were doing ok but some players needed a rest. Then when we got back everyone looked sluggish, all the team looked off the pace. I don’t know what Emery done with them over there but I’ve seen soldiers coming back from war with more gusto and more pep in their step, the PL other players looked more powerful than our sunnied and rested team. I think he must have thought that the trip was about squeezing more training from them and they worked twice as hard or something. Did any of the players speak about that trip after Emery left. A lot of these players are used to the British weather, the sun takes it out of you even if you’re doing F all, it knackers me out just walking in the sun’s direction, and if I choose to just lay in it, it knackers me there too. We all used to see when British teams played in a hot climate, all the cramping 2 thirds into the game and then players looking dead on their feet towards the end because they’re used to the British weather. Dubai, I’m talking about Spain here or a hot summer in Britain, I can’t imagine how hot Dubai is, it doesn’t sound comfortable for a pale face.

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