Arsenal midfield the key to Leicester and Premier League wins?

For quite few years now it has been the Arsenal midfield that has been the best part of our squad, even though there has been criticism of Arsene Wenger for relying too much on the same sort of small and technically gifted players like Tomas Rosicky, Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla and not enough steel and aggression.

In Francis Coquelin the Gunners have finally found the player that we have been asking for ever since the golden days with Patrick Vieira and Gilberto Silva and now that the young Frenchman is back from his injury lay off we should hopefully be very strong in that midfield area again, despite Cazorla and Wilshere still being out of action.

So how does our midfield compare to that of the other three clubs in the top four? Looking at a handy statistical report by Sky Sports it looks encouraging for Arsenal fans. Obviously Mesut Ozil is way ahead of the likes of Toure, Silva, Mahrez, Alli and Erikssen when it comes to assists and chances. He also has the best shooting accuracy despite only having four EPL goals.

He and Ramsey are also the top two for completed passes and Coquelin has the best passing accuracy but the Gunners are not well represented in the stats for scoring goals and for defending. However, before his injury Coquelin had the best DM stats in the division and when it comes to goals I don’t see why Mahrez, who plays mainly as a wide forward, is included while Alexis Sanchez is not.

So when you add the considerable talents of Alexis and Coquelin there is a very strong argument that Arsenal do have the best midfield by some distance. But will it be good enough to see us beat Leicester on Sunday and then pip them, Spurs and Man City to the Premier League title?

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  1. Our big problem has been our inability to score goals and that explains a string of goaless draws we had with stoke and southamton…rember city had alot of possesion against leicester but cld not account for it..we have to be lethal like our 1st encounter with them to stand a chance!!!

      1. Don’t be silly Soapy

        I’m just saying it’s unfair to compare a player who’s out of form with one enjoying the greatest moments of his career.

    1. He is NOT out of form, having just got back from injury I think its more a case of him getting back into his stride….he’s played 4 matches or less since his comeback and has a goal….not exactly bad for someone out of the game for 3 months

  2. EL-neny has never Lost at the emirates

    EL-neny has never played in an away kit before

    EL-neny has never played more than a game for Arsenal

    u could do with reducing the hype for now bru…

  3. we need Elneney and Coq to start vs Leicester. play Ramsey in RW
    gibbo shoud start vs Mharez

    Bellerin gab Kos gibo
    Coq Mo
    Ramsey Ozil Sanchez

    1. Put Walcott instead of Giroud … Giroud will struggle against the dinosaurs “Morgan and Huth” …
      Ramsey in RW, not bad …

    2. Hahaha
      We all know full well that Wenger will start with Flamini and Ramsey in pivotal positions ?

      Expect the Same line up, from the last game:
      Bellerin, Koscielny, Gabriel, Monreal
      Ramsey, Flamini
      Ox, Ozil, Sanchez

      1. Yep. Our lineup rarely changes except in the case of a suspension, *several* shocking performances and chest cold.

  4. OT
    I see the Greater Portuguese Gob is to manage Manure. Let’s hope and pray he f**** them up like he did with his last season at Chelski.
    He’s good we all know but tends to leave a lot of crap in his wake.

  5. If you remember correctly, we had this problem at the beginning of the season,I mean the goals problem..we couldn’t score against west ham and some of the matches we won, we won with own goals, so the problem eased when walcott was introduced as a striker and it also brought out Ozil’s form as we had a free flowing attack with Ramsey on the right…
    So imo, we should just play Coq and Elneny and shift Ramsey to the wing,our attack wil be so unpredictable and free flowing add Bellerin’s overlapping runs, no way would leceister cope with d movement of walcott, sanchez and ramsey± bellerin…we press them hard and score 2 quick goals, then later we bring in the Ox and Giroud to kill them off….easier said than done!

    1. In an earlier article I sort of suggested that and I could quite understand the thumps down.

      I totally agree with you.
      We were scoring for fun when Walcott was CF. Not that he is world class there but the runs, movement, pace gave Ozil and Sanchez a lot of space to do damage (remember the 3-0 ManU? Ozil and Sanchez scored with Walcott chipping in assists). That is what we need now.

      But then with Wenger, you know its not going to happen.

  6. In as much as I want Elneny to start, I doubt Wenger will throw him in such a big game…

    I also want Elneny to start against Barcelona as he has got huge champions league experience or great experience in Europe with Basel but wenger knows best. What do I know? Lol…

  7. tho Giroud and Ozil partnership has given us the most goals. but I still prefer to see Walcott start up top. with him in the team the other guys tend to play better cos they get more space to operate. we need to get Sanchez to form quickly. there isn’t much use of him being fit if he’s not delivering.

  8. Going through most comments I can see most are agreeing on the thought of Walcott in CF, which am crossing my fingers it happens and fast.
    The pace, movement, space, runs it creates is a huge advantage for the attacking weaponry that Ozil and Sanchez have. If you put a Ox/Campbell in the mix you have what it takes to score…

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