Arsenal misery continues but boy was the second-half exciting

Leeds and Arsenal both failed to score this evening as the team’s settled for a 0-0 scoreline, but that must have been the most exciting 30 minutes of action in any of our matches of late.

The opening half certainly wasn’t going to plan, as Leeds not only dominated in possession, they were also creating the most clear-cut chances.

Bernd Leno put in a great performance to deny Leeds, and while we were second best before the interval, the initial 45 minutes didn’t have many exciting moments.

Willian was replaced by Reiss Nelson at the break, and the game was picking up nicely.

Nicolas Pepe failed to keep his cool which allowed our rivals the opportunity to really bring the game to us, and they didn’t shy away.

Leeds really tried to turn the screw in the last half-hour of the match, and even struck the bar/post three times as they chased that illustrious goal, but it wasn’t to be.

Bukayo Saka had the best chance of the match, as he ran through onto a through-ball to take the keeper on, but while he tried to run past the keeper to create an angle to score, the goalkeeper scrapped to deny his shot.

Arsenal definitely had their fair share of the ball with only 10-men, and I can’t help but feel like we could have stolen the game without the red card.

While the draw has dealt our side a massive blow, the biggest issue could be the loss of Saka, who had to be helped off the pitch with what appeared to be a knee injury, and we will be keeping our fingers crossed that he will not be sidelined for long.

Will Pepe be reprimanded by the boss? Was there any positives to take from the draw? What can Arsenal do to turn their form around?


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  1. My MOTM is the goal post and a 72 M idiot called Pepe shouldn’t start again in EPL. Maybe just keep Pepe as a super sub or play him in some unimportant games, until we can offload him for good in the summer

    1. £70 million worth of disappointment. Arsenal are a poor crowd of underachieving, gutless, overpaid waisters. Sorry I am very annoyed with this shower of gutless player apart from Tierney.

      1. In the past when we were under pressure with 10 men we always seemed to be able to smash and grab. Remember during the Wenger era we were constantly going down to 10 men with Viera getting sent off at least once a month but when we broke in those circumstances the difference was we were able to score, now we make breaks with 11 men and never score especially at home. At least with 10 men we have an excuse but getting stuffed at home with 11 men is inexcusable!!
        Some of that tackling yesterday was heartless and without conviction. I am sorry we are in dire straights.

      1. It’s probably the only cure Cyberborn although easier said than done. Our problems started when Gazadis arrived with the Kroenkes. He then chose a bunch of crooks to be in charge of the admin. after replacing Wegner and what we got was Emery, ,two wasted transfer windows,Pepe instead of Zaha, David Luiz, four year contracts for Cedric and Mari and now William to top it off. What a shambles. Text book stuff on how to destroy a football club. Where to from here will be an interesting if ultimately painful ride.

        1. Yeah you cannot blame Stan the man for this he’s gave money to each manager it’s down to them who they buy

  2. I’m done with Pepe, and knowing how strict Arteta is, this might be Pepe’s turn to sit put in the cold.
    He just killed this game,took us down to 10 men.
    You really can’t blame Arteta for the points we dropped in this game can you?
    Aubameyng really needs to sort his shît and stop wasting chances.
    Saka will always be a shining light.
    Saka alone changed the game, hopefully he’s okay.
    The Goalpost easily wins MOTM

      1. Oh lemme guess he needed 10 chances to score just 1 goal right?
        You’re gonna pretend and tell me Aubameyang didn’t fumble one chance in the first half and two after Saka came on?

    1. Eddie stop wasting chances? How many chances did he had today, I I can’t believe you are blaming Pepe aubamayang and not arteta, I love the man and I want us to do well but creating just 2 chances in 90minutes ans you are blaming the players. Aubamayang did everything right with that ball only to be denied by a clear hand ball but the foolish ref and var waved it off. This is clearly arteta fault, what’s the difference between arteta arsenal and Emery arsenal.

      1. What about that chance in the first half where he sliced the ball? And mayne the handball was not intentional and these kinds of calls seldom go our way. Though the best chance of the game was missed by Saka who turned prime Lacazette for that one moment.

      2. Lenohappy, I’m not blaming him actually.
        If you read well, you’d see I only said he needs to sort his shit.
        Aubameyang last season would’ve buried one out of the three shots he took in the box. Are you gonna deny that?
        That’s the Auba we need. He needs to sort his shit and come back to us.
        Also I can’t blame Arteta for today’s game, bro did you see how unnecessary that red card was? And you think Pepe can’t be faulted?
        We’re away, and he makes that sort of move without caring about how it affects the team.
        Can I ask a question bro?
        Would you keep this same energy if that red card incident was Luiz, Xhaka or Bellerin?
        Think about it bro

        1. Eddie first of all that Aubamayang first half chance is a half chance, he wasn’t facing the post, he controlled the ball very well and only his shots let him down, the second attempt was 90% goal, and in my opinion it’s a penalty, and on the Pepe stuffs check my comment below, I said it was a stupid reaction from him, but even when he was on the pitch Leeds outplayed us so it probably won’t have changed anything, arteta should sort this out, you can’t tell me all of the players suddenly become useless. If you bring Ronaldo and Messi to this team with this negative tactics, they won’t do anything.

