Arsenal miss out on another striker target – Who’s next?

Arsene Wenger could soon be running out of possible transfer targets that would give Arsenal the competition or cover up front that many think is essential – if the Gunners are going to be able to wrestle the Premier League back to north London once again.

Whether you think that our current first choice centre forward Olivier Giroud is good enough or not, I think we all agree that Arsenal could do with another striker this summer, perhaps one that offers something different to what the boss already has to work with.

But after the Porto and Colombia striker Jackson Martinez was confirmed as joining Atletico Madrid earlier in the week, Wenger has had another one of his reported targets ruled out, after ESPN reported that Borussia Dortmund will not be listening to offers for their pacy forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Bundesliga club’s sporting director Michael Zorc was apparently reacting to claims in the German media that Arsenal were preparing a bid of 40 million euros for the 26-year old Gabon international and after Dortmund were able to keep hold of players like Mats Hummels and Subotic, who also claimed that there was transfer interest from Arsenal, you would tend to believe him.

So now which striker or strikers should Wenger be looking at?

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    1. There seem to be a RuLe in Arsenal

      ArsenaL Never Discusses Transfer Targets, and then THEY SIGN!

      A pLayer Talks about Arsenal(Like i am a big fan, i hope to play there someday) and HE NEVER SIGNS!

      The RULE!

    2. Dortmund are a club in Crisis and they wud not be able to hold Aubyemang if a serious bid is made!

      1. “Crisis” is a massive stretch, Klopp invested not only in quality players but decent humans too as many (if not all) seem content with accepting responsibility and staying at Dortmund to re-establish themselves as title rivals and CL contenders.

        Not suggesting for a second they would be in a position to refuse good business, they lost that ace by not making the CL, but no way in hell is there any sort of crisis or fire-sale taking place there.

    3. We wanted Schneiderlin last summer, but we waited until Saints lost half a squad and they refused all further business…..that was dumb on our part. This summer we are bang in the conversation again, and IMO the only way Wenger will pass signing Schneiderlin is if Vidal is attainable.

      All these other guys mentioned (Imbula/Kondogbia/Krychowiak/Carvalho) haven been tabloid hype if you ask me. It’s been Schneiderlin all along until suddenly Vidal has emerged as gettable, either one would be terrific business so I’m quietly optimistic in whatever avenue we take.

      1. Vidal an Schneidlin are different kinds of players Vidal is not a DM,we need another top DM,it looks like Schneidlin is going to Man utd,i hope this is not due to Arsenal indecision.Vidal is a good player without a doubt,but i get that Ozil feeling when i hear his name mentioned,hes a player you wouldn’t turn down,but not one we really need to push on at this time

        1. They’re both very similar players and both DM’s who can play and add to the attack.

          People talk nonsense saying he’s not a strict DM etc, but that’s a requirement put on you by the manager/system you play in….

          Both excel defensively, THAT is their primary strength, but crucially both have enough ability to go the other way too making them perfect for Arsenal who need every midfielder to be good with the ball.

          1. yeah but he plays AM for Juve,and this is where he excels,not at DM.DM is a specialized position,thats why Coquelin does so well there because he recognises this and remains disciplined.Vidal has that instict to go 4ward which would make him less disciplined.The last thing we need is another AM

            1. He is not bloody AM for Juve jesus christ. Pirlo sits and Vidal and Pogba are the crazy physical engine room. Seriously Vidal gets called an Am because he chipped in with half a dozen goals?

              He played as a strict DM at Leverkusen and was the best in Germany, moved to Juve and been a DM at Juve….the difference being he’s added goals to his game because he’s so freakin talented and Juve’s system lets him express himself.

              If Arsenal need him to be a strict DM he’ll be one, but don’t confuse yourself thinking Coquelin is the “type” required. Coquelin is a passenger when we have possession and that’s something Wenger explicitly does NOT want.

    4. Am sad we missed out on kondogbia cos hez amazing, believe me..
      But Draxler , Vidal & Cech would be the best ever we could hope for..
      Good news Ozil is so far looking a bit good ( has by now paid 20% of his value)..

