Arsenal midfielder ‘wants move’ with AC Milan keen

Lucas Torreira is claimed to want a move away from Arsenal, and could well be the first negative to come from Mikel Arteta’s arrival at the club.

It’s well known that a number of players performances have improved since the Spaniard took over the helm in December, and some personnel have managed to pick up less minutes with their rivals impressing.

The likes of Shkodran Mustafi, who had become a bane on my life, had even enjoyed a new resurgence and has been one of our better performers of late, but others of course have missed out.

Matteo Guendouzi is one who has suffered most, starting 15 Premier League matches prior to Arteta’s arrival, compared to just two starts and four substitute outings since.

Torreira has been played in the new regime however, although it seems common knowledge almost that a new signing will be brought into the fold, although some believe that could be Dani Ceballos, who has played alongside the Uruguayan international this season already.

Had he not been a part of a part of Arteta’s plans, he wouldn’t have started five times under his guidance, but Lucas has now supposedly instructed his agent to find him a move.

It’s a shame that a player that looked such a gem on his arrival, so much so that both Barcelona and Real Madrid were believed to be keen on signing him, is now potentially pushing for a move away from the club.

AC Milan and Torreira are both claimed to want to pair up this summer, a move that was blocked last summer, but with Arsenal expected to have limited funds this summer, this could well be allowed to happen.

Is Torreira a key Arsenal player? If you had the option to keep one, would you choose Ceballos over him?


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  1. The Premier League is not the workplace for Torreria nor Ceballos in my opinion.We need a physically imposing DM as a first step towards reshaping our midfield system.

    1. I agree completely with Grandad as we need stronger players in the midfield who can dominate and control the game.

  2. Keeps cropping up that Lucas has not settled, and wants a move.

    Let him go, we need to concentrate all our efforts on moving forward.

    Enough of the negativity of recent times.

  3. As much as I think he is a quality player and one of our best midfielders I think he will be better in Italy, and I would accept $40m if we could turn that into Partey/Zackaria etc

    We need a physically imposing athletic DM.

    If we could sell Xhaka, Torreira and Laca and bring in Partey, Van Beek(or Cellabos more realistic), Szobzalai we could completely transform our midfield

  4. The main problem of Arsenal is in middle field. Torreira, Xhaka, and Ozil should be sold by all means. There’s no one dictating the tempo of the game in the midfield. No major interceptions, so it leaves our defenders badly exposed. Let him go

  5. The biggest problem with Torreira is that he is too short and lacks the physic yet a DM needs such qualities. Let him go.

  6. sell 1.lacazette ; 65M
    2.bellerin ; 40M
    3.mikhitarian; 20M
    4. torreira. ;40M
    5.ozil. ;. 20M
    6.elneny. ;15 M
    8.socratis. ; 12 M

    buy; 1.Demiral;55-60M
    2.dumfriz&Sergi Roberto;55M ???
    3.declan rice;55M
    4.ceballos ;35 millions
    5. Ryan Frazer free transfer
    6.kai havertz 60 M
    7.Giminez 55 M

    Total 330M-247M=83M investment

    loan; 1. Rob holding at fulham championship
    2. mavropanos at mainz

    Away lineup


    Dumfriz Saliba. .Demiral. saka

    Sergi Roberto. rice. xhaka

    Kai havertz

    Giminez Aubameyang

    1. charles, old son, have you actually heard that the world is in the grip of Corona virus(google it, as you clearly have not herd of it) and that there will be no pro sport at all with crowds for ages to come? There will be far less money in the game and we have the same Ebenezer Scrooge owner we had before this virus struck. Is there any chance -he asked doubtfully- that you could engage that organ in your head, masquerading as a brain and then re-consider the fantasy sums you mention in your sad but oddly hilarious post?

  7. In an ideal world, I would get rid of all the regular midfielders we have, bar only Ceballos and Willock(who is NOT a regular). Xhaka first, Ozil next, Guendouzi and Torreira as soon as practicable. All need replacing!

    1. @ Jon fox I agree with your decision to get rid of our midfielders but willock is not a better player than Guendouzi. He cant pass, he can’t shoot, he can dribble, doesn’t have the physic, and doesn’t have the stamina hence the bun outs and please let’s stop using age as an excuse. I can call off my head a lot of midfielders his age who thrive in the center of the park. I don’t think he even knows his best position on the pitch. Another player that needs to go apart from the usual suspects is Bellerin. Infact every defender above 27 should be sold and for people raving on about Fraser his inclusion in the team means less opportunities for Saka so be careful what you wish for.

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