    2. We can’t blame Arteta?? C’mon, our first half was worse than the villa game, full team looking like they were nursing a bad hangover…. Arteta is to blame if he can not motivate the team to respond after an embarrassing loss at home.

      The team could not string 5 passes… and what with all long goal kicks 100% gifting possession to opponent.

      We may hope that Arteta has it but if team plays the same in the next 2 games vs Wolves/Tottenham we shall be dropping to relegation area by then the Fans shall react!

  3. Yes Pepe was stupid and hurt our chances in the game…

    If we look before the red card we looked extremely poor anyway. I just hope the red card doesn’t over shadow the fact that we were horrific in general!

    No passion
    No direction
    No unity
    No clue

    Something is very wrong….

    1. Unfortunately we look like a midtable side…For the moment…There is a lot to be desired about what we expect from the team… Hopefully MA makes the right decisions….

    2. Many players came and left Arsenal. Some of them were really talented, but some of them also came with diva personality and complacency

      I believe complacency has been plaguing Arsenal after the Invincibles left and there’s obviously lack of control from the owner. Kroenke seems the type of owner who feels he’d get 100% efforts from his employees because he’s been paying them handsomely

      No employee would put in his extra efforts if the employee thinks he’s highly replaceable. Kroenke needs to make sure nobody can stay in comfort zone, otherwise he’d keep spending millions for nothing

  4. Pepe was a disgrace.
    But Leeds looked much the better team even before that, and tha tis a worry.
    On the bright side:
    The players showed good fighting spirit.

    1. Why are we turning so mediocre…what fight did players show surely.

      We were saved by the post otherwise we would be 3 goals down, our defending was actually not better, yes 10 men in the box but Leeds team were winning free headers, shot through to Leno & woodwork with limited successful blocks… What we had was luck

      1. JG – I actually agree with most of your points. We deserved to lose the game, and we were the poorer team even before Pepe was sent off:
        I just tried to find something positive, and I do think it was a positive, we fought hard for the point. But apart from that; no positives as I see it.

  5. i am probably the biggest pepe fan on this forum.. but i agree that it was an insanely idiotic foul that cost us the game..

    hope he learns from it…

    1. I wouldn’t say in necessarily cost us the game though…..we didn’t look like we were getting anything from the game with 11 men

    2. Pepe action didn’t cost us the game, the lack of ideas from the coach cost us, how can we play for 96 minutes without creating any clear chance 🥺🥺. What Pepe did was stupid but before his sending off we were outplayed, wait till this leeds play Chelsea and see what happens.

      1. Do you mean that Bellerin through ball to Saka, that Saka cross to Aubameyang, Aubameyang-Saka interchange, that pass to Aubameyang in the first half which he skied, and a great Tierney cross which Pepe or someone else got stuck on and couldnt sort out their feet to strike 6 yards from goal, were not clear cut chances?

        1. Sid seriously bro don’t take this personal or in a wrong way but I decided not to reply you because I noticed you don’t argue with facts, I noticed even when Pepe had a decent first half you still said he was awful, unlike you I don’t criticize based on my emotions, like I said to Eddie, the first aubamayang ball, he received the pass backing the post and he controlled it well and even turn with it, only his shot let him down and the second attempt was definitely a penalty but I can see you are trying to make a case for Lacazette so it’s your choice but this is my opinion you are free to have yours. Ooh and don’t even think I dislike Lacazette, for your information, he’s my country man.

          1. Why are we turning so mediocre…what fight did players show surely.

            We were saved by the post otherwise we would be 3 goals down, our defending was actually not better, yes 10 men in the box but Leeds team were winning free headers, shot through to Leno & woodwork with limited successful blocks… What we had was luck

          2. No worries bro. I dont take things personally. Also it is your choice to say that I made a case for Lacazette when all I said are that Aubameyang missed chances too. The two shots that he missed were moderately difficult chances. But if we criticise Lacazette for his misses, Aubameyang and Saka should not be exempt from that. Lacazette is not working as CF, but from today’s showing, do you think Aubameyang at CF works? Defenders either mark him out, or he gets shifted to the wings or drops deep to recieve the ball. That Saka chance, ideally Aubameyang should be there to run on to that. But he was farther back. So whoever plays CF has to contend with those responsibilities.

