Arsenal might have to sell Saka if they miss out on Europe

Some Arsenal players might pay the price for the team’s poor campaign and one such player is reported to be Bukayo Saka.

The Gunners are struggling to get into a European place and failure to do that means they will lose even more money.

They have already missed Champions League money for the last few seasons and risk not qualifying for even the Europa League at the end of this campaign.

They have reached the quarterfinals of the latter competition and winning it will guarantee them passage into the Champions League, but they face a tough Slavia Prague side next.

Failure to raise funds by qualifying for the European competitions means they might be forced to cash in on some of their players, according to The Times.

One player who the Times reckons is available for transfer is Bukayo Saka, who is arguably the most valuable player at the club.

The Englishman has been a key part of the Arsenal team since Mikel Arteta has been in charge and has always delivered.

The Gunners have several other players who could leave, but only a few of them can fetch a transfer fee that would be close to that of Saka.

The report says several other top stars would be sold off and the likes of David Luiz will definitely leave the club.

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  1. Silentstan says:


    1. Dave28 says:

      Typical thoughtless anti-Arsenal media piece…no other club has to put up with this level of vitriol..

  2. Dan says:

    Depends the price ?

  3. kev says:

    David Luiz can leave the club for all I are. Don’t know what the hype has been about and I’m speaking over his entire career. Gotten away with too much as a player. How is Arsenal in a situation where they feel David Luiz is crucial?? That to me is laughable.
    Saka’s going nowhere so that news is a non-starter. I wish we couild sell Xhaka too. The more we keep him the more his value decreases. I’ll be glad if Pepe leaves too and from a business standpoint I don’t know why clubs in general persist with flops while they can sell them, early while they still are of great value.

  4. Grandad says:

    The article was written by Gary Jacob who has used some poetic licence to emphasise the need for funds to enable Arteta to revamp his squad in the event of Arsenal not securing European football next season.The article suggests that Saka is one of only a handful of players who Arteta wishes to retain as he sets out to reshape his squad.He suggests that a dozen players could leave at the end of the season but he fails to recognise the difficulty of selling mediocre performers during a time of economic crisis in many industries and Sports.Despite these difficulties, can you just imagine the reaction of fans if one of our few class acts were sold because we are unable to unload less talented players?It’s just not going to happen.!

    1. Yossarian says:

      Good summary

  5. Wyoming says:

    Not entirely out of the question.
    Just extremely unlikely.
    60 mill would buy a decent LB and AM but cost us our best young talent and a future home grown player.
    Arsenal has only 3 players out of contract in the summer.
    Luiz, Ceballos and Odegaard.
    No one will buy Luiz.
    No other player will leave because no one will pay their current salary as well as a fee.
    So Arsenal is stuck with the rest of the squad.
    Saliba Torreira Guendouzi Willock who just scored for Newcastle and Niles who’s team just beat Chelsea will all be LANS and a couple of loan players probably a LB and another AM.
    On the other hand Saka coul be a one season wonder or get injured like Martinelli who’s value has halved this season after his injury.
    If we win the EL and thus make CL Arsenal will keep the likes of Lacazette and Bellerin as a reward to them and the fans would go crazy if we sold players who got us CL.
    Thursday night is so crucial.
    OT Dat man can’t stop scoring for Brighton 😊

  6. jon fox says:

    If Saka were to be sold – which will NOT happen as it would be disastrous for the club losing massive fan support and they are well aware of that – it would be the slippery slope to nonentity for our club.
    THAT is why it will NOT happen .

    This journalist, GARY JACOB, is not a man I professionally respect , nor is The Times a shadow of the newspaper it once was; a long time ago now!

  7. Shortboygooner says:

    Utter rubbish

  8. Thomo says:

    Baseless article just plucked out of the air,what would be the point in selling one of our brightest prospects when there are other under performing players who should go

  9. RSH says:

    clickbait journalism. next.

  10. TH14-TW14 says:

    “They have already missed Champions League money for the last few seasons and risk not qualifying for even the Europa League at the end of this campaign.”

    Once upon a time, we had them say:

    “Why play in the champions league if you can’t win it?”

    “Top 4 is not relevant. It will be good to miss out so that the manager is sacked”.

    Today you still hear same group ramble about how Arsenal made top 4 because the league was not competitive forgetting that (1) heavily spending Liverpool, Chelsea and United missed out in different seasons while Arsenal was consistently there; (2) The league in the past 3 seasons have been anything but competitive as 3rd place teams finish below 70 points. Arsenal missed out of top 4 for the first time with 75 points.

    The ignorance of a hate filled mob has led to changes that the club would not recover from for the foreseeable future.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Yet the group you mention will deny this TH14 – the grass was always greener!!!

      As for the article, both the club AND the player need to want this to happen and there is no indication either side want it to.

      Don’t blame JA, just blame these so called reporters.

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      exactly well said…the same group that always look at the final score and listen to the media instead of watch and analysing the games, situation and etc…

    3. Davi says:

      Just want to mention that the lower points scores does not necessarily indicate that the league is not highly competitive – more teams competing on a similar level would mean that the points are more spread out and harder to acquire. Doesn’t mean the league definitely IS more competitive, but highlighting the lower 3rd place points total doesn’t necessarily support your assertion.

  11. Pirate Dandy says:

    I honestly would take a fairly odd £380m for Saka.

  12. Loose Cannon says:

    There are enough of irrelevant players still present – Laca, Auba, Eddie, Willian, Pepe, Xhaka, Elneny, Luiz, Bellerin, Gabriel, Leno who can be gone and yet save weekly wages and get some transfer fee. For what they do, they can be replaced with some from the reserves or from the Championship and yet remain 10th in the league.. If they played with their heart and soul for the club, we would not be 10th.
    We do have Chambers, Holding, Marri, ESR, Tierney, Martenelli, Saka, Partey. Build the team around them.Saliba, Mavro, Willock to make it to the bench.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Exactly right, Loose Cannon. There would be open revolt, should assets on which the future of the Club should be built, such as Saka be sold. There are plenty of other non performing player assets to be disposed of, notwithstanding the lower sale value.
      As they say you can only sell the “family silver” once and it costs a fortune to buy back.

  13. allezkev says:


  14. A J says:

    God forbid the only pull we now have for player retention is “loyalty “ , or of course obscenely high wages – hmn how does the latter usually pan out for us .

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