Arsenal miss out on a Golden Chance to win at Tottenham

Arsenal miss golden chance to win at Spurs with the help of the ref. by Konstantin Mitov

Well boys and girls, I’m so disappointed we didn’t win. We played well I thought. Our tactic was solid, we defended well, but ultimately a mistake by the ref gifted them a goal, which was practically the only shot on target they had in the second half.

Alexander Lacazette missed a golden chance to put us 2 up and then the ref trying to make up for his mistake gifted us a penalty which Auba missed. The two players who’ve been carrying us through so much of the season, now failed us as three points would’ve been massive.

The ref didn’t fail to cap of his miserable performance by sending off Torreira when earlier Rose lunged with the boots forward into the chest of Leno and got only a yellow.

Speaking of Leno, how good was he? That double save was excellent. And the way he stood up after Rose hit him was impressive. I thought our defending apart from Mustafi was excellent overall.

Not winning this game really hurts, given the way it played out, but there is no time to feel sorry for ourselves. It’s time to prepare for a Man Utd side coming with a great away record and they’ll easily dispatch Southampton at home so it’s 99 percent certain they will come with a one point lead.

If we mange to win that, I’ll be extremely happy. They have to play Chelsea and Man City yet while our run is favorable, not that we do that great away. We shouldn’t moan though. We have an excellent chance to finish in the top 4 and we should focus on what’s lying ahead.

We need to take the positives and there are a lot lately. It was interesting how Emery put Ozil on. Does he start against United at home? Ramsey had a run a kilometer more than any other Arsenal player when he was subbed. Sublime. A true warrior. I love Aaron and he deserved to win this game, as he showed those sorry white chickens, Wembley is his ground, our ground. We’ve won more trophies there than Tottenham has in how many years now?

Let’s pick it up and focus on United. A win against them will give us such a boost for the run in for the 3rd and 4th spot, because remember after United we’re done with the top 6 and the rest are not. And the fact that Chelsea play United, means if we win and that’s a huge IF, everything will be in our own hands.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week and have a fantastic week ahead of you!



  1. Ref robbed our 3 point, but what more embarrassing was our own player robbed our 3 points. Auba become lazy. I don’t know what he was doing nite before. I don’t know where to put laca n auba when comparing with Kane. Our forwards let us down. Shame, other players did so well today. Leno deserved better. Rambo n Ozil would have scored those chances given to laca n auba.

    1. The strikers have robbed us many points if you having watching all games. The strength of Arsenal is creating scoring chances, both strikers have missed so many chances.

      1. Like it or not, Arsenal would most likely have to keep the strikers for at least the next two seasons

        Since both of them are not young anymore and have big salaries, I doubt any club would be interested in buying them

        But the internal competition and rotation could force them to be more focused. I’m curious to see Aubameyang’s performance in the Rennes game and Lacazette’s in the Man United game

        1. Laca at 27 is not old. I think Laca, being a hard-working striker fits Emery’s style better.

          We did make a big mistake in buying Aruba. Not because he is not a great striker but with a club so thin on many other positions to buy a second striker (we had just bought Laca for 48 million) who does not even play with the first striker means that too often 50 million pounds is sitting on the bench whilst Players like Lichsteiner, Elneney, Mustafi where playing.

          If we can recoup the money for Auba (57 million) we should consider doing so and deploying it towards a winger or a creative midfielder or a full back.

          Auba is 29 the market has continued to go up it is possible we could recoup our investment.

    2. Ozil was poor should not have been on Mustafi well he is so bad and clumsy and can’t cross a ball Jenkinson should have been on not Mustaf. So apart from Ozil Mustafi and Aubamayang every one else put in 100% Mykaterian Socretise Monreal Koshelny were outstanding along with Awobi who had no support when he went forward still gave everything. Leno yes he saved us but his kicking let him down. If he plays Mustafi again then he is an idiot and Azacka needs counselling on tackling. CB

      1. Are you spelling our players names in a different language or are you unable to spell even a single players name right?

  2. We played well but it wasn’t meant be. Bar any crumbling,if we continue with this momentum,we will certainly make top four

    1. Only if Arsenal keep winning and both Man United/ Chelsea stumble

      A defeat from Man United will make it very difficult to achieve the top four

  3. In my opinion, with VAR, we get three points and Man U get none or maybe one. Two very, very good penalty shouts for Southampton. There is just no consistency in decisions and it’s frustrating.

