Arsenal midfielder not short of offers for January or summer move says agent

Just about every single transfer rumour about Mohamed Elneny in the last year has been linking the Eygptian international with a move to Turkey, with it even being claimed last week that he has already agreed terms for a move to Galatasary in January if Arsenal let him leave.

But according to his agent, William D’avila, although Galatasary is a very attractive option, there will not be a shortage of offers for him, either at a cut-price in January, or as a free agent next summer.

D’avila told Sporx: ““Galatasaray is a very big club, it is doing well in European cups and Galatasaray is one of the biggest contenders for the championship every year. It’s a good opportunity for Elneny, so he wants to play for Galatasaray,”

“I see Galatasaray every week, we already have good relationships, but I see more than one player.

“Mohamed Elneny’s contract expires at the end of the season, so he could make an advantageous transfer in January or sign a pre-contract deal with a team for the following season.

“So it’s important to think about that, because he’s free next summer – he’s getting free status. Of course he wants to come to Turkey.

“Apart from Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Basaksehir, Besiktas or Trabzonspor are interested in Elneny. I can’t answer this question if Galatasaray is the only option in Turkey, of course Galatasaray has an interest because he will be a free agent, he is a good footballer, he knows Turkey, it is advantageous that he knows Turkey.

“I can say that Galatasaray is an important option for him, but I can’t say any more about it because it is too early to talk.”

Well, it seems certain that he will going to Turkey, and he is held in such high esteem over there from his previous stints on loan, that he may be able to force a bidding war that could be very lucrative for perhaps his last contract.

Good luck to him I say!

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  1. “Good luck to him” says Ad PAT.
    Well, I can easily agree with that , PROVIDED THAT the good luck in question means he moves on to a club other than ourselves.
    I have nothing against this EXTREMELY poor midfield trundler in person, but as a fan of our club and obviously wishing team and squad improvement, as we all do, I have been desperate to get this very poor player out of our club ever since he first signed for us under Wenger.


    1. Perhaps Jon, you should ask AW, UE and MA why he is still with our club?
      I would suggest his experience, his willingness to be a squad player, his loyalty and his professionalism.
      Perhaps the three managers mentioned above see even more than that in him, as they all work(ed) with him day in day out?
      As a supporter of our club, I cannot think of any game where he has let me down and, when I compare him to Guendouzi’s attitude, I just have to thank him for his service on and off the pitch.

      1. All well and fine but the bottom line is he is not good enough for the teamof today and the fast improving one of tomorrow too. The past is gone and I care little about what ifs and they are all behind us I care about NOW and he is not good enough for the clearly better team we have NOW Ken.
        Unlike you, I am not trying to score points such as “your holier than thou” lie in your own article traducing and deliberately misrepresenting mine.

        You should apologise for once again misrepresenting what I said but I will not be holding my breath for one.

  2. I would be happy if we get a few million from him in January Pat. I’d also be ok with him seeing out his contract until the summer. He has been a great squad player for us and a great personality. We do however have some great youth prospects we can replace him with and I’d like to see some of those get some game time.

  3. Agree with you Ken on that. Elneny is a hard working, sincere, loyal and a dedicated player for Arsenal over the years. 3 managers have seen nothing wrong in him to force his sale. A good squad player, a reliable player for rotation and substitution, Elneny hardly commits mistakes in his game and although he may not be flashy and forward going player, he is steady and reliable, plays safe to ensure we dont lose. I would keep him as a back up anytime of the day as compared to Xhaka and Guendouzi, but since he requires more game time he will move on. Remember he is a regular starter for Egypt and is held in high esteem in Turkey. Best of luck to you Elneny, you will do well wherever you go.

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