      Draxler is a must..

  1. Arsenal is flush with
    14 goal scorers.
    O. Giroud
    D Wellbeck
    Y. Sanogo.
    L. Podolski.
    T. Walcott
    A. Chamberlain
    A Sanchez
    A Ramsey
    S Cazorla
    M Ozil.
    J. Wilshere
    J Campbell.
    C. Akpom.
    V. Dragomir.

    1. It is really pushing it to call Sanogo a “goal scorer.” Kos will likely score more than he. But I get your point anyway.

    2. Mate are you serious? lol Dragomir makes the list? Jesus, any from the U12’s you wanna add?

  2. How do you know who has missed out on who when……

    The transfer media rumor mill is almost completely made up nonsense.

    The transfer window is not yet even open.

    1. I have never liked this ‘THE TRANSFER WINDOW IS NOT OPEN YET’ sentiment.
      How come other teams are doing business?
      Just wondering.

  3. Ridiculous. Wenger is NOT running out of possible targets. The media picks a few names and assumes they are the players to get.

    I remember when Wanyama was seemingly the only DM in the world and if Wenger did not get him there would be no more DMs. Cazorla was not mentioned in the transfer media until Wenger started looking at him. Ozil was one of only a few players NOT connected with Arsenal until late in that window. Monreal was probably the only player NOT connected with Arsenal during that January window. How many fans were really familiar with Kos until he arrived? It goes on and on.

    Stop Panicking? There are so many great players out there in the world who never even get a mention until they become the media’s/fan’s flavor of the month.

    1. Thats rubbish really cos when we didnt buy Wanayama,we didn’t buy another DM,as a result we’re still looking for 4 a good one now,even tho Coquelin has done brilliantly.Monreal and Kosielny took at least 2 seasons to really settle a Arsenal,we’ve been waiting long enough,we don’t need another player who will take 2 years to settle in we need some1 who can settle in instantly,and Schniedlin was a prime candidate to do that.
      You sound naive,you really think the media weren’t talking about Cazorla until Wenger started looking at him?clearly you either weren’t paying attention at the time or you have a bad memory,because Spurs were trying to buy him b4 we got him.
      Lets see if Wenger buys any1 of real significance barring Czech

      1. Incoherent. It is clear that the transfer media trance has fully consumed every cell in the bodies of some fans. I suggest therapy.

  4. Relax, guys. We have not missed out on Tu HeLwit Yu, the the American born Japanese striker that plays of Fur Kof FC.

  5. We have already lost on the realstic transfer targets that would have improved us.Am not opstimistic any more we can win the title, next season dreams may never come to pass for arsenal fans.

  6. News just in according to the bbc Cech has ageed to stay after being assured by mourihno playing time,he will be epl keeper while Thibout will play in other competitions.A possible contract extension next summer has also been agreed if those condations are met.

  7. Season Ticket Holder, are you trying to kid us or there is element of truth in your comment? The Boss knows who he wants to sign. Of all my 3 players request signings of lb, dm & rw, the rw looks most vunerable and needs urgent attention by the Boss. If the Boss hasn’t another opotion he wants to sign, let him pls hold on to the signing of Aubameyang if he will be technically & socially okay for Arsenal. Since we have: Arteta, Coquelin, Flamini and Bielik as our natural dms and Cazorla & Ramsey as adaptable dms. The signing of a new dm may wait as we are not weak in that position but can be strenghtened. Let the Boss concentrate on signing a top quality rw & a lb this summer. And if Jose Mourinho allows Petr Cech to come, good and fine. If he doesn’t, let the Boss forget about it and hold on to Ospina Szczesny & Martinez as our top 3 keepers. We shall attain our target titles next season by God’s grace. Amen!

    1. Rw?we’ve got Walcott,the Ox and Gnabry who can all play on the right,not even mentioning Wellbeck,so if you think rw and lb are our most urgent needs you are either stupid or deluded.Also the same is true if you think that Arteta and Flamini are good enough for our midfield

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