            1. And yeah, the ball hit the defender’s legs before hitting his hand maybe so it was deemed unintentional by VAR. And I said Pepe was awful because eveb if he had 2-3 good moments, he generally slowed down the attack and couldn’t sort his feet to take the ball. Multiple miscontrols during Xhaka’s long through ball and Tierney’s cross show that at best he had a lukewarm first half.

    1. Arteta is not an idiot, I think some of this players are just not good enough ranging from pepe to xhaka to willian and aubameyang offers almostly nothing upfront when he does not score…

      1. You can blame arteta all you want but looking at what Emery is doing at Villarreal I think it’s safe to say arteta is not the problem but the management and the people in charge of recruitment bcos like I said earlier some of this players have no fight or passion for the game in them…

    2. Today, I agree…

      Arteta better get his stuff done, today the team did not respond from the villa hammering…. If he plays the same next 2 games vs Wolves/Tottenham we will be going close to regelation and all these fans singing his hype shall join us.

      Am sorry, his performance last 10 games are worse than Emery’s

    1. Are you 97 years of age and on your death bed?
      If so, im sorry but you will pass on before tht happens.

      1. Very stupid and insensitive comment.
        It might just be sort of plain comment to you, but you don’t say stuff like that to people.
        I’m not trying to pick a fight bro, but really I know we’re all disappointed, but don’t say stuff like that.
        Even though she’s not 97 or on a sick bed, it could be anyone

  6. What a magnificent defensive performance from the boys when we went down to 10 men.Every player knew their job and we held in for a very well deserved point.
    This shows the value MA had added since his arrival of nothing else.
    And Tierney is fast becoming a legend at Arsenal. What a buy he is proving to be

  7. This is the most expensive Arsenal team we have had, yet it is the worst.
    Our recruitment has been terrible, we are going downhill and i cant see us spending this kind of cash ever again as it is just being wasted.

  8. OT:

    I think fans need to keep quiet more regarding transfers and stop piling pressure on the club.
    We got an offer of 25M for a squad player FFS!!! Fans nearly went berserk saying all sorta stuff.
    Right now AMN is of no use to this team. 25M to the dust.
    Szoboszlai RC is 23M. You see how lack of plans and directions kills?
    I just kept quiet and watched fans sing praises of Niles and talked bout not losing him.
    This has nothing to do with today’s game, but during the game it came to mind, what exactly does Niles offer? 25M sitting on the bench.
    Pfffft, good luck getting even 20M for him next window

  9. Defensive solidity again at the expense of fast flowing attacking as a team plus Auba still misfiring. Arteta has to get a better balance in his tactics. Willock anonymous again – not sure if its the player or tactics – we just don’t look like scoring

    1. Willock has no future at top level. This guy doesn’t have any positional or spatial awareness at all. He doesn’t know when to make himself available to receive the ball and when to make forward runs to help in attack. Zero talent.

  10. About time we drop Willian and Pepe… Well, Pepe will miss some games. Will he learn when he comes back?

    What looked like a good season we looked forward too is looking blip at the moment.

    Give Leeds another 30mins and they won’t score. LOL. I wished Saka converted that chance…

    Please when is Martinelli coming back?

    1. I fear this, Martinelli should be ready to participate in match day trainings in 2 weeks time, but what I fear is the pressure fans will pile on him, and the expectations. Forgetting he’s a kid who’s just coming back from a very lengthy injury.
      I wish fans would let him be and stop expecting him to come fix our scoring issues

      1. Yeah agree Eddie. Martinelli is a real talent, one of the few players in the last 15 years that seems to put in 100% consistently….refreshing to watch

        My big concern is him being snapped up by a top team, i just can’t see a strong enough reason for him to stay

  11. I wonder if there were kickbacks to Arsenal management in the Pepe deal. It’s very hard to understand the deal otherwise. I think we were better with 10 men without him both in attack and defense. Agree with others that something is seriously wrong. Not sure why Willian is on the pitch; limited options maybe.

  12. LETS BE HONEST , WE WERE EXTREMELY LUCKY TODAY. Leno and the woodwork were our real heroes today No doubt about the villain thouhj, eh Pepe? Some good defensive perfs, esp by Gabriel and Tierney but ALL those playing in front of those…. OH DEAR!!!

    1. True Jon a couple players can hold their heads high, the rest not so. Arteta tried different formation, but didn’t make much difference with a dreadful Willian still starting and getting nothing from midfield.
      Hopefully Willian benched now as he offers nothing of value as an attacking player. Willock showing he’s not PL caliber and needs a loan to see if he can contribute at this level.
      Very few positives this match, and we’re looking like a midtable club who couldn’t score at a brothel with a suitcase full of money.