  4. I am absolutely gutted, as I was confident Arsenal could win at Spurs. Before the game, I like others would have taken a point, but given how the game played out, 1-1 is like a loss.
    We have to get behind Unai Emery and the team, particularly Aubameyang, whose confidence must be shot after that penalty miss. Even Messi missed a penalty the other week; however Aubameyang needs to temper his tendency to “show boat”. Even so the assistant referees have one major thing to administer during penalty taking and that is encroachment. No wonder Vertonghen was able to put in the block to Aubameyang’s follow up, when he was 7m inside the area.
    Hopefully Arsenal can appeal Torreira’s red card, as he took the ball; however Arsenal never gets any favors from the English FA or referees.
    Arsenal must now beat Manchester United next Sunday at the Emirates and to do so Lacazette and Aubameyang must take any chances on offer. With Socrates and Koscielny now fit and in form, the defense is on the improve. Top four can be achieved if Arsenal wins each game at a time.

  5. It was clear that Arsenal were the better team. With VAR they would have won. Spurs have been a great team for a couple of seasons, but it’s clear for all to see the cracks are forming. All teams get found out sooner or later and I think Spurs are on the wane. Their star is dimming. Sad to see Rambo leave us. He is a great player. If Satan Kroenke releases the funds in the summer we could have a good team next season. Trouble is he’s got his head up his ****. Anyway well done lads against the old enemy.

  6. I am disappointed with the result, but more so with the way we played.

    In my humble opinion, we played too defensively. That’s Emery’s decision and players did play really well, especially defenders, Lacazette and Ramsey, to meet the coach’s expectations. But, that was only possible at the cost of creativity in our attack. I know it was a totally different game from the one against Bournemouth, but it seemed like we were two completely different team.

    Maybe, Emery showed too much respect for Spurs? I am not sure, but it almost worked until Mustafi gave Kane a penalty, which was completely unnecessary. Anyway, I was expecting a more attacking football.

    1. For years we have been using brainless attacking football in away matches to other Top 6 clubs, and we have been beaten again and again. For the first time in years, we actually looked like the team most likely to win, as we not only kept Spurs from getting chances (they only had one great chance in first half), we created many more than they did.
      If it hadn’t been for the linesman not flagging the offside, they would not have gotten a penalty, and we had won.

      Tactics were spot on.

    2. You probably formed your opinion on based on what the pundits said in the build up when they saw the line-up.
      Emery Got the tactics spot on. I don’t often agree with his tactics or selection but he was 100% right for this game. Shame some players let the whole team down.
      Spurs have an excellent attack and are very good at counter attacking and profiting from defensive errors.
      Hence, Emery went for our most reliable defenders (except mustafi although he is better defensively than litch) Monreal played ahead of Kolasinac who despite his attacking prowess can’t defend to save his life and cost us goals with individual errors in big matches (cost us the win against united)
      Despite the so called defensive display, we out thought and out played the Spurs. Pity we didn’t outscore them despite numerous opportunities to do so.
      If we had gone gung-ho in attack, we would have lost the match as Kane, Eriksen and Son would have exploited our defense.
      Honorable mention to Leno for yet again proving his doubters wrong.

  7. That was not easy to watch because Arsenal chose to get behind the ball and let the Spuds pressed them, but at least they got a draw

    Lacazette was the worst starter today, due to his inability to finish two golden chances. Mustafi just tried his best to commit technical foul to an offside opponent

    The strikers should have kept their composure better next time, because they are 50+ million strikers and Arsenal is not a team that can consistently create good chances from open play. Rose should have been sent off for that tackle, because it could damage the GK’s internal organs

    1. gotanidea, Lacazette’s first chance was very difficult due to the bounce of the ball relative to his stride; however I agree he should have buried the second with more composure.

