Arsenal midfielder slams role under Wenger

England international Jack Wilshere has criticised the wide role given to him by Arsene Wenger, claiming he should be played centrally in the Arsenal line-up.

The 24 year-old started Sunday’s match against Turkey at the Etihad, and has come under criticism for his unimpressive outing.

Jack has now confirmed that he is struggling with match sharpness, whilst insisting he is feeling better after each outing.

“You always have those days when you are in the gym where you think you’re not going to get back, but the thing that kept me going was I know what it takes to get back and I always had time on my side so I was confident,” he said.

“I remember my first training session back, which was eight weeks ago, and ever since then I’ve just been trying to work, get better and get fitter each day.

“The most important thing for me now is to get games and to get that match sharpness.

“I know what it’s like coming back from injury and with every game I’ll feel better.”

He also revealed that he is not suited to playing out wide, as he has done for Arsene Wenger in recent seasons, and he is more than happy to have been played centrally for the England side at the weekend.

“With Arsenal I’ve been playing out wide, which is not me,” said Wilshere.

“I’m not a wide man, but Roy seems to have faith in me in the middle, so I’m happy with that. I like to play anywhere in the middle.

“I played the holding role before and I really enjoy that, and, this time I was a bit higher up the pitch and I enjoyed that as well.

“I’ve worked with Roy now and his staff for a number of years and they know what I bring and I know what they want from me as well.”

The problem with playing in his favoured role for us, is we have Francis Coquelin, Mohamed Elneny and Santi Cazorla favoured for the central roles, and are firmly expected to announce Xhaka who is also suited to those central roles.

Doe Jack deserve a slot in the base of midfield?

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  1. Jack will always have a place in arsenal’s team, the season is long so wenger can rotate him with cazorla as a deep laying mid. or with ozill as attacking mid.

  2. He is a CM and have to play there, how obtain?? I don’t know. He should fight for his place.

    1. he should stay fit first. I don’t know why he thinks he can just walk into his favorite position. Santi 10 times better than him. And with Xhaka taking up a spot for sure… Good luck. Don’t like competition, shouldn’t be at a top club. Time to earn his wages instead of always being injured.

  3. I’m not sure what all these players are thinking, but getting your favourite position is not PR work, it’s hard work. Wilshere (Walcott, Ramsey, etc) should be glad Wenger rates him highly enough to accommodate him on the pitch despite being lower in the pecking order.

    We all know Wilshere is not a wide man, but for the amount of money he’s paid, he should give his best even if he’s the goalie. Not 5min into Arsenal Chelsea match, he’s walking around the stadium with his girlfriend (bumping into me whilst i’m already late) whilst he’s teammates are already working their socks off. Mr Arsenal indeed…

    1. What is it with you lot, he at least has the guts to say what he likes. He is no yes man and I think he would be better away from Arsenal playing in CM just like Walcott plays a front striker roll, that’s where he wants to,play. Enough of this crap about players ability coming back from injuries nothin mentioned about Rosicky who has been like a Diarby this and last season.Give it a break and say something positive about the team players who are young and talented to be an England player CB

  4. Jack should know that with a top club comes competition for positions. He can’t truly expect to be out with a lengthy spell and expect everyone to be waiting for him? I hope he’s not starting to complain like Debuchy…

  5. This is the equivalent of Diaby complaining. Jack should be lucky Wenger is still in charge or he’d be long gone. He plays 2 matches a season, why does he expect to be played in the midfield? And ontop of that he’s not even our best midfielder either. I’m so tired of the attitude of these English players. Get them out cause they clearly only care about themselves and not about winning for the club.

  6. Midfielders better than you in the centre:


    Get why you play wide now? Xhaka is yet to arrive putting you further down the pecking order.

  7. It was silly of Jack to bring Arsenal into it.. He should have kept the two separate and let his performances at the Euros do the talking!
    If he can stay fit and work on a few elements of his game he can absolutely nail down a starting position for him. But there’s a lot of competition at the moment so it’ll take him getting back to his best.

  8. Poor Jack, it seems like the world stood still and he should just fall in any position he chooses whenever he returns from injury, if i was jack i would shut my mouth try to stay injury free, work hard and pray for a chance to represent arsenal again in what ever position the bosss put him in.
    I think the days of sentiments being use to run the club is gradually fading, the boss realizes the faith he has in certain players is just not working out, changes will have to be made

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