Arsenal miss another transfer as Gotze goes to Dortmund

Arsenal fans will be hoping (or praying might be a better word) that Arsene Wenger knows just what he is doing and that the Frenchman has some transfer aces up his sleeves. It is, however, starting to feel like just more of the same from the manager who seems to be the only man in the football world that does not think he needs to spend money to achieve success.

Okay the Gunners paid over £30 million to bring in the Swiss international midfield star Granit Xhaka from Borussia Monchengladbach and he does look a proper player, but after that we only have a reported £2 million swoop for the young Bolton centre back Rob Holding and the signing of the unheard of Japanese youngster who is not even allowed to play football in England.

Meanwhile the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United, in fact just about every other club in the Premier League, splashing the cash on players. Oh we have been linked with every man and his dog but whether the boss is actually interested in any of them is another matter.

He certainly does not seem to be trying very hard if he is interested, after the transfer back to Borussia Dortmund from Bayern Munich of the World Cup winning Mario Gotze sees Arsenal miss out on yet another potential transfer. Extra helping of Deja Vu anyone?


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  1. I get the impression that gotze saw his future bck at Borussia Dortmund so a move to arsenal was never really on the cards.

  2. Enough of all these Arsenal missed this player and that player articles, the point is we never needed Gotze, at least not with our packed midfield, it’s really getting so boring to be sincere, we need WE NEED A STRIKER !!!!!!! for crying our loud.

    1. Press are saying Wenger is having problems with Bellerin etc, now. The point is and I hope Wenger understands that it is essential to show ambition in the transfer market, not only to bring players in, but to keep our best players as well. No use nuturing all these youngsters if as soon as they start to deliver, Citeh start sniffing around. Another transfer season like last years could start an exodus. There is no excuse, we are a cash rich club, and all we are demanding is that the club puts as big a proportion of their money into the club, as we do as supporters.

  3. quit gLoating!

    Many of us already knoew Gotze was heading back to BVB …… A long time now

    and he wasn’t even a Target!


  4. Another team signs a player, then it means we missed a target. BORING!

    Striker.. …where are you?

    I am right here replied Asano…. Wenger may just have signed a striker guys….I hope not but looking like it

  5. Are we going to get an article for every player that moves clubs, and headed “Arsenal miss another transfer as ….(insert name as appropriate).

    Pointless article, give it a rest.

  6. we are just so poor in every unit……..

    Transfer Business

    That explains why we are being Linked to every player in the planet…. We just might be linked to inanimate objects in the future even

    Bottom Line….. Pointless Article

  7. Last 2 seasons.
    Walcott 16 goals.
    Wellbeck 11 goals
    Sanogo 1
    Chamberlain 7
    Suarez – Barcelona 84.

    1. Why did you fail to mention Giroud or Alexis?
      And why compare them to the best striker in the World
      I don’t see the point you are trying to make
      Sanogo hasn’t even played for Arsenal

      Last 2 seasons
      Alexis: 29
      Giroud: 30
      Walcott: 16
      Welbeck 13 (not 11)
      Chamberlain 5 (not 7)
      sanogo: 4 (not 1)
      Total: 97

  8. The worst part is Wenger will probably still manage to make top4 with this squad…then everyone will praise him for that and forget that second best doesn’t count…

    1. If you were Arsene and you managed to get in the top 4 every year wouldn’t you be the least bit tempted to spend big to see us over the line? The money spent would return to you in cash generated by new fans/sponsorship etc. It’d be a win win.

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