  8. It was poor considering the fact that it was … very very good defensive display…. Tactics were absolutely spot on….
    Lacazzet was shambolic with his finishing… Should have put Arsenal 2-0 in the 1st half and 3-0 after the break… That was really terrible finishing from such clinical striker….
    Our both strikers were terrible yesterday…. And what to say about referee…. Absolutely bizzare… How can he missed that offside?? And Vertonghen was way inside the box so no wonder he reached 1st with the follow up… Spurs didn’t deserve to get even single point…. We need to beat Man Utd next weekend which won’t be an easy game considering the United’s away form… They have 9 in 9 since Ole has Arrived on road..

  9. I don’t know whether we watched the same game with hideTR 07 and Gotanidea. They are the two complaining about our tactics today. Since each of us is entitled to his opinion I will not begrudge them that. However it is the general consensus thatl today we played better than Spurs. We were only let down by poor finishing and if we continue playing like this our season will end up well. I think Dan Smith and the others who were predicting doom can now see that their fears were unfounded after all. The boys played very well and deserved all three points but it was not to be. I am disappointed by the result but happy with our performance.

  10. The inconsistencies in match refereeing of the match being exhibited in the game by referee Anthony Taylor and those exhibited too in the game by his 2 match assistants, or should I say their inefficiencies in match refereeing or a deliberate anti-Arsenal match refereeing in the PL show being put out in the game by the trio match officiating officials on the field of play and behind the touch line was the primary reason that was responsible for Arsenal not winning the match. But I must say Mustafi, Lacazette and Auba’ were also culpable in the act that led to Arsenal not winning the match.

    Referee Anthony Taylor should have sent off Danny Rose in the first half of the match for his deliberate strong and heavy foot tackle on Leno’s chest. Knowing the kind of deceptive and violent player that Danny Rose is, the yellow card he got for his violent play on Leno’s chest which wasn’t an accident but deliberately done should have been a red card shown to him and not a yellow. The linesman at the far side failed to raise the flag in the buildup to Kane being pushed by Mustafi in the box when it’s obvious Kane was offside. But earlier in the 1st half, the same linesman correctly flagged him offside when he headed in from a free kick, or was it from a corner kick? And the other linesman failed to flag for a retake of the penalty that Auba’ missed as 2 Spurs players had encroach into the penalty box by 7 and 2 yards before Auba’ took the penalty. And Mustafi, Laca’ and Auba’ were not discipline in their defensive and goals scoring duties for Arsenal on the afternoon. But why?

    I think Arsenal have an important Europa League Cup round of 16 match to play at away against a French club side on Thursday night before they take on Man Utd at the Ems in the PL. It will be good to first focus on the Europa League Cup match. Then after, us Gooners can shift our focus to the Man Utd match.

  11. I have no words to describe how devastated I am today. it doesn’t usually take me this long to get over football disappointments, I feel this will go on throughout the week as I am super gutted.

    How can our two strikers be “off” at the same time in this crucial period?
    Lacazette whom I love so much missing empty nets repeatedly, Aubameyang am not surprised about, that penalty miss could just cost us the top 4.
    Winning this game would have brought respect to us, given us a massive morale boost as we look to end the season on a high, given us a chance to make top 3 and earn some accolades for Emery who was excellent in his tactics today. Am deeply hurt! –
    Positives for me were Leno, Sokratis Kosielcny and a special mention to Mkhitaryan, what a player he has been after his injury, has he been carrying a knock all this while? I say rest him completely on Thursday and unleash him again against United.
    Onwards and upwards

  12. Its Emery’s fault of playing Mustafi, every time that man is starting i get nervous and every time he is in the penalty box i get scared and thats what happened yesterday.Regarding the strikers i feel they seem overconfident and not focussed during training as from the training ground pictures only jokes and smiles.Nothing’s changed from the Wenger era.Positives were good play from the rest including the whipping boys Iwobi, Xhaha, Mikhi, Ramsey.

  13. I think It’s the right time to appoint another penalty shooter in Arsenal.Auba is just a joker.I remember last season against Man city he took a similar penalty and missed it.Mustafi is another burden in defence.He gives away too many unnecessary penalties

    1. It’ll be due to a mixture of how they go in training/practice and the fact that he is ours and every other side he’s played in, top scorer. When you have someone who might have a chance to get the golden boot, you have to give him them if you ask me. It helps the reputation of a striker when he’s up there, and you only need to listen to the Invincibles talking about lining up in the tunnel and what their reputation done to the opposite sides confidence.