  13. Stupid woodwork cost me my 3-0 prediction.

    I cut I would prefer we win, but if not might as well benefit from it.

  14. Can’t help wondering, if Pepe’s action has to do with an underlying disciplinary problem? Not that it is an excuse in any way, but there are some worrying things going on.
    Maybe I am just paranoid…

  15. What’s wrong with Arsenal? I believe the international break was indirectly responsible for the current malaise. Anyway the gunners could have lost by at least 2 goals.
    Abu seems to have lost his way. Seems the mammoth deal has impacted him
    However class is permanent and I expect him to start to start scoring the soon.

  16. And where does nelson learn to take set pieces, it is the worst $h1t under the sun. Boy can take set piece to save his life yet we seem to have no one better?

    1. The best set piece taker at our club is Ozil, and we know where he is now. Compate Ozilis corner deliveries to William’s. Does not computer.

  17. Very good game for me, the boys really worked hard.
    Things I learnt:
    -Our attacking players needs to be ruthless
    – We have a massive problem in our attack and our attacking combinations
    – Ceballos is not an attacking midfielder
    – Saka is very pivotal and needs to start on the LW or RW.
    – Gabriel and Tierney are very dependable.
    – Our players are more comfortable in 4231 formation.

    Leeds lost two matches on the bounce and it wasn’t supposed to be an easy game but I think the boys worked hard after just coming back from the international break.
    On to the next one… coyg!

  18. We are so boring to watch to much consecration on defending our midfielders scare to make danger pass always play safe. our front players are so frustrated with this system
    Massive game next weekend loose that a home again then something will need to change

  19. If VAR could see pepe’s incident why didn’t it see auba penalty team lacks an attacking midfielder red card or no red card

    1. It wasn’t a penalty. The ball hit the defender’s feet before it hit his hands. More like ball to hand than a handball. It was a correct decision.

  20. Well I would say that was a masterclass in luck😂😂
    Jokes aside, it was a new formation we lined up in I think and the defense was doing well although in the later stages we were fried. Bellerin and Tierney were good going forward and defending, Willian was lukewarm in the game as was Aubameyang until the last few minutes, Nelson and Saka helped a lot and should be in contention for starting winger berths but both need to work on finishing, especially Saka whose miss was costly. Imagine Lacazette screwing that and the after-effects. His effigies would burn in London. That said I am just being a whiny retard and he is definitely our crown jewel along with Gabriel who also had a good game. The midfielders tried vut couldnt keep up with Leeds. Xhaka did put a great pass to Pepe who made a hash of it, Ceballos tried hard and got good balls but he too couldn’t make them often enough. One more thing that I have noticed, ever since that new setpiece coach came in, we are rubbish in setpieces. It may be my delusions, but atleast we were slighly better positioning and delivery wise before. Unless he has come in to fix setpiece defending, then I would say well done.
    MA should try out new formations and players. The camera showed his face at the end and it was not pleasant looking. He must have thought what more he could do to get us points. He made every change the fans demanded and even ditched the back 3. Let’s give him time guys. He is the right man for the job and is just going through a rut.

  21. Pepe Willian and Willock , how MA picks these 3 is beyond me. Saka and Auba showed that with thought chances can be created even with only 10 men. Bellerin had a great game really worked and defended well. Created our best chance and looked like a leader barking orders. Xhaka and Dani are squad players at best.

  22. Everybody talked about how idiotic Pepe was but did anyone realized that Willian was an absolute pants?

  23. What the fck is wrong with some of you, arteta has not even managed us for a full season and you guys are calling for his head, we are just 6 or 7 points off the top and you guys are making it seem like we are 20 points off the top, give him till the end of the season b4 making your judgement, the second half performance shows y I still value arteta most teams would have succumbed to a defeat after the red card, if I remember vividly at one point Spurs fans were calling for Mourinho’s head now he’s top of the table, stop the negativity and back the manager at least till the end of the season

    1. Firstly, im not one calling for MA to be sacked but lets look at the facts

      -7 points off the top is good at the end of season, its terrible when top spot only has 20 points total

      -We have played 9 games which is 23.68% of the season. If you ratio that to a full season of 38 games that is a massive 29.54 points behind the leader. Are you really ok with this?

      -We are only 2 points above 15th spot

      Lets be objective when analysing the data please.

