Arsenal missed out on signing young Brazilian defender last month

Arsenal missed out on signing Lille defender Gabriel Magalhaes claims report.

Arsenal signed two defenders in the last transfer window as they looked to solve their issues at the back.

The Gunners have allowed several cheap goals this season and after Calum Chambers suffered a long term injury, it became even more important that they signed players to cover for their leaky defence.

Many defenders were linked with a move to the Emirates but the Gunners ended up with two defenders who were not constantly linked and some other deals didn’t work out that were never made public.

Football.London claims that Arsenal was among the clubs who wanted to sign Lille’s Brazilian defender, Gabriel Magalhaes before the transfer window shut.

Everton was the other Premier League side who had a strong interest in the defender.

However, Lille was adamant that they would not sell him in the middle of an important campaign and they kept their word and turned down all offers for his signature.

Gabriel, as he is known, was not really on too many radars it has to be said and if I am honest, I know almost nothing about him.

The same report claims Arsenal could return for the defender in the summer but for now, they have settled for Pablo Mari, who they hope will impress enough to earn a permanent deal at the Emirates.

Mari has travelled with the Gunners to Dubai for the warm-weather training camp and Mikel Arteta will be looking for him to bed in fast enough for their next game against Newcastle.


  1. onu says:

    We abandoned the midfield department and focused only on recruitment of defender’s

    This Best form of defense is attack
    Do we have Ball playing, Skillful and mobile midfielders like Rosicky Fabregas Vieira Cazorla type in this present Useless Arsenadl team

    Arsenal won’t escape from this torture they put themselves into

    We are so ugly to watch, even More worse than Unai Emery Era

    Arteta in his playing days was a sideways and backwards passer of the ball, so I don’t think he can spot a talented midfielder if he sees one

    imagine benching Ceballos and playing that dead Ozil

    1. Stewart Macintosh says:

      Ceballos had one decent outing and after that nothing. I am not suggesting that Ozil has been a wonder but lets get real here. Ceballos hasn’t been playing because of his form after one decent game, injury and now likely because he hasn’t showed anything on a consistent basis in practice.

      Will be quite happy to be proven wrong by a run of form but he hasn’t done anything. The fact that he wasn’t recalled says it all…

  2. Onu says:

    with this midfield set up, our defenders will continue to suffer even if we have Ten Van Dirk in the team….
    our midfield players can’t keep a ball in tight spaces except Ceballos and Willock..
    They loose the ball easily
    they can’t even move the ball…

    They are so poor on the ball
    The poor midfield department of our team is the reason why Arsenal is languishing and struggling to even get a win….

    Xhaka Torreira and ozil are not good on the ball
    modern day defensive midfielders don’t just tackle alone, infact attack starts from them….

    infact they must be able to keep d ball under intense presses
    infact they must also be good on the ball

    now can you tell me that Torreira and Xhaka are good on the ball
    can you also tell me that they are good in tight spaces….

    the answer is No….

    Look at Alexander Song, Gilberto Silva Edu and Vieira
    This guys were not just defensive,
    they were ballers in their days….

    Arsenal midfield is totally dead

  3. Jo-Gunz says:

    Toxins and poison will not heal our current situation as a team.
    “Useless Arsenal team” really!
    Arsenal my team is is going through challenges but never useless. Never!
    If there was any one department that Arsenal had to upgrade, it would then be the defense. Although I would have loved to see an upgrade in our midfield as well.
    But that notwithstanding, we are never worse than the Emery era. MA has done so well in shaping up our current squad to the extent that even our most maligned players (Mustafi and Xhaka) have put in man of the match performances recently.
    If you would want to be fair, you definitely will know that how a person played his game in his days as a player is different from his coaching.
    It is even “shockprising” that some so called Arsenal fans see it necessary to bad mouth a coach who has been at the helm of affairs for less than 3 months. Especially knowing the magnitude of our downward trend as a club and the need to patiently work and bring us back to glory days.
    Yes, I can confidently tell you that Torreira and Xhaka are good on the ball per their individual qualities. No midfielder can excellently boast of all the qualities of a player. A good team plays to its strength and the players compliment each other.
    With the right conditioning and mentality for which MA is working on with them, the players will come good in the end.
    You cannot always have the Viera’s and Gilberto Silva’s in your team and so unnecessary to rubish what you have at the moment. You rather encourage them to do better.

  4. Diogenes says:

    Lille’s Brazilian…

    Strapped for cash as we are, we should be signing Brazilians from Brazil not when they’re already in Europe. Signing French players when they’re still in France, not when their value increases abroad. Signing Spanish players when they’re 20 mil. in Spain, not 1 year later when they cost 40 mil. after 1 season in England etc etc

    We used to be good at that, but the last 12 – 15 years have been hugely disappointing. Martinelli and Guendouzi were a step in the right direction, though, as was probably Tierney if his injuries finally stop…

  5. SAGooner says:

    So what? Any relevance to our current situation? Should we cry or cheer? Relevance?

    1. Admin Martin says:

      OK SAGooner, we get you not impressed with some of the articles but you do not need to post your feelings in every article you dont like. My suggestion is to post a comment, as you usually do, that makes a contribution one way or the another or just give it a miss. Just a friendly suggestion.

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