      I honestly believe that if fans had of all backed him to the hilt when he was leading the charts rather than a large portion of them speak about him missing too many chances, his goal stats would be higher. Kane, Salah, they both miss a good portion of chances, but Kane over there is talked about as being the best striker in the world after you know which two, and Salah has the Liv support behind him and they don’t mind if he misses two, three or four in a game as long as he scores and so long as he’s rivaling the golden boot chasers. If Auba misses one and scores one, we have the type of large minority who would rather be picky and critical with the fact he didn’t score two, they’d hone in on it as I’ve seen them do. Yesterdays miss is understandable to be critical of, so long as you don’t dwell too long on it. But when Arsenal are winning and whether or not he’s scored or missed, it is the wrong time and all that fans will end up doing is dent his confidence.

  14. For goodness sake people, Auba has a penalty saved and all of a sudden he’s “useless” and a “joker”, wtf! We weren’t beaten by him, or Laca missing some chances, or Mustafi, or Ozil. We were beaten by the ref. The homeless nomads should not have had a penalty as there was an off side when their free kick came in. Our penalty should have been retaken as a spurs player encroached into the box and got a clear advantage by doing so. Correct result was 2-0 to us. Same old people on here digging out our own players when we lose, instead of looking at the bigger picture. Shame on you!

    1. Agreed and auba pretty much dived to win that penalty aswell ,I feel he gave it because of the Kane mistake .
      I don’t think he got his tactics right tbh ,again leaving stronger players on the bench ,also if Leno hadn’t pulled off them 2 world class saves it could have been worse .
      When you look at that staring 11 yesterday you can see we are miles off challenging for cups atm .
      Left flank looks very weak ,not sure why he didn’t play kola as the left winger seeing he’s been on fire the last couple of weeks .we can all go on about they worked hard and they press well but in the end that doesn’t win you championships ,you need quality and by yesterday s starting 11 there isn’t enough quality .for me only a handfull should be starting -laca ,auba ,ozil kos,Leno,toriera,sokarties .

      1. I don’t know why you agreed with him when you went against everything he just said.

        1. How do you work that out
          I haven’t had a dig at any player ,stating the obvious that some of the players are not good enough

  15. I’ve said it times and times here that I wonder why people call PEA and Laca world class. Statistically, our strikers have wasted more golden chances than any top six teams in the league this season. If we had the likes of Aguero or Rashford or Anthony or Higuaen in our teem, we will be competing for the league cup this season. I wish Emery has inherited a quality squad. Let’s hope for a better next season.

  16. Great performance from the boys and Emery totally got his tactics right. We didn’t win this match because of the officials, whom I tend to believe are compromised. Kane was offside and Rose should have been sent off. These are some of the small things that have a huge impact on a team. I think that Emery also had the ManU and Rennes games in mind and that’s why he selected that lineup, we need all our players fit and ready for what has been a heavy schedule of fixtures. Let’s hope for a stronger finish of the season.

  17. I agree with Declan enough about the players. We played very well and put in a hard shift. Let’s get behind the team in a massive way till the end of the season. We might be surprised where we end up. EMERY done a great job so far .

  18. I agree, there’s been plenty of positives of late, and with the games coming thick and fast while we have big players injured as well as not having a huge squad, I think we’ve done very well even though we were a little unlucky not to do even better. The teams defending has improved a fair bit, it hasn’t been panic stations like early in season (other than Mustafi being hot headed). We have the utd game at the Emirates, so while some might say it is Manu’s place to lose, others can say it is still in our hands. We know what we need to do, our mission is clear, if we can beat them it will make getting back into the places feel all the sweeter. Some of our players esp, but as a team too our mentality, the fight in us, it seems to be getting stronger as the season moves on. We can only hope that Kroenke gives us a fighting chance to improve this team further. I’m choosing to stay upbeat, and I can only hope that the Arsenal squad are choosing to do the very same, as rightly they should, they’ve plugged away since last thu and gave a really good account of themselves.

  19. Missed 2 big golden chances from Laca and 1 from Auba, and some other chances like from Ozil and Iwobi.
    But we have to move on, and solve the problem by more intensive, serious, and focus on training like penalty shot and in finishing..

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