Arsenal midfielder will not be allowed to leave in January transfer window

Arsenal midfielder Lucas Torreira will not be leaving for Italy next month according to report.

Any hope that Lucas Torreira had of leaving Arsenal in January have been dashed, Apparently, the Uruguayan international representatives have been told by the club that there is no chance he will be sold in the winter transfer window, according to The Daily Star.

It has been speculated over the last few weeks that the 23-year-old was set for a return to Serie A with Napoli. It seems their new manager Gennaro Gattuso has made Torreira their number one target.

The Naples based outfit was said to want a loan deal first and foremost, however, they would stump up £21 Million if the loan offer was rejected.

Well, it now seems that not even a transfer fee will persuade the Gunners to sell the diminutive midfielder.

Torreira has not been in form for quite a while now, he does walk around like a man unhappy, which is understandable to some degree.

He is constantly being played out of position and is surrounded by players inferior to him talent-wise, especially the defenders behind him.

I would suspect a lot will depend on what the new manager may want, if the new boss decides he wants to be rid of Torreira straight away then I am not sure the club would stop a transfer then.

Also, if Torreira downs tools, not unheard of at Arsenal, then he could easily force the clubs hands as well.

On the face of it, I am inclined to believe that Torreira will be denied a transfer this winter but it would not surprise me too much if minds are changed and he is sold.


  1. Torreira has been improving his performances, so it’s good to have him around while Willock’s and Xhaka’s forms are worsening

    Arsenal’s priority should be shipping Ozil to Fenerbahce first, so we can use 4-3-3

    1. Come on now girlfriend, our priority is a top manageras Ancelotti, bring Koulibaly who wants out of Napoli, okay to sell him. Put Torreira in transaction brings fee down!

      Arteta has no record, assistant coach, not a top coach we need. He will make us more solid and take ptressure off players who have respect for him! Real, Bayern picked him for all that…

  2. We must get Ancelotti urgently, bring Koulibaly, use Torreira to price it down.

    It all there for us to take! That’s what will save us, or we finished. AW never been replaced, takes a top coach to do so…

    1. We will never be able to replace Wenger he had his own set of unique skills but as a club we have to move on. Torreira with the right coaching will be a gem in front of the 2 centre backs.

  3. I dont get why many criticize ozil for his performance against man city.He was not bad but average.There were many players who are very poor but ozil was the scapegoat cuz he is earning 350k(which is not his fault and).I watched the match.All 3 of those goals were not due to his faults.Martinelli,Niles and Guendouzi and the entire backline is responsible for the 3 goals.And many think he was poor cuz the opposition no.10 KDB was brilliant but the whole man city players supported him.Ozil was not given that support but he actually made good passes from the deep.He linked well with pepe.pepe was very poor that day(trying to take 1v1 but either lost the ball or pass backed)the only thing that annoys me about ozil is his attitude.He is a perfectionist and he needs things to be perfect around him which actually is not happening right now currently which is the reason for his frustrations but i think as a senior player he must not be showing his frustrations.ESR brought some energy but is not a player who can link up play he needs more experience.And we need ceballos badly now cuz he can pass from the deep unlike guendouzi and torreira which will actually help ozil to play in his prefered position in the final third where he can make an influence.And i do think Arteta will inspire him.And under FL ozil was involved in almost every goal arsenal scored in premier league which is a point many were missing.This is my opinion friends and i dont want every one to accept what i am saying.I am an arsenal fan and i like ozil as well.

    1. I partially agree with you Shakir City play a good brand of football but they are also extremely skilled in fouling the opposition in areas that will break up play early and are deemed non yellow card offences in comparison to our players that only foul in red zone areas. I think Ozil was frustrated with the number of fouls committed by City. But yes our players really need to be taught these basics.

  4. Ive always rated CA as a World Class
    Manager but Arsenal are not remotely
    interested in paying over the moon
    for a 60 yr old gaffer who
    understandbly will demand massive
    financial backing from the club to
    perform the necessary surgery to
    an underperforming squad. To
    piggyback that point there isnt a
    snowballs chance in hell that AFC
    would spend close to a £100M on KK
    when so many other positions need
    to be addressed (RB, CB, CDM). As an
    example AFC could sign Ibrahim
    Sangare, Max Aarons and Dayot
    Upamecano for apprx the same value.

    I honestly wouldnt lose a minute of
    sleep if Mikel Arteta was given the
    AFC whistle and immediately decided
    that the likes of Auba, Xhaka, Ozil,
    Torreria, Luis, Socratis and Bellerin
    were free to pursue greener futbol
    pastures. Other than Aubas goals,
    all these players are easily
    replaceable and quite frankly could
    be upgraded without breaking the AFC

    A few options:

    DM: Sande Berge,Ibrahim Sangare,
    Thomas Partey.
    All three are young, physically
    imposing midfielder destroyers that
    combine pace, aggression and
    technical acumen to dominate the
    middle of the pitch. Partey would
    provide the big club experience but
    be the most expensive.

    Apprx cost £20-50M

    RB: Max Aarons, Youcef Attel,
    Serginho Best. Any of these three
    talented youngsters would immediately
    displace HB as the preferred RB and
    could hold down the position for
    years to come. Attel is the oldest
    and most complete product atm, but
    Best and Aarons have unlimited
    potential to be WC players sooner
    than later.

    Apprx Cost: £15-25M

    CB: Dayot Upamecano, Jonathan Tah,
    Nathan Ake, Ben Godfrey, Reuben Diaz,
    P. Torres, Lewis Dunk, B. Kamara,
    Malang Sarr, I Diop. ANY of these
    TOP CLASS players would WALK into
    the starting 11 @ AFC and form a
    formidable CB partnership with WS
    for the next decade @ the Emitares.
    Sarr and Kamara would be the
    cheapest of the lot(both fantastic
    young players) but Upamecano imho is
    the best young CB in ALL of world
    futbol atm.

    Apprx cost: £25-55M

    If AFC were able to sell off the
    players I mentioned above for decent
    money(£150M),the net spending on
    the aquisitions of the below team
    would be minimal and honestly who
    wouldnt be excited with this lineup
    come next season.


  5. Sheer lack of numbers in all but suicidal “defenders” and a midfield that opponents can just walk through unchallenged, means that Torreira MUST stay, at least until he can be properly replaced, Correct decision from the club, for once, therefore.

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