Arsenal midfielder turns down Chelsea in favour of Liverpool move

Alex oxlade-chamberlainArsenal fans were not in the slightest bit happy when it was revealed yesterday that the Gunners had agreed a fee with Chelsea for the transfer of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but they will be even more amazed to learn that the 24 year-old has turned down the chance to move to Stamford Bridge because he has every intention of linking up with Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool.

A BBC report states: Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has turned down a move to Chelsea after the Premier League clubs agreed a £40m fee.

Oxlade-Chamberlain believes the Blues planned to use him at wing-back, and his primary reason for wanting to leave Arsenal is to play in central midfield.

The 24-year-old England international wants to move to Liverpool.

A bid from the Reds is expected before Thursday’s transfer deadline, although it is likely to be below the price Chelsea were willing to pay.

Should a move not transpire, Oxlade-Chamberlain will see out the final year of his contract before potentially leaving on a free transfer next summer.

It is extremely upsetting that Wenger was stubborn enough to play the Ox in this weeks awful defeat at Anfield knowing that the English international was negotiating with our title rivals, and it makes the Ox’s weak display even harder to stomach. Considering that we were beaten by such an embarrassing score and then to find out that we are going to strengthen our opponents as well, does not make Wenger’s action seem in the slightest bit sensible to me…



  1. Raj says:

    Just waiting for September 1st, can’t take this anymore

    1. Napersie says:

      sell him don’t wanna see him near the squad again. its was so embarrassing to see him put up that sort of performance against pool. If he doesn’t move, let him end up in the reserve team. but don’t sell him to pool, force him to Chelsea.

  2. feel free says:

    ….so, he underperformed on sunday because now he loves liverpool and not Arsenal anymore.!

  3. mikki says:

    He has is own decision to make I only wish him well wherever he goes,the ox can’t play central midfield but but let’s watch and see…Chelsea is more preferable if wants to win trophy but am not going to miss him that much,I will only miss Sanchez because if he leaves there will be no replacement because he is a hard working player,kun aguero can’t replaced Sanchez let alone sterling…

    1. gotanidea says:

      If Chamberlain does leave, Porto’s Ricardo Pereira would be a great replacement in the right wingback position. I saw him played with high skills for Nice last season.

      1. mikki says:

        But u know full well that Wenger won’t sell replacement if he leaves that’s the problem

  4. Tas says:

    Now it makes sence why he played so bad against Liverpool, nice gift to give to your new team 3 points

  5. gotanidea says:

    Maybe he thinks he could replace Coutinho at Liverpool? I’m sure Klopp can use his talent better than Wenger.

    Losing him is a huge loss for Arsenal. So Arsenal should get some money from his transfer or get nothing at the end of the season.

  6. Billy says:

    OMG the ox really has become something. Turning down Chelski because he wants to play in the centre. He played his best football for us as a RWB in a handful of games at the end of last season.

    Let him go and make a mug of himself.


  7. Chekwube Kwentua says:

    The Ox is surely confused and childish! This is what happens to footballers with greedy and stupid agents! Chelsea will never have agreed a deal with Arsenal for him without his agent playing a role in it. personally, I will prefer we just sell him to any club he desires and move on from all these transfer madness…I am starting to get pissed!!

  8. Nassan from uganda says:

    a player with no end product at all…

  9. bran99 says:

    Why can’t Wenger keep his word? He said Ox and Sanchez are not for sale, and now 2 days to deadline day they are there on the shopping cart. Why does he always lie? Van Persie and other stars were sold after himself confirming to fans that they won’t be sold?

    Ambitious teams get hold of their star players but we are happily selling them every window to make profit for the clueless manager and his bosses. These two including Ozil could have been sold very early in the transfer window when they showed all signs of arrogance, but Wenger was sure they are staying. Who are going to be their replacements now that every player in the world knows Arsenal is a sinking ship and no one wants to come?

    This a year of getting thrashed so hard with everyone including the kids in the Europa league, I’m having no hopes this season and every season that Wenger has over stayed since we moved to the emirates

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      I am surprised by your surprise at this situation..

  10. Joey Mack says:

    Thanks for returning so many years of loyalty, Ox!

    Knowing he doesn’t want to go to Chelsea, Liverpool will now make a ridiculously low bid and Arsenal will have to decide whether to take it or let him go for free next year.