    2. Are you seriously comparing Mourinho to Arteta?? Being in a situation before makes a world of difference..Arteta might come good or might crack under pressure..This is a rookie…

    1. Shut the fck up.. Emery would have lost woefully even Wenger at the end of his arsenal career would have lost this game, arteta deserve credit than we give him

    2. How soon you forget? We are in a rough patch but never wish for Emery-ball or whatever it is. Facing 20 – 40 shot every match is beyond dreadful. I hated football. Please!

  24. Well Patrick, as a Gooner fan of many years, after today’s performance, I really do fear for the rest of the season. We appear to have some idea of shape when defending but little idea of how to transition to attack when we do get the ball; that is MA’s challenge – albeit with a limited ability squad. IMHO, he should play Willock alongside Partey. Apart from his ball to Saka, Bellerin needs to go, play Soares there or AMN. Why didn’t we get £20+m for AMN pre-season if we’re not going to play him. There’s a lack of intelligence, of understanding, of doing the basics. RN delivery is embarrassing.. We pretend to line up with 3 forwards and then never really have 1 up there. Forget the sending off, Pepe & Willian need a rocket or a long rest and I do hope PEA has not signed a contract similar to the detail of Ozil’s.. Signing the lad from Lille or the Hungarian lad are NOT going to sort this tactical vaguary and technical ineptitude.

      1. So true. Bellerin, as one of very few, actually had a very good game. Not only did he do very well all around, he made the pass of the game, but unforunately for us and for him, it wasn’t urned into a great assist for the goal, that could have won the game.

  25. I really don’t know what’s happening with arsenal, we had just two chance today, the aubamayang blocked shot and the Saka saved shot. Arteta has to do something and fast, bring Lewandoski to this team he won’t get 4 goals in a season, our attack is so negative, we only 2 chances against leeds is not good enough

  26. Pepe’s transfer to AFC should be investigated. Something just doesn’t seem right.. Pepe is not worth and was never worth 72 M.. Presently AFC will not get 15M for him…

  27. The movement and speed of passing in attack for this season has been abysmal. And when teams sit deep the creativity is non existent. Arsenal just don’t entertain anymore im afraid…

  28. Leno, Tierney, Bellerin and Saka in his cameo played great. Disappointed with Nelson, particularly his set pieces, but think he needs to start ahead of Willian and Pepe for at least a few games. Willock looked tentative, again a run of games is needed.

  29. The lack of detail and unprofessional sloppy acts are blinding. Pepe getting sent off, Bellerin foul throws, free kicks and corners not clearing the first man and just booting the ball forward when a player had space and time, for it to just come straight back. We have to be better than we are seeing, or we might as well give up. A great draw in the end but this dross that we are being served as far as quality moving the ball forwards, seems never ending. Why did Willian start, why didnt saka start, what did nelson do but just play the ball to the opposition, i thought the guy would want to impress. Xhaka just booting the ball in the air and giving the ball away every other ball, is just poor. The ten men in the second half did not help but the first half was abysmal. The fight seems to be there but the direction isnt and we are just slowly disappearing down a plug hole. Players and manager decisions just dont seem to work or make sense. We just look an average team and even that we are making it look difficult.

  30. Have to be honest. Leeds were totally robbed of three points. Been a long time since I have seen such an inept performance. At least a couple of weeks

  31. Pepe did lose his head, but why didn’t the referee call out the two fouls on him that made him react?

    So where are the fans who demanded that Aubameyang should play in the middle?

    Where was the creativity once again? Nowhere to be seen as usual and Freddie summed it up regarding this.

    What on earth were Ceballos and Willock’s roles in supporting the front three?

    Willian was unproductive and, apart from the sending off, performed less than Pepe.

    Bellerin, Holding, Gabriel and Tierney were excellent in front of the magnificent Leno.

    We are so lightweight in the midfield, it is embarrassing and THAT is why I am blaming Arteta for this result.
    I don’t really care what anyone says, his decision to banish our ONLY attacking midfielder, MO, is coming back to haunt him every game – really interesting to hear what Freddie had to say about the situation as well.
    If we don’t improve tactically, he HAS to bring creativity back – unless dour, defensive tactically devoid football is what you want.

    Finally. for all those who were complaining about Leno/Martinez…. the performance from Leno today, should remind them just what he was doing week in and week out before his injury… the club DID make the right decision.

    1. The lack of creativity shows ( to me anyway) axing Mesut was not Mikel’s decision. He is a very intelligent person (as far as football is concerned) to be daft enough to make such decision.

      He says his decision to exclude Mesut is doing what’s best for the club but he has never specified what’s best on the pitch or what’s best financially.

      I agree with your views on Pepe. He is not the first person to be sent off. Not long ago Nketiah was also sent off but the backlash wasn’t this strong. Pepe’s price tag was not his fault. It happens sometimes.

