Arsenal milestone and Giroud to bring best from Walcott?

There has been a lot of media attention on the Arsenal and England international star Theo Walcott, especially today because it marks the 10th anniversary of his transfer from Southampton as a fresh faced teenager. And although some Arsenal fans and football experts will say that Walcott has not lived up to his potential, the report on the Arsenal website listing his achievements shows that he has been an excellent signing for the Gunners.

You may be surprised by some of the numbers, such as Theo being fourth on the club’s all time Premier League assist chart with 41, having the fifth most appearances under Wenger and being top of the charts for hat-tricks scored at the Emirates.

But on this anniversary week the forward could well find himself on the bench for the EPL match against Chelsea on Sunday. With Alexis Sanchez due back and with Giroud in good form in the central role, Theo is fighting Campbell and the Ox for a place.

I personally feel that the boss will start him for two reasons. This 10 year milestone should be a happy time for the player but it should also inspire him to really push on and add a great individual season to the one in which he finally gets his hands on the Premier League trophy.

In the same vein, Walcott will be well aware that despite finally convincing his manager that he can be a centre forward, the form of his rival striker Olivier Giroud is stopping him from getting the chances he wants in his favoured role.

The only way to change that is put in some top performances and force Wenger’s hand, so will we see the best of Walcott this weekend?

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  1. Congrats theo on your 10th anniversary as a gunner ! ” Now get in there” against chelsea on Sunday and score a double! Coyg!

  2. My friend told me today that Theo makes £140,000 per week
    I don’t think that’s correct

    But if he makes anywhere near that he hasn’t shown he is worth as much as Alexis and Mesut this season

    I hope Theo grabs the bulls by the horns and starts smashing in the goals

    Theo and Oliver should be pushing each other and improving themselves

  3. i noticed that who ever from those two play regulary, do start to lose form a lot, the moment one of them sees the bench for a while and later come back again they do very good.

    cant wait for sanchez, without him we are half as good as we are without him.

  4. Theo’s Arsenal EPL
    goals by season.
    I don’t know how many of
    49 goals or 41 assists
    came against big teams
    in games which counted.
    I know he scored one hatrick v Reading in the
    (7-5) League cup win (Chamakh scored twice)
    and another against Newcastle at home in a 7 goal rout.
    He scored a hatick for England v Croatia.
    He is the longest serving player in the squad
    so should have the most appearances.
    Would be good to see him score or assist v the Chavs.

  5. Wow!.. 10 years have flown by ??
    And I’m still waiting for Theo to show us his true potential ?
    I can remember being over excited with his signing,, Thinking that we got ourselves a future Legend! ?
    To be fair he has had so many different types of injuries in the 10 years he has been here and he is still only 26,
    So, we can still hope…. Or cash in while we can ?
    Hahaha So Walcott is a jinx then ? we haven’t won the league since his been here ??
    Just kidding.. In a truthfully way ???The funny thing is, Walcott is and will always be my favourite Arsenal player ? He goes from zero to Hero in 0.5 seconds and back again!

    1. 10 years is enough thank you…Should have been sold two years ago before his bubble burst and other teams realised his true worth … Not even lpool would be interested now … Sell him to whoever will take him at 140 grand a week and bring in a quality attacking option .. Walcott is footballs equivalent of greshams law

  6. I’d personally like to give a massive shout out to our youth recruitment!
    They have stepped it up in a massive way this season. Jeff and Malen look prospects of the highest grade and now nabbing the Nigerian u17, world-cup winning captain along with one of his highly rated team-mates with mixed reports between 3-6million for the pair is huge! Can’t claim to know all that much, bu from what I’ve read he’s one of the most highly sought after youngsters on the planet. Could be an absolute steal!!!

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    1. And just when we thought that Chelsea couldn’t get any poorer! ?????

      Come on Wenger! …. We are truly loaded now!

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