    I know it doesn’t make any economic sense, but I would say this to the Ox: either you go to the team with the highest bid – at this moment Chelsea – or we keep you at Arsenal as a benched squad player in the under-23s and bury your chances of playing for England in the next World Cup, and explain to him that when he does go for free, it’ll be to a club like West Brom on a quarter of the wage Chelsea are prepared to play.

    The only way to deal with such blind greed and inflated ego is to take the toughest line possible.

  11. Bond 007 says:

    Please no one should disrespect The OX. Fans sais same things about RvP, Hleb, Nasri, Fabregas, Adebayor.
    The way Arsenal is being run now, we’ll rather loose/ replace all our players than loose Wenger. Sad reality.

    1. McLovin says:

      Except that everyone of those ‘snakes’ you listed, actually managed to contribute to the Arsenal team.

      RVP, Fabregas, Nasri, Adebayor.. they all scored a lot of goals for us.

      Meanwhile, OX scored 6 goals last season and that was HIS RECORD.

    2. Godswill says:

      His mediocre displays most times and Wenger faith in him have been part of the club’s problems.
      If we’ve had a good manager over the couple if years some of these players wouldn’t have been here and we wouldn’t have found ourselves in such a pitiable situation.

  12. Victor Meldrew says:

    I don’t believe it!!!!!!

  13. Konstantin Mitov says:

    Arsene is a fraud lier. You don’t let 100 million of talent leave for free. We were always going to sell Sanchez. It’s madness that we’re doing it on the last 2 days of the window, but that’s Arsenal, Madness is alright here! Wenger OUT, OUT, OUT and take Gazidis and Kroenke with you.

  14. Joseph says:

    its a sad situation 4 ur club but no way out sir wenger need to look foward of searchnp 4 aplcable player

  15. Lord Zeus says:

    Arsenal and Barcelona fans are the most frustrated fans on the face of earth

    Good luck fighting the drop

  16. Abdulazeez says:

    Arsene said he will not sell any player this summer even those in d final year of their contract but now he is planning to sell.THAT MAN IS A LIAR

  17. LagosGunner says:

    What a shame OX,

    Please just go anywhere you like, we don’t need you again.
    it’s shocking Wenger stuck with this stupid player, playing him in the only position he performed well after so many years of inconsistencies at other positions, even at the expense of destabilizing our team (not playing Bellerin at RWB)

    He will be a flop in Liverpool, better players like Naby Keita (when he comes to Liverpool next season) and others midfielders will always sit him on the bench.

    I just wish Arsenal gets A VERY GOOD REPLACEMENT.

  18. Antony Douglas says:

    The Ox, Sanchez and others are well paid footballers they should be performing without being motivating by Wenger. The average Joe on £7.25 per hour would work his sock off if he was on their salaries. Let them go and get players who want to play for Arsenal. The Ox and otherd hasn”t scored enough goals apart from Sanchez, Giroud and Wallcott.

  19. Coldzero says:

    Good riddance to the fool! He deliberately underperformed against Liverpool and when you see some of his running back and marking you won’t be able to disagree.

    Get the fool out of the club now! Useless player anyway.

    Isn’t his girlfriend a scouser? Probably under the thumb and his girlfriend ordered him to play bad- pathetic.

  20. Olaitan Kayode says:

    Ox will be making a mistake to leave. He has no chance of displacing any one in Liverpool midfield. Henderson, Emre Can and that Netherlands guy is far better than he is in CM role. He should just embrace his best position, RWB…. At arsenal he has more chance of making the world cup team

  21. McLovin says:

    I just read that Grzegorz Krychowiak, a man who not too long ago featured in the La Liga Team of the Year, is in loan talks with… WBA!!

    F’n WBA is getting a better midfielder what we have. WHY ISN’T LE FRAUD STEPPING IN?! He would be perfect for us.

  22. B9 says:

    I blame Perries pussy!

  23. Elkaissi says:

    As far as i’m concerned, he can go wherever he chooses. The only thing I hear of even at this last minutes of the transfer window are players wanting out of the Emirates, no plans or news of possible replacements. All this mess would have been sorted out before now if that DOCK HEAD Wengers knows his job well, and if the YES MAN Dick lawn had spine to negotiate according to the modern day transfer market. I’m pretty sure this won’t be the only out going transfer we would see, Wenger and his entire coaching crew + the board should go…. They take thousands of loyal fans life every season…

  24. David says:

    The fact that Pool beat us on Sunday doesn’t mean they r better than us. The Ox going to Pool is a step backwards.

  25. Zaidy says:

    How much is Theo worth?

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