      Admn Pat where is Shenel? Her Mesut theory is looking more and more likely.

      1. HH “( to me anyway) axing Mesut was not Mikel’s decision” do you know this for a fact and if yes please can you please show me or share me any link to that or are you Arteta brother or maybe you have any source inside the club

    2. Ken1945 to be honest I really don’t see any big deal in Leno performance today, if you follow my comments on Leno very well you will know have always been consistent with my analysis of him, he has always been a good shot stopper, there was a particular ball, a corner which he should have held on to in the first half but he decided to punch it, that’s the difference between a good goalkeeper and a complete goalkeeper. I told my cousin who we watched the ball together, I said if you like play 10 shots to Leno he will save at least 7, but when he has the ball at his feet press him hard and he will fumble or keep crossing the ball he will definitely fumble( I believe that’s why Arteta instruct him to play the ball long today because he knows Leeds will definitely press him to make mistakes) Leno is good but in my own opinion he’s not in the top5 In the league and before anyone start typing rubbish remember it’s my opinion.

      1. Lenohappy, I respect your opinion, so hope that last sentence wasn’t aimed at me?

        As you might know, I also wanted Martinez to stay, but today’s performance reminded me of exactly what he can do.
        I take your point regarding his playing out from the back, so let me ask you this then… why has Arteta taken until this game to realise and change his tactics?

        1. ken1945 no that last sentence wasn’t for you, if it will make you happy, you are one of those I respect here even though you are an ozil fan🤣🤣🤣🤣. And to your question about arteta changing the keeper tactics, I think playing out from the back is the easiest way in to bypass an opposition midfield so I really like the idea of playing out from the back but I think arteta has finally realized that Leno is not the keeper for that.

    3. Ken: “Bellerin, Holding, Gabriel and Tierney were excellent in front of the magnificent Leno.”

      Ken honestly! we can’t forget the woodwork and so many chances Leeds wasted. Yes the defense played better but just because there was no offense. Auba is not a CF. Never was and never will be. As for Ozil, it is hard to believe that he is sitting at home while our inapt offense is sputtering. No matter the formations and no matter the tactics, nothing works without him. This was one of MA’s biggest rookie mistake no doubt.

      1. lcw, I’m not forgetting the woodwork, or the woeful midfield protection, in helping out (Xhaka being the better of the three).

        To not concede against such pressure is a tribute to the players I mentioned.

        Don’t forget the posts and crossbar define where you have to put the ball in order to score and if they hit the woodwork 60 times, it would still have ended up a point each.

  32. The entire leeds squad cost a lot less than what Pepe cost us but bielsa has got something out of his squad as he has a philosophy he follows and a determination to put it in to practice … Pepe is just a reflection of a club that has been on a downward slope for a decade deluding itself that a new stadium was the route to glory pumping up third rate talent from the academy and French league and then making one off impulsive purchases in the hope that this would ignite a squad which is chock full of championship level quality … Bellerin xhaka Willock Nelson Pepe Willian simply would not get in to the team and in some cases the squad of clubs we consider rivals and Luiz and holding would not be far behind … That said arteta shows no sign of using the talent he has to start playing a different style of football … I was happy arteta came but would be happy to see him leave as he clearly has too gentle a learning curve to move us on … So if he doesn’t offload in January .. Those mentioned plus mustafi kolasinac nketiah etc .. and bring in 2 or 3 quality players who can step in to first team and then focus on the league forget cup competitions other than for giving playing time to non regular players then we will end season mid table and with no sense of direction … And arteta will be gone anyway

  33. Calvert-Lewin has more goals so far this season than the entire AFC team in the EPL. Thats how you know something isnt right

  34. I thought we generally looked leggy today and some players seemed tired almost from the strat, esp Willian and Willock, though why Willock looked tired I can’t explain. There is no cohesion at all in the team now and only the defence section is doing its job.
    We are paying the penalty for having too many , mostly long term , sub par players that MA is forced to pick, as there are no better ones in reserve. Auba was invisible again today but was far from alone in that.

    Leeds outfought us which was the single MOST ALARMING FACTOR! As for Pepe, MA’s open anger shown in his TV interview, though welcome to see, does not bode well for PEPE staying here long. He has been, by any sober analysis, a huge disappointment for the large fee paid and his head is not right IMO. THIS IS IRRESPECTIVE OF HIS DISGRACEFUL ACT TODAY.

    1. Pepe wasn’t really the main problem, although he was a disgrace. Third game out of 4, where we were inferior right from the start. Sorry to say, but I still think we have a huge mentality problem.

