Arsenal might get help from the Middle East with Mesut Ozil exit

One player that Arsenal has been keen to get off their books this summer is Mesut Ozil.

The German earned a mega-money deal from the club in 2018 and his performances have dipped since that time.

The Gunners have tried to get him back to form, but it has been to no avail and Mikel Arteta has now given up on him.

Because he is on so much money at the Emirates, it is hard for the Gunners to find a team that will be willing to inherit his £350k per week wages, but it seems help is on the way.

Speaking on the Transfer Window Podcast, Football consultant Ian McGary and Duncan Castles reveal that Juan Mata and Mesut Ozil are the subjects of transfer interest from Saudi Arabia.

It claims that the Spaniard has been offered $15 million net per year to make the move, which he should make, considering that he isn’t so important at United now.

Castles then makes the claim that Ozil is also interesting the Middle Eastern country.

Castles added: “I understand that Saudi Arabia’s interest in Premier League players doesn’t end with Juan Mata.

“There has also been a proposal to Mesut Ozil which would go down very well with the hierarchy at Arsenal if they managed to get Ozil off their books.

“They have left him out of their Europa League squad and have been trying to get him to accept a settlement on his contract for some time now unsuccessfully.

“They watched him do a very intelligent and quite amusing public relations move in going on social media to back your favourite Gunnersaurus and guarantee that he would cover Gunnersaurus’ wages for as long as he remained at the club.

“I believe Ozil has turned that move down partly because of his relationships and history with Turkey, who do not have the best of diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia at present.”

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  1. “The Gunners have tried to get him back to form, but it has been to no avail and Mikel Arteta has now given up on him.”

    Eddie’s type of news or do we have a different source?
    So if he is out of form and MA can’t bring him back or gave up on him why would Saudis or anybody else give him millions? Last I checked he is not even good looking.

        1. Certain female fans on here use emojis a lot as it saves them having to write, presumably . They care not that some of have not a clue what those emojis are supposed to mean! Perhaps that is what they intend, I ask myself!

          1. @Jon. I think this is the first comment I’ve seen from you where you haven’t said you are a realist, you are wiser or have greater life experience or WRITTEN WORDS OR SENTANCES IN CAPITALS.
            You have managed to keep up your condescending comments though.

            1. NWL DAN. HERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE VIEW OF THE MEANING OF MY POST: it could just be that I really do not understand what some emojis mean.

              Have you given any thought tothat possibility , in your rush to criticize my motives?


              After all Dan, I note , thankfully, that you chose to write in words not in symbols. That was perhaps because you actually had something you wished me to understand and you knew that the symbols you appear to support would not be able to do that job.

              1. You were not referring to people in general. You aimed your comment at “female fans”, not male fans but solely female.

                You presumed these “female fans” use of emojis is because they are to lazy to write. Or maybe your presumption is based on your belief that the “female fans” lack your superior intellect.

                You alluded to their use of emojis as an deliberate act to confuse you. Maybe this because you feel if you do not understand something it undermines your self importance.

                An example of your condescending manner can be seen in a comment you made yesterday. “Diogenes, REAL fans memories DO work well.” How ridiculous and pompous to claim that if someone does not remember something they are not a “REAL” fan. Again this stinks of self importance that you try to belittle someone with your own agenda of what a “REAL” fan is.

                FYI. Emojis are a play on the word “Emotions”. The symbols are to represent the emotion the person is feeling or conveying to the reader.
                Also in the world of the internet writing in capitals is considered shouting to get your point across or demanding a response from the recipient.
                You profess your superior wisdom, intellect and knowledge of life to other contributors on this site yet the above is not known by you yet is common knowledge to most other uses of the internet. Maybe this virtual world is not for you.

                  1. Yes Sue. I use my PC to surf the internet, not my mobile phone. There’s nowhere I can see using my PC to insert emojis (unless I’m missing it somewhere). If there was I would too. I use them all the time on facebook, whatsapp and messenger.

                1. Dan, We all know that I was referring to just one PARTICULAR AND REGULAR POSTER ON HERE. I used “female” to identify her and for NO other reason. I prefer not to use particular names when writing in the third person, so do it this way. Sorry that it seems to offend you .

                  Sorry too that you appear not to know the importance of capitals for speech emphasis, as in voice. AND that you think it your place to say the internet is not for me. I WAS UNAWARE THAT WAS YOUR DECISION TO MAKE!

                  1. It was the words “fans” instead of fan. “them” instead of her and “they” instead of she which infers you are talking about more than one person.

                    Maybe the site can use an HTML based commenting platform so we can underline, highlight text in bold to give emphasis and change the font to denote script.

          2. jon, I sometimes use emojis and last time I looked I am far from “female”.
            In addition I have never been accused of being inadequate in expressing myself in written or spoken English, unless I include too much “Strine.”

  2. i started reading with hope and ended with despair.
    As always with any Ozil article.
    Any excuse will do now here we have Turkey – Saudi relations, but is he not German?
    BTW Wenger should have been debited something from his settlement for all the mess he left us with and he has the guts to teach Mikel??

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Let’s all join in the spirit of yet another Ozil article

    2. Is it mentioned anywhere that he tried to teach Mikel. If it is, would you kindly provide the source?

    1. If he wants to play professional football, earn more money than at Arsenal and be adored by fans he would take the move to Al Nass’r.
      Unfortunately, now the excuse is that he doesn’t want to upset his “best friend” Erdogan.
      Far easier to live in London playing “fortnight”.

  3. Can anyone seriously imagine Ozil choosing to live in Saudi? Would YOU choose to live in SAUDI? Me neither! In the words of someone rather well known ,”FAKE NEWS”!

    1. Jon
      Can you get anyone to advise you on the use of emojis ?
      They do have a place ….. not necessarily in the bin. … but a useful tool

      1. I easily COULD ,of course Sue P, but at my age, having been a writer of WORDS for many decades past, I have no intention nor interest in doing so.

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