Arsenal midfielder racially abused by one of the clubs season ticket holders

Granit Xhaka is enjoying his time at Arsenal now, but the Swiss midfielder hasn’t always had the best times at the Emirates.

Prior to Mikel Arteta becoming the club’s manager, he had fallen out with the fans and was even tipped to leave the club.

They stripped him of the captain’s armband and only an intervention from Arteta stopped him from leaving the club at the start of 2020.

He has now become a mainstay in the Arsenal team, but revelations have shown how he suffered from serious racial abuse including from an Arsenal season ticket holder.

With several social media users now making a hobby out of abusing players, a data science company, Signify, has now revealed the extent of abuse suffered by players as cited by Sky Sports.

The study, which ran for a month, uncovered the identity of the abusers and revealed that Xhaka suffered from more than 10 targeted racial abuses, including from accounts that identify as Arsenal fans.

Hector Bellerin was another Arsenal player that was targeted.

The report then adds that the Gunners are prepared to take serious action against fans found to have abused their players, including handing out stadium bans.

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  1. Kneeling does nothing, quite clearly!

    Talk, talk, talk,more talk but no action. What constitutes serious action and why hasn’t it happened yet?

  2. Club and authorties should chase those who threaten people, and their families and racially abuse them.

    Anything less is an absolute joke and will lead one day to a maniac who would try to put his words into action.

    1. BA, it’s already happened in the USA, when Congress was stormed!!!
      I wonder what some of our players who have been abused on here, think of these kind of “fans?
      FILTH – the lot of them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. People keep wanting governments to take more and more action against this stuff – and I agree, racial abuse should definitely come with some sort of legal punishment – but you have to be careful about where you draw the line. You give more power to authorities by calling for and normalising these kinds of punishments and you’ll see that leads to more abuse of that power and more restriction over what is acceptable/legal. I believe this was seen with the Patriot Act in the US, obviously it was introduced was because of 9-11, but it gave additional government powers which were abused.
    We’ve already seen arrests over jokes that were obviously not racist (without being twisted) and not aimed at anyone in particular, and some rapper-activist was recently convicted in Spain (of all places) because of his lyrics, which were not racial at all but went against the monarchy and government line.
    Just think be careful what you wish for. Reminds me of the Franklin quote about giving up liberty for security (in this case psychological security) – you end up losing both

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