    1. Well, with an attitude like that Cyber born, I don’t think you’ll be missed much!!!

      Also interesting how, although we have signed over fifteen players and spent, I believe, over £300,000,000 on new players, the same old excuse of blaming players signed years ago in order to try and explain our performances, our non existent tactics, our inability to create chances, our inability to score goals, are still used.
      Bellerin and Holding were excellent today for example – while the players getting the most stick, Willian, Pepe, Ceballos, Aubameyang are nothing to do with being long term “dross” signings…and Willock has only started to feature in the last season as well.

      The longer we keep blaming the past for today’s ills, the longer we keep burying our heads in the sand!!!

  35. 9 – Arsenal have scored just nine goals in this season’s Premier League; it’s their lowest tally after their first nine games of any league season since 1986-87 (six). Lacking.

    1. Exactly Sue and let’s not forget how much we are paying Auba for his one penalty goal and no assists… plus the reason why he isn’t getting any chances from down the middle as well.

      That was when we had George Graham playing defensive football as well – any comparisons come to mind?

      1. 86-87 – wow, Ken, that was before I was even a gooner!!! 😳

        Thinking ahead – hoping we’ll see ESR on Thursday… at least he’s found the back of the net in the past 6 months 😂😂

  36. When your first signing of the season, is a Chelsea reject(Willian) ,that’s passed his best years (just like cech was), it simply means that you are not ambitious and forward thinking. Experience is gained from playing games and it time to invest in younger quality players, like Szoboszlai and Houssem Aouar. Willian is a waste of funds. Arteta need to strengthen the midfield and improve our quality in attack. In the January transfer window, Arsenal must get rid of the fringe players to buy Houssem Aouar and Dominik Szoboszlai, to have a realistic chance of making the top four and compete for silverware. Players like Sokratis, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Ozil, Lacazette and Chambers must be sold now (for anything lower than market value or not).And , in next summer transfer window, Arsenal should sell Torriera, Xhaha, Mari, Soares,Luis Guendouzi and Willian,to complete clear out and start overhaul of the squad. Arsenal needs more skilful players with pace to keep up with premier league rivals. Arteta has to improve Arsenal attacking side of the game.

    1. Remember Wayne that Chelsea reject has been hailed as second smoking of Ronaldo in most parts of Arsenal fan base. The owner gave them money to spend and did not interfere this time so blame is on MA and Edu shoulder …no one else.

  37. One thing is true that is Arteta is the best!!! Better then klopp better then pep..Arteta is the best.🤣😂

  38. MA is playing the wrong formation. With this bunch of players we have he is not going to get very far unless he starts changing his formation.
    I still say 4-1-3-2 HE COULD HAVE PLAYED
    Bellerin Holding Magalhaes Tierney
    AMN Ceballos. Saka

    Pepe. AUBA

    Or 4-2-3-1

    Bellerin Holding Magalhaes Tierney

    Xhaka Luiz

    AMN. Ceballos. Saka


  39. In the second half, I expected MA to pull Willian out and play someone who can put more pressure and I expected Saka, but NO Pepe killed the game!!

    IT WAS DONE with his stupid move! man, you worth a 70million and you can’t act like a pro?!

    I think MA made the right calls, he was unlucky with losing both Partey and Elneny and Ceballos being in his worst performance. I just wish that he got his answer, Willian is not better than Nelson or Willock, these men are dying for a chance while he is not putting any effort and keeps playing instead of them!

  40. If our fans think that our squad is worse then licester, spuds and Man United then there is nothing to argue….you can keep blaming the manager but wasn’t this time all the players bought by MA’s blessing and it’s not like we spent no money, we spent good amount as well. Now I completely understand Kronke why he does not do an Arab Sheik on us bec he knows Arsenal will find a way to blow millions on avg players then complain about player quality. Now all MA supporters will shift the blame on players and start giving new excuses. I see lampard having worse squad then us last year, spuds squad is no better then us and neither is licester. Even Man United have an avg squad but the other managers keep charming out results so who’s fault is it??

  41. Hahahahahahahaha. Formation already okay, 4 at the back, but frontliner useless again. Seriously Willock attacking midfielder? Just because he scored goal, doesnt mean that he can create chances. Sorry willock, u need to learn more, u r still young, keeps your heads down. How many chances we got today? Willoan starying the game? Ceballos? No end product. I can say Pepe Ceballos are real flop. Even when you got Pele in front, if no chances created, how can he scored? Seriously we lacked in CREATIVITY. True MOTM today is our goalpost. Embarassing performance again from inefficiency team. This is not the real Arsenal. But too good to be true, as of today im still an Arsenal fan, since my childhood, today and of course forever even Arsenal in Championship. Thats how i show my stupidity, supporting team of player that are full of sh*t. Even my friends called me sh*t because im still supporting Arsenal. Too good to be true, supporting Arsenal is hurt.

    1. Mustafi, Lacazettes Xhakaand Chamberlain are Wegner’s legacy. So much for the “Only interested in top top players spin.Thats over 100 million there without any value. Then the crooks came in and gave us Socrates, Luiz, Soares Mari ,Pepe and William in some dodgy deal making,only adding to the dross. What a waste of recourses and why is nobody held accountable? and why is it that the fans have to suffer for the incompetence of so called footballing experts.

      1. Joe. S, not sure where your getting your valuations from, but just remind me how much pool payed for The Ox, or how much Hertha Berlin were, reportedly, prepared to pay for Xhaka, while Lacs is values at what currently?
        Not sure what Mustafi would bring, last time I looked, it was £25,000,000.

        The rest of your post I can have some sympathy with.

        1. Ken that should have been Chambers 20 Million from Southampton,still a work in progress. My valuations are roughly what Wegner paid for them, what they have delivered and the fact that Arsenal are always crying poor when it comes to making serious attempts at strengthening the team.

  42. After the dust has settled, perhaps we should bear in mind the fact that more of our players were involved in International matches than the opposition who are, in any event arguably the fittest side in the League playing on what is the heaviest surface in the League.The combination of these facts is why we looked leggy and one paced .The fact that we managed to dig out a point after playing for 40mins with ten men is commendable as far as I am concerned.In Leno and our two full backs we had players who really performed in adversity , which is at least something positive to end on.

    1. Grandad, agree completely with regards to Leno, Bellerin and Tierney… I would also add Holding and Gabriel, because the back four kept their heads and played as a unit – something MA should be praised for.

        1. A lot of gooners do, A J…. I wonder if at some point he’ll end up back with us?
          There’s a lot of things I miss right now… and the list is getting longer on a weekly basis!!
          We’re far from the attacking unit I was expecting 🥺

  43. Manana, and false dawns are beginning to give me sleepless nights !

    This season has a familiar feel to it already I fear.

    I read we have our transfer plans in place for NEXT season – wonderful☹️

    Let’s not forget – we were meant to be challenging the likes of Bayern Munich by now.

    Promises, promises comes to mind.

    Oh well, keep the faith Sue and trust the “process “ – whatever that may be ?


  44. Wishing Giroud back at Arsenal. Rock bottom. Does it get worse than this. Plus don’t forget most of Giroud’s chances came from the Ozil / Sanchez / Carzola combination. Now that’s what I call CREATIVITY.

    1. Doesn’t have the above mentioned providing for him in the French national side, and continues to do very nicely.

  45. Today I predicted the game as a 1-1 draw. Boy was I wrong. I should have agreed with the hustlers who bet that Arsenal could not score today. I was so infuriated with my friends who made money off Arsenal not scoring. I promise not to speak to them again on game day. I am at that level of heartbreak.

    Here are the two pieces of fact that will bother you. I apologize that it will. It is only my intention to wake you all up. Prepare for stormy weather.

    1. We got tired of our old boots and started to walk barefooted. Now the ground is tough, and the pavement is hot. I first started writing in the chat the day someone stated that it is better Wenger go and we do without a coach. I wrote that Wenger needed money to invest and someone replied that he need to go home. Then we got ‘Good ebing.’ Now we have Arteta and politics combined. Maybe with Arteta alone we could survive – but not with the politics of who can play on the pitch due to issues unrelated to football. We dropped the old man or old boots and now we have been wearing socks alone. We dropped Ozil and the middle of the pitch is barefooted. We now have the most expensive team in 10 years and we cannot score – only my nasty betting friends are scoring.
    2. MA is just learning his trade. He has only picked the side correctly 6 times now based on the views of persons who have an idea of the game. He is making a lot of errors. By the time we feel our way out I will become an expert on Europa and I would have developed a cast-eye from watching those neighbours with that specialist. This is me who used to fuss about Wenger not making it past the quarter finals of Champion’s league. Now I would celebrate losing in the group stage.

    Bottomline is this season is going to test our souls and we deserve every inch of the medicine. So again, the issue is not that Wenger should not go – but we should have had a succession plan. The greed and chaos are simply too much for us to do well.

    Hopefully MA will learn sooner than later.

  46. THE youngsters really showed some zeal, Willock, saka and Nelson were the reasons we had attempts, Arteta needs to field this boys more often as our experience players lack passion,

    Willock made a lot of runs but had Pepe and Bellerin making passes to the wrong directions,

    It’s really bad to see the way fans criticize the club, most of you fans can’t even win the emirate cup on play station, yet you criticize , all Arteta needs is some more funding and sales of deadwoods and we’ll be fine.

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